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Our School Website App.

Our School Website App. 1

When you have opened the app on your phone you will have noticed a bell in the top right hand corner. This is linked to the ‘notification centre’. This means that when we post something on the website it will send you a notification. In order for this to happen, you will need to link up to the group that you want to receive information from. Please click on the bell. It will then take you to the message centre. Click on the box that asks you to choose the groups you want to receive letters from. Currently we have Trinity CE VA First School (whole school), Owls, Badgers, Hedgehogs, Rabbits and Squirrels. Then choose the group you want. The system is set up to only send a notification to priority one email address connected to each child. If you would like both parents / carers to receive the notification, please email the office so that we can add you on to the list. Split families will automatically be added.

Printing from the app: if we send a letter that needs filling in, we will just post a link for it on the app. This will take you to the main website so you will be able to print it from there.