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Friday 8th July

This week we had sports day and it was fun. Leila liked throwing the bean bags into the hoops. Olivia enjoyed the egg and spoon race.

On Tuesday we started learning to recite a poem called 'The Little Rabbit'.

We solved a biscuit problem in maths recording clearly which biscuits were decorated. We had to decorate every second biscuit with icing, every fifth biscuit had a chocolate button and every tenth biscuit had a cherry. We discovered that we were counting in 2s, 5s and 10s! 

Yesterday we enjoyed cycling and scooting around the school grounds in our pyjamas and raising money for New Eden school in Uganda. 

In science we wrote clues for the features of different animals and had to guess what the animal was by reading the clues.

Today we were very excited about being Hedgehogs for the day and meeting our Hedgehogs teacher!

Next week we are looking forward to our Ugly Bug ball on Friday 15th.

Friday 1st July

Rabbits enjoyed their afternoon of sports on Tuesday where we joined year 2 in different activities led by the junior sports leaders from Emmanuel Middle school.

We have written our own stories based on 'Suzie Snail'. Ask your child about their main character and the different animals their character meets.

In science we have been thinking about what animals eat and have started using the terms herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. 

Rabbits have almost collected enough marbles for another class reward! For this we will be having an 'Ugly Bug Ball'. As long as we collect enough marbles - which i'm sure we will, our reward will be on Friday 15th July. The children can come to school dressed as ANY animal and we shall be taking part in various animal activities such as bug hunts and making animals.

Rackets festival

Friday 10th June

Rabbits came back to an exciting week! On Tuesday we went to Longdown Activity Farm. We really enjoyed meeting and feeding the animals especially the goats. In Literacy we wrote a recount of our trip using lots of time connectives. Rabbits have focused on measuring length and time. They have enjoyed finding out how many times they can complete an activity in 60 seconds. We finished this week with our marble treat of a disco and have already begun collecting for our next one!

27th May 

Rabbits have continued working hard with recognising sounds. Please keep spotting these where ever you go!

In maths we have been revisiting geometry, naming 2D and 3D shapes. We are able to describe and identify them using their properties (sides, corners, faces, edges and vertices). 

The Rabbits have enjoyed learning the names of the seven continents and five oceans. I'm sure they wont mind you testing them!

We finished our science topic 'plants' by planing sunflower seeds today, which they have bought home to look after and nurture!

Rabbits have received enough marbles for their class reward of a class disco. More details will be sent after half term. Well done Rabbits!

Friday 6th May

Rabbits have had a busy two weeks of learning. We have been learning about instructions and followed instructions to make delicious pizzas. We then wrote the instructions so Mrs Doe could make them at home! We have created algorithms for the bee bots to get to the flower! We have been learning to spell some tricky key words. Look out for the spelling booklets in your child's book bag for words to practice at home.

In maths we have been continuing to work on number and have been demonstrating our deep understanding of place value and counting.

We had an afternoon of multi-skills on Tuesday. Mrs Stocks and some of the sports leaders from Emmanuel led lots of different activities for us. It was great fun!


Friday 22nd April

This week in maths we have been learning about money. We are able to recognise different denominations of coins and notes. Challenge your child to identify the coins and notes you have in your wallets! We had fun 'playing shops', using different coins to pay for our purchases. In literacy we have continued using exclamation marks in our writing. We have been learning to spell some tricky words. Please practice any words sent home ready for next week. Thank you.

Friday 15th April

Rabbits have returned to school and have already wowed us with their learning. We have started our new topic 'God's creation', focusing this half term on plants. We talked about different types of evergreen and deciduous trees and identified them around the school grounds. In maths, we have revisited fractions and found half and quarter of numbers. We then used our understanding to solve problems.

In literacy, we made predictions using the front cover of a book. We then thought about the use of capital letters, full stops, question and exclamation marks and are beginning to use them in our own writing!

Friday 18th March

In Rabbits this week we have been collecting natural objects such as stones, twigs and leaves to create natural sculptures. The children worked with a partner and created some great pieces.

On Thursday we visited the Heathland Heritage Centre. Mrs Reeks and Mrs Munn led some activities for us linked with our topic Verwood. We did some brick rubbings of Verwood bricks, looked at patterns of stretchers and headers, looked at the display of Verwood pottery and found out what some of them were used for. We drew pictures of our favorites! We also went into the museum to see where they stored the clay, trod the clay and made the pots.

During this week we have learnt the Easter story and thought of some ideas for our Easter service next week!

Friday 4th March

Rabbits have enjoyed singing in the church this week. While we were at the church we rang the bell and sat in the choir seats. Carole told us about the very old doors. We saw the stained glass windows of Mary and Jesus, the golden collection plate, candles, because Jesus is the light of the world and crosses, because Jesus died on the cross.

In maths we have learnt about positions and writing instructions for Little Red Riding Hood to get from her cottage to Grandma's. 

We have had a fantastic first week back. We really enjoyed our spirituality day and doing activities with all the different teachers. Rabbits have already wowed us with their learning, using adjectives in literacy and reading analogue clocks to tell the time. In science we have begun thinking about materials and identifying what different objects are made from.
Rabbits have finished this half term with Rabbits to the rescue day. We dressed up as rescuers. There were doctors, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, lifeguards and many superheroes. We learnt some basic first aid and solved some problems for Mrs Green and Mrs Caldwell.

Friday 5th February

What an exciting two weeks the Rabbits have had! We learnt lots about being a police officer when PC Robin Morgan came into school and also when Charlotte's Daddy came into school to talk to us about being a dog handler in the police force. Then we had a visit to the police station. We went into one of the cells and had our finger prints taken.

In maths this week we have been learning about fractions including finding half of shapes, objects and amounts.

Ask your child about the cold and hot places in the word. We learnt where the North Pole, South Pole and Equator are! 

Friday 22nd January

We have had a great week of learning in Rabbits. We have written recounts of Grace Darling and what happened the night that she rescued people from the sea. In maths we have been practicing our number bonds for 10 and are getting really good at being able to recall them quickly. We have also practiced adding and subtracting numbers and are beginning to see how they are connected. E.g. If we know 3+4=7 what other number sentences do we know? 


Friday 15th January

Rabbits had some fantastic ideas about our school values and worked well together to complete some tricky tasks!

We enjoyed finding out more about the RNLI when Mr Holt came into school and talked about who they are and how they help people. Some of the Rabbits even pretended they were a member of the crew and had to get changed into their kit as quickly as they could. 

Friday 8th January 

The children have come back to school very well and eager to share their holiday news. We have begun our new topic 'Rescuers' and can name many different rescuers already! In maths we have been working on counting in 5's. Ask your child what the pattern is! The children have also been writing numbers as digits and words. Please practice writing numbers as words up to ten then twenty!

Friday 11th December

In literacy Rabbits have continued their learning about instructions. We followed instructions to make jam sandwiches and then used bossy verbs to write our own instructions.

In maths we have been learning about weight. We have been comparing the weight of two objects and describing which is heavier and lighter. We have also solved problems for Father Christmas, helping him with finding the weight of two presents on his sleigh if the total weight was 10kg or 20kg! 

Rabbits have also enjoyed their class reward of a pyjama party and watching Finding Nemo. We recognised Sydney Opera House and The Great Barrier Reef from our learning this half term on Australia. 

Rabbits Class Reward - Thursday 10th December (afternoon)

‚ÄčWe are very excited that we have collected enough marbles for our class reward, a pajama party! Children are invited to bring their pajamas and a small cuddly toy in a named bag. We shall be watching "Finding Nemo" certified U. We will also be having a drink of hot chocolate or squash. If your child would like to have a small amount of popcorn or a couple of biscuits they may bring them in a named bag or pot.


On Tuesday 8th December as part of our literacy work, we will be following instructions to make jam sandwiches. If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to ask. 


Friday 4th December

This week we heard from Mrs Doe's friend in Australia who answered some of our questions. We found it fascinating that there are kangaroos bouncing around the streets!

In literacy we have been giving and following instructions using bossy verbs. In maths we have been learning about measures. We have compared the length and height of different objects and putting them in order from the longest to shortest. We have also been measuring and recording using various equipment. The photographs show us measuring objects around the school grounds to find out if they are longer, shorter or equal to one meter. 

Friday 27th November

In Rabbits we have been enjoying using the atlases to find the UK and Australia. We have learnt about some of the animals and places we might see in Australia and also writing stories about them. In our writing we have been working hard to use capital letters and full stops correctly. 

Rabbits have enjoyed coloring in the Australian flag. 

In maths we have been learning number bonds and using them to solve problems. We have also been learning to subtract using a number line. 

We finished our busy week with paying our friends complements to help them feel special and happy.

Friday 13th November

Rabbits have enjoyed sharing their home learning with the class (making models of themselves out of junk) , and explaining which shapes they have used for each part of their body. Well done!

We have enjoyed using our role play airport this afternoon with the children taking on various roles from check in staff, security, police and holiday makers. I wonder where they were going?

Friday 6th November

Rabbits have enjoyed the start of their new topic 'Home and Away'. We have looked at lots of photographs and pictures of places and 'things' connected with The United Kingdom and Australia. Rabbits have thought and written questions about these pictures.

In maths we have been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. 

Friday 9th October 

Rabbits have had another busy week of learning! In maths we measured some of the adult's and soft toy's heads using string and made hats to fit them! In literacy we are continuing to learn the story of 'The Magic Porridge Pot' and we'll be using the story to write our own next week.

Friday 2nd October

This week Rabbits have been learning about measures. We have looked at the height and length of objects and found objects which are taller and shorter than ourselves. We have been finding out which containers holds the most and least and have used the water tray to 'prove' our answers. Ask your child to find containers at home and decide which would hold the most. Can they 'prove' their answer?

Friday 25th September 2015

This week in maths, Rabbits have been practicing adding two numbers together and learning to recall number bonds for 5 and 10. We have learnt a song to help us remember number bonds to 10. Ask your child to sing it to you!

Friday 18th September

This week in Rabbits we have started to learn our story ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’. We will hopefully be ready to perform this in a couple of weeks! The children are using their noticing skills, (one of our learning tools) to spot the use of our sound of the week learnt so far including ‘ay’ and ‘ee’. Can they spot these sounds at home? Some of the Rabbits have been using the IPads in class for the first time. We will be using them to support our learning during guided reading and during some of our maths lessons. 

Rabbits have had a fantastic start. We have learnt many interesting facts about Rabbits and have made our own little Rabbit fact books. We now know why Mrs Doe is the Rabbits class teacher! 

We have been creative, decorating our rabbit masks, making cardboard tube rabbits and learning how to draw rabbits. We also learnt how to mix paints to make different colors and used them to paint our rabbits.

Have fun using the following links to rabbit games!