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Friday 17th July

We've made it to the end of a very strange but enjoyable year!

Well done to all the Hedgehogs for all of their hard work throughout this year in year two.

I'd like to thank you all for your support with the children's learning especially during lock down. I've really enjoyed speaking to you all each week. We wish Emilia and Flynn all the best on the next part of their learning journey in their new schools. We will all miss you both.

Thank you for your kind words, cards and gifts. I wish you a lovely summer holiday. Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you again in September. 

Hedgehogs Home learning week beginning 13th July

Harry's show and tell.

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Friday 10th July

Yet again some fantastic learning going on at home as you can see from all of the photographs I have added below. Well done Hedgehogs! 

In literacy we have continued to learn to spell common exception words correctly. We have also been reading and completing activities linked to The Quangle Wangle's Hat. I've seen some amazing examples of hats and story maps for retelling the story. 

In maths we have been learning about position and rotation, using the correct vocabulary to talk about different items and patterns. There have been some fantastic examples of children's learning as you can see in the photos. 

Hedgehogs have been continuing to think about healthy eating and many of them have followed recipes to create their own lunch! 

I have loved seeing all of the photos of your learning and other activities you have been doing at home. 

Have a great weekend. Just three more days to go! 

Friday 3rd July

Congratulations on another week of learning completed! 

I have been blown away once again from the learning taking place at home. This week we focused on reading skills of retrieving and interpreting text through reading a chapter of a story, answering questions and thinking about the meaning of words and phrases. We then went on to identify the features of instructions and then writing our own. I saw excellent examples of instructions for fruit salad, making a cup of tea and banana loaf! 

In maths we focused on telling the time and learning about the number of minutes in an hour, half an hour, and quarter of an hour. We also solved problems involving time. 

I've enjoyed talking to you about what you have been doing while at home and look forward to speaking to you again next week.

If you haven't heard who your teacher will be in September, you can find this out on the 'whole school' part of the class pages! smiley

Due to technical problems, I will be posting this weeks photos onto this page on Monday! 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Friday 26th June

The end of another week! Once again I have enjoyed speaking to everyone about what they have been up to. I am really impressed with the learning which is happening at home and I love looking at the photos that your parents send in of your learning and other exciting activities Hedgehogs are doing. 

This week in literacy Hedgehogs have been making super Hero cuffs, creating their own super hero pets and writing their own super hero stories. Thank you to those that have sent in their stories for me to read. 

In maths we have been learning about units of measure to measure the temperature,reading thermometers and solving problems. We have also been learning about capacity and volume. We have learned about the units of measure and have used litres and millilitres to describe the volume and solve some problems. 

We have continued to learn about the Jewish faith and have focused on their place of worship.

For topic, Hedgehogs have learned about the tennis championship, Wimbledon. Children then chose a tennis super star to find out information about and then write their own information text. 

As it was National sports week this week, lots of Hedgehogs have been taking part in lots of physical challenges. It's not too late, you can still take part in these. Look on our learning page for lots of ideas. 

Friday 19th June

Once again I've been impressed with Hedgehogs learning this week. 

In literacy, we have read a story about three superheroes. We have also been learning to spell our common exception words correctly. Lots of Hedgehogs have been designing their own superhero symbols! Next week we will be making super hero cuffs and the children will need a cardboard tube! 

In maths we have been learning about measures focusing on mass and weight. We have been using the units of grams and kilograms. We have also been sorting and comparing the weight of different objects. 

Next week is National Sports Week, so be prepared to take part in lots of physical activities!!! 

Have a great weekend. 

Friday 12th June

Well done Hedgehogs for another week of great learning! 

We have read and thought about the use of rainbows as a symbol of hope. Many of you have created rainbow using lots of different materials. Lots of Hedgehogs have written book reviews of books they have read which involve a rainbow. Have a look at some of them in the photos below. 

In maths this week Hedgehogs have been solving problems using a systematic approach to make sure they have found all possible combinations. I know lots of you have enjoyed this!

Well done for continuing with your physical activity. Thank you to those children who took part in the pentathlon activity. Look out for more activities to take part in at home. 

Friday 5th June

It has been great to speak to you all again this week after having a well deserved week off! I am so proud of all of the Hedgehogs for their effort and work they are doing at home. 

This week in literacy we were looking at non-fiction texts using the context of rainbows. I have been really impressed with the use of the different literacy features to write their own non-fiction texts. They have also been continuing to work on their handwriting and spelling, spelling common homophones correctly. 

In maths, Hedgehogs have been using Venn diagrams, Carroll diagrams and Tree diagrams to sort Lego bricks, objects and numbers using one, two and even three attributes! Great work! 

We began our new topic of 'Super Sports Stars' by looking at some information about significant sports stars in the past including Bobby Moore and Jessie Owens. They then linked this with their literacy work and wrote a non-fiction text about Jessie Owens. 

In Science Hedgehogs have been thinking about different types of food and past time activities and decided which ones were good for us and which ones not so good! 

Hopefully we have some of our own 'Super Sports Stars' in Hedgehogs. I have put a challenge on our learning page for you to complete next week. Some of you may have had a look at it already! I challenge you to complete the five challenges and send your results to me. I will then send them off and see how we do against other Dorset schools! 


Friday 22nd May

What another fantastic week of learning from everyone! Well done! 

We have enjoyed listening to and reading the story of Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey. I have already read some fantastic stories you have written. Look out for them in the photos below! 

In maths this week we have been enjoying lots of measuring and have been measuring lots of different things around the home in metres and centimetres. 

We have come to end of our topic about the seaside. I hope you have enjoyed learning about human and physical features of seaside resorts and learning about what seaside holidays in the past might have been like. 

We have also learned about animals and their habitats. I know lots of you have caterpillars at home and have been to the pond at Stephen's castle and seen all the tadpoles and newts. We have learned about habitats and how animals are adapted to live in their habitat, along with learning about food chains. Why do tadpoles and frogs live in ponds? 

There will be no learning set over half term. If you haven't quite completed all of the learning set so far, you could use some of the time to catch up! Continue to read as much as possible and to keep active! 

Hope you all have a great half term! 

Friday 15th May

You all continue to blow me away with your learning at home. I have read some super stories including some amazing adjectives to really engage the reader. Your riddles have been brilliant! You remembered poetic terms we have already talked about in school, including rhyme and alliteration! Your riddles were so good I was able to guess what animal you had chosen. I've included some of them in the pictures below. Can you guess what the animals are?

 I'm really pleased to hear that you are continuing with physical activity at home. Many of you are learning to ride your bikes or have recently mastered it! Well done! 

I really enjoyed playing the 'pizza' game this week. Some of the questions were really tricky. Well done if you managed to work out the answers! 

I look forward to speaking to you all next week. 

Friday 8th May

Once again it's been fantastic talking to you all again this week. You are doing amazingly well with your learning at home. Well done!

I hope you enjoy your weekend and look forward to speaking to you again next week. 

Friday 1st May

It has been really lovely to speak to you all this week on the telephone. It sounds like you are all having fun at home completing your learning tasks and lots of you going out on your bikes and scooters as well as running! Lots of you have also been planting seeds in your garden. We have lots of 'green fingered' children in Hedgehogs! 

Thank you for sending in lots of photos of the learning taking place. A real mixture of writing, maths and creative arts and crafts this week. Well done everyone. 

If you haven't seen already, I have sent you a message through Purple Mash. You can use this to message me throughout the week, asking me questions and telling me what you have been up to. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Message from Mrs Doe

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Friday 27th March

Well done! You've made it!

Thank you so much to everyone that has emailed me some photos of the children working hard at home. Some fantastic learning happening. It really lifted my mood! laugh I really appreciate all your efforts in completing the tasks set. If you have any issues or questions, use the email...

Enjoy your weekend.

Friday 20th March

I've been really proud of all of Hedgehogs this week! We completed some reading and maths challenges, which everyone completed brilliantly. Well done everyone. 

In maths we have revisited 3-D shapes and focusing on the properties of prisms. We looked at different types of prism and talked about the similarities and differences. We even remembered the vocabulary to describe their properties! (Faces, edges and vertices). 

In literacy we have been continuing with poetry. We have discussed the poetic features of rhyme, alliteration, repetition and kennings. The children used the idea of an underwater safari park and made up their own animals to write poems about. Today the children chose their favourite kennings to write their poem in the shape of their animal. 

The children are becoming experts in geography, identifying and naming human and physical features of different places. This week we introduced Uganda and looked a photographs from different places around the country. The children were able to identify human and physical features in the photos. 

Hedgehogs enjoyed playing with the new puppet theatre we set up today. We hope to be able to have lots of fun telling stories and putting on shows when we return to school! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the learning activities over the next couple of weeks! 

Hedgehogs puppet show!

Friday 13th March

We have got a lot of learning done this week!

In literacy we have been reading and evaluating poems. We have been learning about rhyme, alliteration and kennings. The children are able to sport all of these poetic terms in different poems. Next week we will be using these poetic terms to write our own poems. 

In maths we have been adding and subtracting. We have learned different strategies for adding and subtracting 9. See the picture below for how we used a number line to work out the answer. We are now getting very good at using this method to work out calculations mentally. We have also been using the strategy of bridging to ten when adding and subtracting. See the other photo of the method we used and what this means! 

We have really enjoyed using the computers to create pictures based on other artists work. 

In geography we have been learning about human and physical features of different places. Ask your child what human and physical features they can see when you are out and about this weekend! 


Maths learning

Friday 6th March

What a fantastic week of learning!

In literacy this week we have been learning to retell the story of 'MeerKat Mail'. We have been learning to remember some the interesting words and phrases that we like. On Thursday we really enjoyed dressing up as a character from the story. Thank you for your efforts with the costumes, they were great. We thought about how we could change the story to create our own. Today we wrote up our stories, some children writing pages! I've got a lot of marking to do, but I'm really looking forward to reading them all. 

During this week we have been sharing lots of stories. We shared stories with Rabbits and the next day we shared stories with Badgers. 

In maths we have been continuing to learn and practice multiplying. We use the term 'lots of' to help us remember which shapes to use and towards the end of the week we began to use arrays to represent these multiplication sentences. The children are becoming more confident with using shapes, number lines, repeated addition and arrays to help them to answer questions and to prove their answers. Please continue to practice these at home and to complete My Maths tasks. 



Friday 28th February

Welcome back! We have had a great start to this half term. On Monday we focused our learning on Fairtrade. The question... where does chocolate come from? was the focus for our learning. Thank you for all the chocolate wrappers sent in! The children enjoyed looking at the wrappers and finding out if the chocolate was Fairtrade and what the ingredients were. We then moved onto looking at how chocolate is made and where it comes from. We all learned a lot about the process from tree to the chocolate bars in the shops. Hopefully the children told you all about what Fairtrade means and are encouraging you to look out for Fairtrade items when you go shopping!

In maths we have begun to learn about multiplication. We have linked this to repeated addition and have discussed different ways of representing the equipment we use as pictures and diagrams in our books. One of the ways was to use a number line making jumps along it. E.g. if the problem was 3X5 we would do three jumps of five along the number line and use counting in fives to work out the answer. Please practice this method at home, so the children can confidently use it by themselves.

In literacy we began reading the story ‘Meerkat Mail’. The children were very excited to find out if Sunny (the main character) would find his ‘perfect place‘. We will be continuing to use this story throughout next week. We are very excited about dressing up as one of the characters from the book on Thursday. If you haven’t managed to sort out a costume, don’t panic!

Just a reminder that our PE days are Monday and Friday this half term.

Friday 14th February

Another half term over! It was lovely to see so many of you after school today looking through your child's learning. They have all worked so hard this half term and have really enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London. 

We said goodbye to Miss Bunnett yesterday and wish her all the best for the rest of her course. 

In dance, the children used all the skills we have learnt this term to create a dance telling the story of the Great Fire of London. They remembered to use the beat of 8 for their movements, used different heights, used mirroring in their partner work and also thought about the speed of movements. 

In maths we have been looking at the different denomination of coins, using coins to make the same amount and solving adding and subtraction problems using the coins. Please continue to work on this at home as many children found our learning this week quite challenging! 

This week we used the rhyme, London's Burning to support our literacy work and some of our work in music. The children have had a go at playing the tune on the recorders and many have picked it up really well. We ended today with some of us playing our recorders while the others sang. It sounded wonderful! 

Please remember to send your child into school with their PE kit on Monday as we will still have PE on Monday. Children will need to have warm clothes for PE as both sessions are planned for outside, as long as it isn't raining! 

Hope you all have a restful week.

Golden Time in Hedgehogs!

Friday 31st January

The children have enjoyed our dance learning. Creating sequences of movement to the beat of 8. We have linked our moves to tell the story of the Great Fire of London. Within our movement sequences, we have included holding some balances for a count of four. 

This week the children have written telling sentences, which tell the reader what someone is like and showing sentences, showing the reader what someone is like through their actions and what they do. We also made sure that when we write a diary, we are writing in the first person, using I, me and my. 

In maths we have been looking at two digit numbers and recognising the number of tens and ones. We have also been partitioning the numbers into different combinations of tens and ones. We then moved on to adding and subtracting tens to two digit numbers and using this to solve problems. 

We have chosen our next class reward, which will be a disco where the children can bring in their own clothes! This will be next Friday (as long as we have collected enough marbles!) Please make sure clothes are brought into school in a named bag.

Please can I remind you to make sure your child's word tin is in their book bag. I haven't been able to check some children's words as they haven't had their tin! Thank you. 

Friday 24th January

We have had a great week of learning! 

The highlight this week was the visit from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and rescue service on Thursday. We were shown around the Fire engine, looking at all the equipment on board. We were even allowed to have a go at being a firefighter, using the hose and squirting water! After this we went back into the classroom for a fire safety talk. We learned some important messages. 

In maths we have been working with odd and even numbers and using our knowledge of these numbers to solve problems. 

In literacy we have read two stories, 'The Night Shimmy' and 'Chatterbox Ben'. We have talked about the two stories thinking about the characters and the events, and how the feelings of the characters change throughout the stories. We will be using these stories next week to create our own pieces of writing. 

We have learned what a binary tree is in computing and we are beginning to create our own! 

In art we have used the skills we have practiced over the last two weeks of mixing primary colours to make orange and using tints and tones to create fire pictures. 

Please note the year two SAT's information meeting is on Tuesday 28th January. 

Friday 17th January

The children are loving their learning!

In literacy we have read play scripts and information texts about The Great Fire of London. The children are remembering many of the important facts about it already! We have taken a couple of trips back in time to September 1666 to help us imagine what it was like during the events of the fire. Quiz your child. What can they remember? We have put the important events into order which has really helped us to write our recounts of The Great Fire of London. The children also tried to include many of the other features we have been practicing this week, including using past tense verbs correctly and using exclamation and command sentences.

In maths we have been learning about symmetry. We have been using strategies to help us decide if a picture, pattern or shape has any lines of symmetry by using tracing paper, mirrors, folding and just looking! We have made and completed symmetrical patterns and using folding to sort shapes into those which have lines of symmetry and those that don't. 

We had great fun in art this week! We used primary colours, which the children revisited last week and made tints and tones. We made tints by adding white paint and making the colours lighter and made tones by adding black paint, making the colours darker. The children will use these in next week's lesson!!! 

Friday 10th January

Welcome back! 
The children have come back to school ready and excited for learning. We have started our topic The Great Fire of London. We have been reading the diary of Samuel Pepys and learning about what it might have been like in 1666 and answering comprehension questions about the text we have read. The children have amazed us with writing subordinate clauses using ‘which’ and ‘who’. Ask your child form some examples of sentences they have written. 
In maths we started with adding and subtracting one to two digit numbers, moving onto adding and subtracting 10 to multiples of ten. It was made easier as the children were confident with their counting forwards and backwards in steps of ten from any given two digit number. Keep practicing this at home! 
Our PE lessons this term will be on Mondays (outside) and Tuesday (indoors) Please make sure your child has the appropriate kit for both. 

Friday 13th December

We are starting to think about Christmas!!!

However we have also been working very hard. In literacy we have been learning a poem 'Who's afraid?' making links with our class text from last week. We read the poem and identified some of the literacy features including rhyme and repetition. We then looked at changing some of the words to make our own poem about animals. We finished the week using purple mash to write a fact file about all we have learned about Queen Elizabeth II. Today we have tied together all of our learning from the last two weeks to complete a free write where the children could choose what they wanted to write about. The writing was linked to animals. We had some stories, information texts and lots of poems! 

In maths we have continued working with shapes, but this week we have been looking at 3-D shapes. We have been naming them and using mathematical language to describe them, using faces, vertices and edges. We also looked at the 2-d shapes used for some of the flat faces and were looking at solving problems using 3-D shapes today. 

We have been thinking about the Christmas story and looking at how artists represent the different characters. We looked at a painting called 'Mystic Nativity' by Sandro Botticelli.

Next week we will be getting very excited about Christmas! Please remember to bring in a plain coloured t-shirt if you haven't already, for the performance. There will be some changes to the usual timetable due to the performances and other exciting activities going on! The children will still need their book bags! Don't forget party day on Thursday and also to dress your bike or scooter! 

Friday 6th December

Another fantastic weekend of learning! 
In literacy we have been reading our class story of ‘The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark’. We revisited expanded noun phrases and spotted the use in the story. We talked about events in the story and how in each chapter ‘Plop’ the baby Barn Owl finds out more about the dark! Before reading the last chapter, the children made predictions about what might happen. Ask your child what they remember about the story. Today we looked at images of the moon and wrote some excellent similes. We are continuing to work on our handwriting, making sure all letters are formed correctly and are the right size. Please encourage your child to use their best handwriting at home too! 
In maths this week we have revisited 2-D shapes, recognising and naming them. We have been learning more about their properties and using the correct language to describe common 2-D shapes looking at the number of sides also looking at if they are straight or curved and if they are all the same length. We also talked about the number of corners or vertices. Next week we will be revisiting 3-D shapes.

We have talked about the important jobs the Queen does, including being head of the Church of England. 
We welcomed Mrs Sampson from St. Micheal and all Angels church into Hedgehogs yesterday when we all made a Christingle that we could take home! We met in the hall with the whole school, turned the lights off and sang some  Christmas carols. 
Don’t forget it’s walk, scoot and cycle to school next week and the week after. Remember to bring your book marks and collect your stickers. 

Friday 29th November

Wow, this week seems to have zoomed past! 

In literacy this week we have used the story of Traction Man is here, by Mini Grey. We read the first part of the story, listening out for expanded noun phrases. The children got the hang of writing their own expanded noun phrases and today have used them really well in their writing of their own 'chapter' of Traction Man in the jungle. While Traction Man was in the jungle, he met a tiger and earlier in the week we worked together to describe the tiger and various parts of the tiger, such as his teeth, claws and eyes. Ask your child about their expanded noun phrases.

In maths this week we have been using our number bonds to ten to help us work out number bonds to 100! We have been adding and subtracting multiples of ten. Today we solved a problem using multiples of ten and money. Please get the children to keep recalling their number bonds to ten and one hundred. 

Well done to those children who have managed to complete their magic square from our computing lesson on Friday. Please log onto Purple Mash to see this. 

For our topic work this week we focused on geography and found the British Isles on a map of the world. We then talked about the British Empire. We found some of the countries which belonged to the British Empire on the map of the world. Can your child name any of the countries?

Friday 22nd November

This week Hedgehogs have become expert writers of explanations. We began the week reading an explanation about parents and their young which is linked to our science learning. We then looked at the 'tools' we need to include in an explanation; technical language, introduction, questions, time adverbials and conjunctions! We practiced using these during the week and today wrote up our explanation about the life cycle of a frog. 

In maths this week we have been using standard units of measure to measure length. We quickly and confidently were able to use rods, rulers and tape measures to measure and compare the length of pictures of fish, parts of our body and worms! We also used charts and graphs to record our measurements on. See the photos below of us measuring!

In history we were thinking about what we might do after school if we were a child in 1953 and some of the toys we might have played with.

Some children didn't have trousers for PE this week. Please make sure your child has tracksuit bottoms for our PE lessons on Monday and Friday, which are both outside! There were also some girls without a spare pair of socks. Please make sure your child has the correct kit with them. Many thanks. 

We are looking forward to the Christmas fair tonight!

Friday 15th November

Monday was spirituality day. We walked to the memorial for the two minute silence after which some of Hedgehogs laid their poppies with prayers written on. Once we got back to school, Megan’s Daddy talked about and showed us his medals. After lunch, we planted bulbs around the school grounds. We then learned The Lord’s Prayer including actions. 
In literacy this week, we learned how to be great story writers by planning and writing stories about friendship and school. The children used ideas, words and phrases from the story we were reading last week. We have been learning the homophones, to, too and two. 
In maths we have been learning to use the inverse number operation to solve missing number problems. We also practiced using part, part, whole and bar models to help us.

We created a time line and put some important dates related to the Queen, including when she was born, when she became Queen and her coronation. 
PE is on Monday and Friday this half term and unless it is wet, we will be going outside. Please can you make sure your child has tracksuit bottoms, a jumper and a spare pair of socks. Thank you.

Friday 8th November

Welcome back! The children have returned to school ready for learning. We have begun looking at our topic and have watched a clip of the Queen’s coronation, acted it out and discussed what a coronation is and what one looks like. 
In literacy we have been reading stories with a familiar setting. We have discussed and are using interesting vocabulary linked to the character’s feelings, that we have read in the story, including anxious, embarrassed and proud.

In maths we have been revisiting place value. We have been using our understanding of place value to solve problems including using the ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equals to’ signs. We also revisited the various denominations of coins and found different ways of making the same amount using different coins. Please revisit this with your child, making sure they are confident with using money. 
Monday is Remembrance Day, we will be walking up to the town memorial for the service at 11. If you are able to walk with us please let the office know. When we get back to school we will be planting bulbs around the school grounds and we ask that children bring a pair of named wellies into school.

Many thanks


Important message! 
The Year 2 SATs meeting will NOT be on Thursday 7th November. This meeting will be arranged for the Spring term. Apologies for the confusion. 

Friday 25th October

We have had a great end to our Castle topic with our Castle banquet day! The children all looked fabulous. We had knights, kings, princesses, queens and ladies. The children worked well in groups to make bread, taking in turns to measure out the ingredients and mixing them together. The children painted their shields that they designed. After lunch we had our banquet of the bread rolls and cheese. The bread we made was delicious! We then had a treat and saw four different birds of prey from Liberty's. They talked about how birds of prey were used to catch meat for the people to eat. Unfortunately we didn't have time for our jousting on Tuesday, so did it on Thursday! 

In literacy we read and learned a poem about castles. We then used that poem to write our own poems using prepositions and repetition. We also talked about the rhythm of the poem. The children's work will be put together to make a class castle poem book. 

In maths we have continued to look at place value, knowing the number of tens and ones in two digit numbers and using this to help solve problems and order a set of numbers. 

We hope you all enjoy your half term and look forward to seeing you in school again on Tuesday 5th November. 

Friday 18th October

It was lovely to see lots of you on Tuesday for our castle building. Thank you! The children had lots of design ideas for their castles and the results were amazing! 

In literacy this week we have been learning about non-fiction texts and the features this text type has. We spent the first part of the week finding out more facts about castles, focusing on what it would have been like to live in a castle. We then used the facts to write our own information booklets making sure we sorted the facts into groups and gave them sub-headings. Today we use the IPads to create an information page using Purple Mash. 

In maths we have been thinking about adding and subtracting and finding the inverse operation. We were using the part, part, whole and bar model to help us. Ask the children to show you! 

The children are working really hard on their handwriting and spelling. Keep practicing reading and spelling the words in the word tin. More words will be sent home next week! 

We are really excited about our Castle Banquet day on Tuesday. Children can come to school dressed up, (no need for school uniform). We have lots of exciting activities planned to finish off our topic. 


Friday 11th October

Well done to everyone for having a good go at 'debugging' the algorithms! It was a challenge! We have gone over the four programmes and have had another go at correcting the algorithms.  

This week in literacy we have been reading and writing our own instructions. We have learned about using adverbs of time and manner when writing instructions and the importance of writing the instructions in the correct order. We have linked this to our castle topic by writing instructions for making our castles next week. We have completed some focused practical tasks, which we will be using to make our model castles and have designed and planned what we would like them to look like. 

In maths we have been working systematically to find all possibilities and combinations to solve a problem whilst also becoming fluent with addition and number facts for numbers up to 20. 

Tuesday 15th we will be building our castles, parents are invited to come into school to support us with this from 1:15, it would be lovely to see you. Thank you for all the donations so far of cardboard boxes and tubes. We would still welcome donations of empty cereal packets and kitchen roll tubes.

Advanced notice; we have our castle banquet day on Tuesday 22nd October. Children are invited to come to school dressed up as princesses, queens, ladies, lords, princes, knights, jesters, pheasants! We have lots of exciting activities planned. 

Focused practical tasks and following instructions

Friday 4th October

Firstly congratulations to Flynn and Heidi for being elected to represent Hedgehogs on the school council. All four children presented their speeches to the class before voting took place. 

We have been continuing to learn about the features of castles and how they protect the people who live in them. Ask your child about this!

Today we completed a free write, where the children could choose the type of writing they wanted to do. We had some stories, poems, recounts of our trip and information texts. 

Please keep practicing reading and spelling the words in the word tins. I will not be giving out any more words, unless your chid can spell the words they have. Remember, three ticks for reading three times and three stars for spelling three times. (don't throw them away, we will check them at school!) 

In maths we have been working on understanding the place value of two digit numbers. Continue to ask your child about the number of tens and ones in any two-digit number. We used this knowledge to order numbers and solve problems involving place value. What is the smallest and largest number they can make with the digits... 4, 6, 2?


Friday 27th September

We all had an amazing day at Corfe Castle yesterday and were relieved that we didn’t get wet! The children enjoyed the tour of the castle, learning about the history of the castle. We received comments from members of the public about how good they were. Well done Hedgehogs. We have thought about our question ‘Why were castles built a long time ago?’ We are all able to give an answer! From the answers the children have begun to share some other questions they would like to find the answers to. 

In literacy we have continued to work on the story, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and today used the planning from the week to write their own fairy tales. 

In maths we have been looking at place value and representing two-digit numbers in different ways including using different equipment and then representing them by drawing pictures. 

We look forward to electing our school council representatives next week. 

Advance notice, Tuesday 15th October is our castle building afternoon. Please start collecting cardboard boxes and cardboard tubes. 

Harvest Service

Friday 20th September

Firstly, thank you to all of you that were able to come to our Harvest Service this morning and thank you for all of your kind donations. Hedgehogs were the winning class, having the most donations and our prize was to have extra Golden Time this afternoon! We are so proud of all the Hedgehogs for getting up on the stage, singing and speaking in front of you all. 

This week we have been reading and exploring the story of Beauty and the Beast. We have read the story several times, building word recognition, fluency and understanding of the story. Next week we will be developing this further and beginning to use story teller voices and expression in our reading. We have been continuing to work on our spellings, including spelling common homophones correctly. Well done to all those children that have been able to throw away some of the words from their tin this week. We have started to think about how we can join sentences together using conjunctions (linking words). We wrote sentences using and, but and or

In our maths we have been looking at adding and how we can add numbers together in any order and they still equal the same. We have also been solving some subtraction problems and using the resources to support us. We are developing ways to record what we have done with the resources by drawing Numicon shapes, denes and numbers lines to prove our answers. 

We are looking forward to starting our castle topic properly next week, we had lots of the dressing up out this afternoon in Golden Time! Lets hope for a lovely day on Thursday for our class trip to Corfe Castle. 

Friday 13th September

Hedgehogs have enjoyed reading the story Don’t Hog the Hedge this week as part of our guided reading sessions. They were able to build their fluency by reading the story several times! Ask the children to retell you the story! We have continued working on our handwriting and we have been thinking about homophones, words that sound the same but have different spelling and different meanings. We finished this week reciting poetry, (to the whole school), and writing our own poems about hedgehogs. 

In maths we have been looking at patterns, creating our own patterns and linking this to counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. 

We have begun preparations for our harvest festival which we are leading next Friday. Don’t forget to get your tickets from the office! We are collecting food such as tins and packets to donate to the Trussell Trust. Please bring in your donations on Friday. 

Please can I remind you that for snack time, children should be having a ‘healthy’ snack. Many thanks 


Friday 6th September

Welcome to Hedgehogs!

The children have settled well and are beginning to learn the routines and expectations of being a Hedgehog! We have enjoyed reading and learning about Hedgehogs. Today we wrote our own non-fiction texts about hedgehogs, demonstrating some of the interesting facts we have learned about them. We have been demonstrating some fantastic handwriting and are going to continue working on making sure letters are formed correctly and are the right size! 

In maths, the children are keen to do some ‘really, really, really hard maths’. This week we have been getting our brains ready through estimating, counting and representing numbers in different ways including writing numbers as digits and words. We have also been representing numbers by drawing Numicon shapes and placing numbers in number squares and on number lines. 

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday for our Hedgehog class meeting.