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Religious Education

Religious Education


We stand by our Christian foundation that all children are uniquely gifted by God, and it is our duty at Trinity as teachers, to find and encourage that gifting, whether it is academic, creative, physical, emotional or within their character.


Acts of collective Christian worship take place every day. These are special times when the whole school comes together for reflection and for praise and prayer. We celebrate our own creation and that of the world and will celebrate school and individual achievements. We are often supported in these times by visitors from the local churches and charities. Religious education is also taught in the classroom through a range of teaching and learning styles, and priority is given to exploring the Christian meanings behind key events in the year such as Christmas and Easter. Parents wishing to exercise their right to withdraw their children from collective worship and RE should discuss this with the headteacher. At Trinity, we follow the Dorset Agreed Syllabus for RE.

Spirituality Day July 2017. After plenty of discussion the children responded to the Parable of the Prodigal son through writing.