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Our Class Blog 2019 - 2020

Wednesday 14th January 2020 - Bookbags- learning resources. 


Just a quick note to let you all know that we have removed the sounds tins from your child's bookbag today. This is because we have learnt all our set 1 sounds and are now focusing on blending unfamiliar words and reading from sight familiar words. If we feel your child may still need to practise their sounds then we will return the tin to their bookbag but it can be kept at home for you to practise on a daily basis with them. 

Could we please ask that you check your child's bookbag on a daily basis when you read with them to check for any notes or additional learning resources. Please also ensure you remove on a regular basis any extra bits and bobs that can be kept at home eg; drawings they may have done etc. Library books and Home learning books can be kept at home during the week and sent in on the day they are to be returned which is a Friday for library books and Monday for Home learning books. Any spare clothes you may send in for your child in case of a toileting accident will now be stored in their P.E. bag. 

We have noticed that some children have attached keyrings to their bookbag, could we please ask that if they are doing this then it is small as we only have limited space in the bookbag boxes and we don't want your child to be upset if they accidentally get broken.  


Many thanks for your support, any questions then please do ask. 




Thursday 9th January 2020


Happy new year to you all! 

The Squirrels have settled back into school routines very well and we have had a fantastic week of learning. We particularly enjoyed Welly Wednesday, the mud kitchen was extremely popular with lots of fun activities. In P.E. this half term, we are exploring the dance unit. We had lots of fun yesterday in our 'bubbles' and practising moving to the beat of 8. Have a go at home at moving to the beat of 8 and encouraging your child to listen for the beat in the music they dance along to. 

We will be beginning our new topic next week so please keep an eye out on our class page for our topic letter for more information on this. 


The home learning tasks we send home are to support their learning in class and may sometimes be specific to your child's needs so please do spend some time looking at this each week. We will continue to focus on handwriting and correct letter formation and number formation so please take every opportunity to include this in your home routines; perhaps writing a basic shopping list, thank you notes for gifts, their own stories or letters to family or friends. 



Friday 20th December 2019


Wow! The Squirrels have completed their first term at Trinity and we have shared lots of fantastic adventures so far, there are lots more to come.....


We have had an absolutely super time creating festive crafts, singing festive songs and learning the Christmas story. They were absolutely super during both the school performance and during our Church service today.

Squirrels have engaged very well with their topic this half term and in their home learning books you will find the knowledge mat to recap on their learning. The Squirrels have been talking about bedtime routines and as a class we talked about what we think would be a great routine to help us sleep and recharge our batteries. We have discussed the importance of sleep, rest, exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet as well as drinking plenty of water. 


All that is left for me to do now is to thank you all for you support over this term and for the lovely Christmas wishes and gifts, you have been very generous and it is greatly appreciated. 


Wishing you all a very happy Christmas, enjoy the festive fun with your families and we look forward to more Squirrels adventures in 2020! 


Friday 13th December 2019 


We have certainly got into the Christmas spirit  in Squirrels class this week. Alfie's Mummy very kindly baked us some delicious gingerbread reindeer to have as a tasty snack to start our week; thank you from all of Squirrels class. 


We have had a busy week baking, the children really enjoyed developing their cooking skills so hopefully they will be able to bake some Christmas goodies at home too!  We do hope you have enjoyed the baked treats they brought home. Thank you all for the contribution of ingredients. 


On Wednesday, we enjoyed a trip to our local Post Office to complete a top secret mission!  Hopefully a special delivery will be making it's way to you all. The Post Office very kindly welcomed us in and we are very grateful as they are particularly busy at this time of year.  They made time to talk to the children and we were able to extend our learning by links with our local community and being able to relate our learning to real-life experiences. The children were fantastically behaved and a credit to our School. Thank you to Trinity Links for supporting this trip. 


We have enjoyed a range of Explorer activities this week but also made time to enjoy a well deserved marble treat afternoon. We all enjoyed our pyjama movie afternoon and a hot chocolate with marshmallows! 


Next week will be another busy week so I have included a few reminders below. 


- Monday; If you have not already done so then please send your child in with a named coloured t-shirt in a named bag for our performances. This needs to be in school by Monday at the latest please. 

- Thursday is party day; children can wear party clothes with sensible shoes. Please remember to bring in your party food contribution on the morning. 

- Friday; we will be walking to Church for our end of term service. If you are child-free that morning and able to support us by walking with us then please do let the office know. 

- School finishes at 1pm on Friday 20th December. 


As you can see, next week is extra busy and also very exciting so please do encourage your child to bed early to recharge their batteries. 


Your child has brought their P.E. kit home today to be washed over the Christmas break. These do not need to be retuned until we return to School in January. (If your child has not brought home their P.E. kit it is because we are awaiting their t-shirt for performance days). 



Have a lovely weekend. 



Squirrels marble treat- Thursday 12th December- The children have chosen a pyjama afternoon watching a movie and enjoying hot chocolate (please bring pyjamas in named bag to change into-optional).

Squirrels marble treat- Thursday 12th December- The children have chosen a pyjama afternoon watching a movie and enjoying hot chocolate (please bring pyjamas in named bag to change into-optional). 1

Tuesday 3rd December 


Apologies for the delayed blog but I thought you'd appreciate a few photos of last week's learning. 

Despite the weather, we covered ourselves in waterproofs and headed outdoors. We had lots of fun splashing in the muddy puddles. 

Amongst other learning, we  enjoyed exploring painting, junk modelling and building with duplo. 

We all enjoyed making the Christmas cakes! 


We have lots of craft activities planned for the next few weeks. If you have any old Christmas baubles which you no longer want then we would be very grateful for the donations as we plan to try to have an eco-style Christmas by upcycling and reusing decorations and materials. Thank you

Friday 22nd November 2019


The Squirrels say that this week they have enjoyed; learning French with Mrs Mountstevens, telling the story of Whatever Next! using the class storymap, exploring the number 3 through Maths stories and games and beginning to learn the Christmas story. 



Thank you for all the donations for cooking, if you have not already sent in your ingredient then please can this be brought to class on Monday. Thank you


See you at the Christmas Fayre! 

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Friday 15th November 2019


We have had a fantastic week of exploring our new topic; Starry,starry night. We have enjoyed reading by torchlight in the dark den, exploring the meaning of daytime and night time and the differences and similarities. The children have enjoyed exploring 2d shapes in Maths and in Literacy, we have been practising reading and writing cvc words. We also had a mystery box arrive in the school playground, we had to investigate what it was and how it got there, it was lots of fun finding out more about Baby Bear's adventures! In P.E. we have started our gymnastics unit and learnt some new moves this week. 


Thank you to those that have signed up to contribute an ingredient towards our festive cooking. I ensured there was an item per child and I will be supplying some ingredients myself too so if you have not yet signed up and are able to contribute, please see the list at drop off on Monday. 


Have a lovely weekend! 



Thursday 7th November 2019


We have had a very busy but fun first week back. It sounds as though everyone enjoyed their half term break, although they do seem to be very tired this week as they adjust back to school routines. This is a very busy half term as not only do we have lots of exciting things planned in school, it is also a busy time for you outside of school in the run up to Christmas. Therefore, please take advantage of this and ensure they have early nights so they are ready for our adventures. 


We have enjoyed starting to explore our new topic; Starry, starry night and began by looking at Fireworks night. We explored the music of Handel; The Royal Fireworks and watched a short display to accompany this. It enthused us to think about what vocabulary we might associate with the sounds fireworks make. We also discussed why we have fireworks night and talked about staying safe around fire and fireworks. The children created their own fireworks paintings, choosing from the techniques of ; splattering, marble rolling, dabbing and printing and linked this to the work of Jason Pollock and Dorset artist Richard Kennedy. 





We will be walking up to Verwood centre on Monday for Remembrance day, we do need adults to walk with us so if you are child-free for the morning and able to accompany us then please let the office know. 


Class library books are collected in and changed every Friday, so please ensure they are returned in bookbags on a Friday. We do have some outstanding so I may be sending individual reminders home.  Thank you 


Please look at our class letters page for our latest topic flyer. 


Friday 25th October 2019


What a fantastic first half term the Squirrels have had! We have enjoyed many adventures and made lots of new friends. 

This week, we have enjoyed exploring the great outdoors and investigating answers to our topic question; Why are there so many leaves on the ground? We enjoyed a visit from Percy the Park Keeper who shared a story with us and explained the role of a Park Keeper. We enjoyed innovating the popular story of We're Going on a Bear Hunt to We're going on a leaf hunt, we found lots of interesting leaves and practised our counting skills. Today, we enjoyed our well deserved marble treat of a cinema morning. The children iced biscuits, made a cinema ticket and popcorn which they enjoyed whilst watching Minions. 


It was lovely to see so many of you at Parent consultations and to share your child's learning with you and their next steps in their learning for you to work on at home with them. 


I think everyone is ready for a week off to recharge our batteries so have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you on

Tuesday 5th November for more adventures. 






Friday 18th October 2019


This week we have enjoyed exploring the Numicon shapes in Maths and learning their names. We all created our own Numicon numberline using our printing skills in Art. The Farmers market opened in Squirrels class today and has been very busy! The children have practised their letter formation and sound recognition by writing shopping lists. 

We have continued to explore our big question; Why are there so many leaves on the ground? and will continue to explore this next week as we head outdoors for Whatever the weather week. 


***** Reminders for next week *************

Whatever the weather week- please see letter on class information page. 

Superstar badge; please ensure this is returned every Monday ready for the next child to have on the Tuesday. 







Friday 11th October 2019


WOW! What a fantastic week of learning we have enjoyed. The Squirrels children have particularly enjoyed sharing this with you. 

A big thank you to all those that were able to attend the Read Write Inc workshop, we do hope you found it useful and that it gave you an insight into how your child is learning their phonics and how you can support them at home. I will be putting some clips on the class information page soon for you to refer to. 

Thank you for the wonderful vegetable donations, the children really enjoyed making the harvest soup and then sharing it with many of you in the afternoon. 

We have enjoyed exploring printing in Art this week, using vegetables and also sharing our ideas to our big question; 'Why are there so many leaves on the ground?' This is something we will be continuing to explore over the next two weeks in class. Look out for further information about our 'Whatever the weather' week, this will be sent out next week. 


The children received a very special delivery in class today, a surprise gift from one of our lovely Mummy's who had baked the children a delicious gingerbread squirrel each. The children were absolutely delighted with these and felt they were a suitable reward for all the effort they had put into their learning this week! A huge thank you to Alfie's Mummy, they were given the thumbs up by all! 


I will be collecting home learning books in on Monday and I look forward to seeing how the children have chosen to represent the signs of autumn that they have been spotting. 


Please do continue to practise the sounds in your child's tin on a daily basis as they are learning a new sound each day and need to be able to recognise them instantly to support their reading development. 


Thank you for all your support, it is very much appreciated. 


Friday 4th October 2019


The Squirrels say that this week they have enjoyed; exploring outside, singing and dancing on the role-play stage,  playing the traffic light game in P.E., practising the sounds we have learnt so far, maths challenges, building the biggest train track around the classroom, exploring different ways of moving in P.E. and sharing stories. 


**** The children have each brought home a Squirrels library book today. We have spoken about how we should care for our books. We will be changing our library books on a weekly basis. This book is for you to read to your child, not for them to try to read to you. These books are to encourage your child to enjoy the pleasure of reading and see you enjoy reading as a special time, to understand there is value in getting lost in a book and to extend their vocabulary. Please see the Ten top tips for reading stories to your child slide below for helpful hints. *******


Important dates for next week: 

Monday 7th October - Please bring in vegetables for our harvest soup.

Tuesday 8th October 8.45am - Parent Read Write Inc workshop - For adults only. 

                                    2.15pm - You are invited in to the Harvest soup big share; please see class information page. 





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Friday 27th September 2019


The children are doing very well learning their sounds. We have now learnt a total of 10! These can be found in their sound tins and sounds book to practise at home. Please ensure that after each use, all resources are kept in the learning pouch and it is kept in their bookbag. We do refill daily and the children may use these in class too. 

Many thanks for your support, Mrs Stephenson

Wednesday 25th September 2019


This week the Squirrels have enjoyed their first P.E. lesson with our visiting sports coach. They were fantastic at getting changed and showed lots of enthusiasm during their P.E. lesson. 

We have also had lots of fun exploring a variety of activities in the classroom and learning more new sounds. 


**** Please can we ensure we are showing the children how to look at books carefully and not allowing younger siblings to get hold of them as already we have had quite a few damaged reading books being returned. These books were new this year and we hope will last many more so please do ensure they are cared for and treated respectfully. Thank you ************


Thank you to those who were able to attend the class meeting, it was lovely to see so many of you. The powerpoint is on the class information page, any queries please do ask. 

Friday 20th September 2019


This week the Squirrels say they have enjoyed; joining whole-school worship, exploring the bikes and scooters, watching the mad science show, making fruit salad and making friends. We have also enjoyed learning our new sounds; m,a,s,d,t. 



Friday 13th September 2019


Can you believe your children have completed their first week at School? They have been absolutely fantastic this week and settled so well into their new routines! 


We have had lots of adventures this week, hopefully you have heard about some of them! If not, then the blog pictures are a good prompt to get some conversation going. We have enjoyed exploring the whole School including the outside areas. We have had fun making new friends, painting our self-portraits, exploring funky fingers activities and sharing stories, singing and dancing. 



**************************************************A few reminders for next week: ************************************************************

- Timings do change so please do refer to your letter as this will be individual to you. If you are unsure on what time your child is due to attend, please do contact the School Office. I have given a brief outline below; 


Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th:  AM session 8.30am- 11.30 am        PM session  12.30pm-3.00pm (when your child is attending the afternoon session, please ensure they have had lunch before School). 


Wednesday 18th onwards: ALL children in  mornings only.  8.30am - 12.15pm 


You will have been notified of your child's full time start date. 




Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine and we look forward to seeing you all ready for more adventures on Monday. 







Friday 6th September 2019


Welcome to Squirrels Class blog!


The children have been absolutely fantastic this week, everyone has come in with a lovely big smile and these have grown through the session. We had lots of fun exploring and your child should have brought home a reading book to share with you. Please write a short comment in their planner every time you listen to them read at home. They will change their books on a weekly basis, further information will be given at our class meeting. 


***** A few reminders********

- Please bring in your child's PE kit if you have not already done so and ensure ALL their uniform is named. 

- Class meeting Monday 23rd September


We look forward to seeing them all next week for more adventures.