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Our Class Blog 2020 - 2021

Friday 16th October

In literacy this week we have worked on learning spellings and have practiced a new strategy. It is called trace, copy, retrieve. You trace over the word you are learning to spell, then copy the word in the next column and finally fold over the words so you can’t see them and write the word correctly in the end column. 
Badgers have enjoyed reading a poem called ‘The Volcano’. We looked at some of the poetic features used including repetition, rhyme and the use of similes. We read the poem and performed it, including the use of actions and expression. You can watch our performance below. Today we wrote our own poems using the structure of the poem and having a go at using some of the poetic features. 
In maths we have continued to work on addition and subtraction. We have been revisiting mental methods for adding and subtracting 9, which we are now very good at! We are developing adding and subtracting bridging ten and using resources and number lines to support our workings and to prove our answers. 
In geography we have talked about why earthquakes happen and what to do if you are in a building when the alarm sounds! 

Home Learning: 

log onto My Maths and complete the task set.

Log onto Purple Mash and complete the two 2Dos set by Mrs Doe! 
One is to complete a quiz about earthquakes. There are some tricky questions so you might need to research the answers! 
The other task is to write an information text about earthquakes. You might want to complete some more research about earthquakes. I will print these off and put into your geography books. 

The Volcano

Still image for this video
Badger’s class performance.

Friday 9th October

Badgers have really enjoyed their learning this week.

We have continued learning about volcanoes and discussed the pros and cons for living near a volcano. 

We finished reading our story, 'Escape form Pompeii' and thought about the parts we liked and those we didn't. Today we used our story plans to write our own 'volcano' story in literacy. The children had to write a five part story, opening, build up, problem, resolution, ending. They were also encouraged to use some of our learning from this week, including using speech marks, adjectives and spelling words using the different 'ay' graphemes. The children also chose which words and phrases to use from the original story. Some of the children were able to read their story to the class. I hope others will be able to next week as they were all keen to share what they had written. 

In maths we have been adding and subtracting. We have revisited number bonds to 10 and 20 and using these to complete number trios! Ask your child to explain what they are! We also looked at different ways of writing number sentences using the number trios and using this to help solve missing number problems. Today we revisited doubling and halving and we were beginning to double three digit numbers! It is really important that children can recall double and halves of numbers up to and including double 10! Please practice this at home! 

We are really enjoying our PE and are demonstrating some great throwing and catching in both netball and dodgeball. 

Well done for remembering to return reading books today. Don't forget to send in book bags on Monday to receive some more books to read.

Today we had our class election for our school councillors. We have Harrison and Sienna representing Badgers this year. Well done to you. Well done also to Harry and Eliza for preforming your speeches so well this morning. 


Home Learning: 

Log onto My Maths, there are two homework tasks to complete. Number facts and doubles (revision from last year) and Greater than and less than. 

Log onto Purple Mash and complete the spelling challenge, revisiting different ways of spelling the 'ay' sound. 

Friday 2nd October

Another week of learning completed! 

In literacy we have been revising spelling strategies to practice and learn to spell words. (Pyramid, rainbow and quick write). 

We have started to use a fictional story based on the real event of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius called, 'Escape from Pompeii'. We have inferred meaning, made predications and used a description to draw a picture. We are really enjoying finding out about the characters and are looking forward to finding out what happens in the end! 

We have looked at punctuation marks and today had a very good try at using speech marks to punctuate direct speech. Ask your child to keep a look out for the use of speech marks in their reading at home. 

We continue to practice handwriting and we focused on using the horizontal join correctly. 

In maths we continued to learn about place value. We used what we know about the value of each digit to order numbers from smallest to largest. We revisited using greater than and less than symbols. We have also been looking at number lines and working out the number which is half way between various multiples of ten. To end our lesson today we quickly revisited rounding numbers to the nearest ten. 

Badgers are really enjoying learning about volcanoes and we learned about how volcanoes are formed and the different parts of a volcano. 

We enjoyed our French lesson today, learning colours and reading a French book! 


Home Learning

Log onto My Maths; This week you have two tasks to complete! There are still a few children that have outstanding tasks to complete. 

Log onto Purple Mash and complete the tasks set by Miss Brown for computing. 

Continue to learn and practice spelling the highlighted words on the spelling sheet sent home. 

Friday 25th September.

Badgers have loved the start of our topic... Why does Earth have earthquakes and volcanoes? We took an imaginary trip under ground, visiting all the layers, all the way to the core! It was very hot, but we had protective suits on so it was okay! The children loved looking inside the model Mrs Roberts made, as you can see from the video below. We have begun learning about volcanoes and have watched video clips of some erupting. We have also looked at the meaning of some topic words and have used them in our writing. In spelling this week we have been revisiting adding suffixes to verbs and how sometimes we need to change to spelling E.g swim, swims, swimming, swam, swimmer. We have also revisited the suffixes un- and dis- and learnt how adding these, changes the meaning of the word. 

In maths we have continued to learn about place value of two and three-digit numbers. We are becoming very confident at knowing the value of each digit in these numbers. We have also been partitioning the numbers in different ways. 

In RE we have been thinking about creation and went onto the field to look, feel and hear the wow factors of God's creation. We stayed outside and created some natural art, depicting our thoughts about these wow factors. 

We would like to welcome Miss Smith to Badgers. She will be working with us for the next few months. 


Home Learning

Please log onto My Maths and complete the set task... HTO place value. Please encourage your child to also complete any outstanding tasks they have. 

Log onto Purple mash, I have set a 2DO. Volcano description. 

God's creation in natural art

We loved this!

Still image for this video

Friday 18th September

Well done Badgers for a great week of learning! 

In literacy we have heard and read a story about a 'Little Badger'. We made predictions about what we though might happen next based on what had happened so far and what we know about badgers. We then spent some time reading the story for ourselves, developing word recognition, fluency and expression. We have been revisiting homophones. We have talked about the meaning of the words and top tips to help us remember the spelling of the words. Today we wrote an animal story and I am looking forward to reading them. 

In maths we are continuing to learn about place value, securing our understanding of two-digit numbers and being able to describe them in different ways. We have begun looking at three-digit numbers and we will continue to develop our understanding of these numbers again next week. 

As we are Badgers class, we have continued to think about badgers and we completed our badger art work using collage this week. 


Home Learning

Please log onto My Maths and complete the task set today. If your child has any overdue tasks, they can complete them too. Remember that your child can complete the lesson before the home learning if you feel this will help them. 

Please also log onto Purple Mash and complete the spelling activity: It should be in the child's alerts. 

I will be sending home the children's new planners on Monday. These can stay at home, where you can continue to record your child's reading

Your child will also bring home a spelling sheet with common exception words we have been checking. Please support your child in learning to spell the words which have been highlighted on the sheet. 

Many thanks.

Friday 11th September

Wow, what a fantastic first week. Everyone has come back to school very well. We are all getting used to the changes. 

We have learned about Badgers this week, reading information about them and answering comprehension questions about what we have read. We are now beginning to write our own non-fiction, information texts about badgers. 

In maths we have be revisiting adding and subtracting. working systematically to solve problems and playing games to get our maths brains working again! 

We loved using chalk and charcoal to create our badger pictures which we will be completing next week. 

Please have a look at the power-point presentation in our letters and information. 

It is so lovely to have the children back in school again. 

Mrs Doe