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Tuesday 18th May.


Miss Rule and Mrs Stephenson were invited on to Forest FM to talk about our project to gain Green Flag status. You can hear this by clicking on the link below. 

Friday 14th June 2019


Today, Mrs Stephenson and Mrs Green had the pleasure of accompanying some of our lead Eco- Warriors to Verwood Memorial Hall. The purpose of the visit was to make links with our local community to find out what they are doing to support reducing waste.


We met representatives from Dorset Waste Partnership and hand delivered a letter from our School asking for their support to help us reduce waste and hopefully supply us with recycling bins. They have kindly offered to visit us to discuss this further. 

We also met with Morrisons and found out what they are doing to reduce non-recyclable waste and the impact this would then have on our environment. 

Verwood's local beekeeper; Totty from Totty's good life bees, invited us to taste some delicious local honey and explained about some fantastic beeswax wrap that she is developing. Totty also showed us a hive and explained more about bees and how we could help to support bees by planting more bee-friendly flowers.


 Anita from Verwoodians on Waste greeted us and explained how she and others from the group could support us. We are very grateful to her for making us aware of the event. We all had a very informative, fun morning and are grateful for the time our local community gave to us to share their ideas and knowledge. 


Changes we have made so far......

From this...
to this.

June 2019


An exciting change we have made as a school to reduce our waste, is to have moved away from non-recyclable milk cartons and straws to glass pint bottles which are dispensed into large jugs and the children then pour for themselves into reusable plastic cups. This change is not only a positive step towards helping our environment but also supports the children to develop skills to become more independent. 

A fantastic effort so far; eco-bricks.

Thursday 23rd May 2019


This lunchtime, the Eco Committee invited everyone to attend an Eco-brick session. We were amazed by the response, 54 enthusiastic Eco-Warriors washed, dried and cut up non-recyclable material before beginning to fill the bottles. Fantastic teamwork! 

23rd May 2019

Following our first committee meeting, our lead Eco Warriors explained to the rest of the school our findings from our environmental reviews. They explained what three Eco-Schools topics we had chosen to focus on first, these are: Waste, Biodiversity and Energy.