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Our Class Blog 2020 - 2021

This week seems to have flown by! We have had a really busy week and had lots of fun with our learning too!


We filmed our Harvest Festival on Wednesday and the school watched as part of Worship this morning. Hedgehogs worked so hard to learn their lines and actions for the song and story - by the time we filmed they did it all themselves and should be very proud!


In P.E this week we have been working on improving our catching skills, we worked independently at first bouncing the ball and catching it and then moved on to doing this with our partners. We started off close together but the more confident we got the further apart we got! Well done Hedgehogs!


Science was good fun this week too - the castle roof was leaking and we had to find out which material was the most suitable for a new roof! We went outside to carry out our investigation!


In Literacy we read the story 'Dragon Stew' and then created our own dragon stew using command sentences, imperative verbs and noun phrases. I'm not sure I'd want to eat some of the stews created!


In maths this week we have been focussing on addition and subtraction, talking about how we use maths in every day life and solving real life problems as well as trying to solve those tricky missing number sentences! Home Learning this week is linked to this and you will find this on MyMaths, Please login and have a go!


We hope you have managed to enjoy your reading books at home this week. We will be putting in new books on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Holmes :)


Wow we have finished week 4 already! This week has been good fun, with a highlight being beginning making our castles from our designs last week. We have thought about joining techniques and the children were so focussed and so creative in their thinking! We will be carrying these on next week. and will hopefully have more pictures to share with you.


In maths this week we have been focussing on addition and subtraction and the link between them. We have been finding the inverse using our bonds to 10 and 20 and reminding ourselves of how to add and subtract accurately.


We have been fact writing in Literacy and using all of our knowledge of castles to write using different sentence types, our writing today was super and included lots of our Year 2 skills! 


Read, Write Inc, has got off to a super start, the children seem to be really enjoying their groups and we can already see progress! We are looking forward to sending home books linked to our groups next week.


We have dodged the rain and made it outside for our P.E lessons as well as our daily mile this week. We have been practising our ball skills in P.E and learning how to kick the ball carefully and with control.


On Tuesday 20th October we are planning to have our Medieval Day, we will be asking the children to dress up for this. More details to follow.

We will be filming our Harvest Festival next week too!


Home learning for this week links to our maths lessons, you will find this on MyMaths. Please continue to read and practise the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words.


Have a lovey weekend :)


Hedgehogs have worked so hard again this week and have all produced some amazing writing! We have been learning the story of the Little Red Hen to share at our Harvest festival and wrote some great descriptive writing about life on a farm. In maths we have worked hard consolidating our knowledge of the equals sign and comparing and ordering two digit numbers using < and >, as well as continuing to practise our place value number skills.


We had fun in Science, working out what materials could change shape by bending, twisting and stretching! In PSHE we spent some time thinking about what makes us happy, it was lovely to hear that family and friends make lots of us happy!


In History we were learning all about Corfe Castle, it is great that so many of us have been there and can share experiences. We spent some time designing our own castles making sure they were purposeful and functional but also making sure we could defend ourselves if we need to!


We had our first Harvest Festival practice this week and went down to the hall and used the stage - the children were so excited! Whilst things may be a little different this year we are still so excited to keep practising so we can film it and everyone can enjoy from the website soon!


Please find this week's home learning on MyMaths. If you have any trouble with logins please let us know. Please continue to read as much as you can and practise those Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words.


Next week we will be starting our Read Write Inc. groups again!


Have a lovely weekend! :)



Hedgehogs have had yet another super week. We have been really busy this week learning about Hattie from the story 'Don't Hog the Hedge' and we have been remembering our capital letters and full stops as well as making our writing more interesting using adjectives. We wrote super character descriptions about Hattie the Hedgehog! In maths this week we have spent some more time focusing on the place value of 2-digit numbers, the children will be able to show you when completing their home learning! 


Our new topic in Science is all about materials, we spent some time looking around the classroom and working out which objects were made from which materials and why. In computing we learnt all about the 'repeat' and 'timer' buttons in coding and created an algorithm for a hero and a turtle!


The weather has been so lovely this week, we have been out every day to run the daily mile and enjoyed our P.E lessons outside, with Elliott the coach, teaching us on Monday. We are learning how to send and receive balls and using our aiming skills really well.


This afternoon we had some fun with the glockenspiels, playing along to some music. It was wonderful to hear!


Home Learning

Please login to 'MyMaths' to find the home learning linked to place value this week.

Continue to read as much as you can and practise the Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words (reading and spelling!)


Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Holmes :)





What a wonderful week we have had in Hedgehogs! The children have all settled so well and have adapted quickly to the new routines and structures. We are very proud of them all!

We have spent the week learning all about hedgehogs and can tell you so many interesting facts, we created super posters and then have all done some fantastic writing using our capital letters, full stops and question marks accurately as well as joining our sentences using conjunctions.


Hedgehogs have spent time outside creating their own hedgehog sculptures from natural materials.


We also used leaves and fork painting to create our own hedgehogs for our classroom display.


We ended the week listening to some music and seeing if we could move to the beat! What a busy week!

Have a restful weekend :)