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Safeguarding Pupils


In the interests of safety, please make sure that you sign in at the school office whenever you are visiting the school site, other than to drop off or collect children. It is important that we know who is in the building in case of fire, and that we can challenge any unfamiliar adults who do not have permission to be on site. Doors are kept locked during the school day.


Mobile phones must be left at the school office.


You will have been asked to let us know on your registration form if you do not wish your child’s photo to be used in local press releases e.g. Bournemouth Echo, Stour & Avon magazine, Avon Advertiser, Forest Journal etc. We also put photographs on the school website. You have the opportunity to give or decline your permission for this on the registration form.


If using camcorders to film school events, please focus on your own child wherever possible. Occasionally, we may have to ask that no photos or film is taken as we do not always have permission for all our children to be photographed and must respect the right of some parents to refuse this. The leavers service for Y4 is usually filmed, and copies sold when it has been edited accordingly. At other events, you will usually be given an opportunity to take photographs of your own child afterwards.


Occasionally, we are alerted by the police of an incident concerning children locally. When this happens we will notify you by email with stranger danger in the subject line. We do this, rather than handing out a letter or note so that children are not unduly alarmed should they read it.


Our child protection policy applies to everyone in school - staff, governors and volunteers, or anyone working on behalf of the school.


The child protection policy and related documents and policies can be found below: