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                                                                  Welcome to our school council page.


Trinity School council is made up of two children from each class, one boy and one girl. (Squirrels will join the school council in the spring term). The councillors are chosen through a democratic process. Every child makes a speech in front of their class, in which they can share the reasons why they feel they would make a great councillor. An election day is held and every child in the school casts their vote.  All the votes are counted and at the end of the day the school gathers to hear the results. The new councillors are announced and are presented with their school council badges.


The school council meet fortnightly during lunchtime, usually on a Thursday, to discuss issues related to our school, making it an even better place to learn. We also organise fundraising for our link school in Uganda. 

School Council 2019 -2020

Walk, scoot and cycle to school week (hot chocolate)

Meet The School Council 2018 - 2019


We have our first children that have collected all of their stickers on their book marks and chosen a prize for walking, scooting and cycling to school. Well done! 

Meet the School Council 2017 -18

Verwood Town Council

We have had a number of school council meetings so far this year. Our first job has been to organise our first walk, scoot and cycle to school week. The school council are out each morning handing out stickers to the children that walk, scoot or cycle to school each day. Well done to those of you that have received a sticker so far this week! Look out for future walk, scoot and cycle to school weeks. The school council have some exciting ideas to encourage mere people to take part!

Friday 9th December

This week the school council organised a walk, scoot and cycle to school week. They spent each morning giving out stickers and today rewarded everyone for their efforts by handing out a cup of hot chocolate. Well done to all those who took part. Let's see if we can keep the bike shed and scooter pods full next week too!

September 2016

We have elected a new school council. The Mayor came into school and presented them with their school council badges.

The Mayor invited us to visit her in the Town Council Offices. She told us what it was like to be Mayor. We asked lots of questions. We were all able to try on the Mayors hat.

The school council

School Council visit to Verwood Town Council


On Friday 23rd October, the school council went to meet the Mayoress and Town Clerk at the Verwood Town Council offices. We tried on council robes and hats, Holly, the chairperson even got to try on the Mayoresses's chain!


We also enjoyed asking questions about the purpose of being a councillor like:

What jobs so you have in the council?

How hard is it to get in the council?

When do you have different meetings?

What do you do at different meetings?


Some of our favourite parts were:

Finding out about different council jobs.

Finding what is the same and different about their council to our council.


We really enjoyed our visit to the Town Council offices!


By Katie

Sponsored Silence

Monday 12th October saw the whole school taking part in a sponsored silence. This school council led event was organised to raise some much needed money for our link school in Uganda. The monies raised will be used to re-build one of the classrooms which is falling down.

Each of our classes managed the following times of silence in their classrooms.

Squirrels – 5 minutes

Rabbits – 15 minutes (an extra 5 minutes!)

Hedgehogs – 15 minutes

Badgers – 20 minutes

Owls – 30 minutes

Well done everyone in completing this challenging task!!!

Can we please ask that sponsorship money as returned to school as soon as possible?

Many thanks

Sponsored Silence

Big Bike it Breakfast!

During the first week of our walk, scoot and cycle to school week we had a ‘big bike it breakfast’. It was amazing to see so many people join us for this event on Thursday 15th October and exchange their cars for bikes, scooters and plain foot power! We hope that you are able to continue this and notice how much clearer the roads are without the congestion of cars!!

We have another week of walk, scoot and cycle to school next week and the school council will greet you each morning giving out stickers to those that walk, scoot and cycle to school. Let’s hope the sun continues to shine as it has done this week!

Many thanks for your support.