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Our Class Blog 2019 - 2020

Wednesday 6th November 


Welcome back! We have kick started our half term with a brand new topic 'YESTERDAY'. Mrs Hoiles brought in a "DJ thing, music box, suitcase. record player" (record player and some records). We learnt that our topic this half term is about a band from the past The Beatles, their music is a bit different but we enjoyed it. Our favourite Beatles song so far is 'I want to hold your hand'. We also listened to other types of music and learnt that a long time ago they used to play music from records, then they went to cassette tapes and then CDs. This amazed us as now we have iPods, alexas and the internet and can access thousands of songs very easily.  We can't wait to learn more about the history of The Beatles and where they travelled to. We will also be seeing if any famous musicians came from our local area (if you know of any, please pass it on). In Art, we learnt about an American artist Jackson Pollock. We have created some amazing artwork that will be displayed in our classroom, keep an eye out for it. 


Quick Note:

  • new sound booklets in book bags- keep in book bags as we learn new sounds we will date them/tick them of!
  • Remembrance day- adult helpers to walk down to the town please. 

Friday 25th October


It's HALF TERM HOLIDAY! The children are very excited for their holidays and really do deserve it as they have worked super hard this half term. Thank you for all of your support with junk modelling, we have some very brilliant bodies/robots. Parent consultation sheets have gone home so please check book bags. Enjoy your week, rest, play and enjoy family time. 


Quick Note:

  • Wednesday 6th November- Phonics morning with Rabbits- parents are invited in to learn more about the Year 1 phonics check and how we teach phonics. 
  • Monday 11th November- parent helpers will be needed to walk into town for remembrance day. If you are able to help please inform a member of staff. 
  • PE days will change to Mondays and Fridays after half term as 2 coaches will be teaching the children. 

Friday 18th October


We have had a great week beginning to look at rhyme and poetry in literacy. In Maths, we are using the language of greater than and less than. In Art, we continued with our topic of bodies and drew skeletons with the help from 'Mr Skeleton'. Enjoy your weekend. 

Tuesday 15th October


We have learnt a new poem today in class. Take a look at our videos below. 

I Can hear

Still image for this video

I Can see

Still image for this video

I Can smell

Still image for this video

I Can touch

Still image for this video

I Can taste

Still image for this video

Friday 11th October


What a lovely way to finish off our week, an animal tea party with lots of visitors! 


This week we have been busy exploring, naming and recognising our 3D shapes ready for our junk modelling afternoon soon. We have also been focusing on reading our sight words super speedily and spelling them too! In PE we enjoyed creating different shapes with our bodies, can you guess some of the shapes, letters and positions? 


Quick note:


  • Mymaths log-ins have been given out and home learning activities have now been set, remember to keep logging on to check what tasks the children have to complete. 
  • Collect cardboard tubes, boxes, tubs etc. ready for junk modelling on the 23rd October. 
  • Reading- please read with your child as often as possible and make sure that they are reading their RWInc books first before venturing on to different texts. Thank you. 

Friday 4th October


Rabbits have been super Mathematicians this week! We have been naming and recognising our 2D shapes. Some even took learning further by describing, comparing and investigating the different 2D shapes. In Literacy, we have been changing our class story to make them our own (innovation). We have also designed our healthy snacks and a few unhealthy treats for our Animal Tea Party (marble treat) next week. Can your child remember what food is healthy and what food is not? 


Quick note:

  • Friday 11th October- marble treat for RABBITS ONLY! Please refer to letter for guidance. List of possible donations for our tea party to go out shortly. 
  • Please read with your child every night, some children are struggling with retaining their key words and reading them by sight. It is important to read their RWInc book first before going onto their other reading book for a challenge. 

Friday 27th September


Rabbits have been very busy in class understanding more about place value especially for teen numbers (ten and another number). They also wowed Mrs Hoiles and Mrs Taylor with their super subtraction stories at the end of the week. In Literacy, we have been learning our new story 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. I will attach the story map for those who want to practise at home. In PE, we having been exploring some of the equipment in the school hall for gymnastics. We were super sensible and really enjoyed jumping off the benches and tables. 

Picture 1

Friday 20th September


Rabbits have started their new topic of Marvellous Me! We have been busy thinking about our main topic question 'Why are humans not like tigers?' Lots of brilliant discussion came about this question: "We don't have tails." "We don't have stripes or whiskers." "We are humans, people and they are wild animals!" We will continue our discussions further next week. In Maths, we have been busy adding and creating adding stories with different objects. See if your child can create an adding story at home...


Quick Note:

  • Photos- will go on next week (we are experiencing internet problems)
  • Reading: I am encouraging the children to read their Read Write Inc books more so now instead of the colour band books. The Read Write Inc books are closely matched to their phonetic knowledge and therefore we can build on their skills of decoding, blending and fluency. The adults in school will only hear the children read their Read Write Inc books. The colour band books will be there as a challenge book, and will be reassessed once/twice a half term. Any questions please ask a member of staff or speak to myself at the end of the school day.

Friday 13th September


Another brilliant week in Rabbits class! We have been busy working on our fine motor skills to develop our handwriting and cutting skills (please work on at home). We have also finished our rabbit fact leaflets and bunny tubes. In Maths, we have been focusing on number recognition, formation and counting. We have all made a number line that will stay in our learning pouches from next week to help us with counting forwards and backwards (that's the tricky part). In Art, we are learning about mixing colours and the 3 primary colours, I wonder if your child can remember? Next week we start our new topic- Marvellous Me! Don't forget to share any fun facts (write them down) for the children to share with each other. Have a lovely sunny weekend!


Quick note:

  • See Rabbits' information page for timetable, parents meeting power point and more.

Friday 6th September


Welcome back to school! We have enjoyed starting back as Rabbits this week. We made rabbit masks that we can use in the role play (Peter Rabbit's burrow and Mr McGregor's garden). We have also begun learning about our new mini topic of rabbits and can't wait to find out more next week! We have all settled in well this week and are eager to continue our journey as Rabbits at Trinity!


Quick note:

  • PE- Monday and Tuesday- please make sure all kit is clearly labelled and correct and that earrings are removed.
  • Keyword tins- will be sent out next week, please cut up any words that have been sent home and practise with your child.
  • Reading books- we are slowly getting around hearing each child read, please bear with as we reassess them and their colour band.
  • Class meeting Thursday at 2:30pm, I look forward to meeting you all.