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Harvest Service

Harvest Service 1

Friday 20th September

Firstly, thank you to all of you that were able to come to our Harvest Service this morning and thank you for all of your kind donations. Hedgehogs were the winning class, having the most donations and our prize was to have extra Golden Time this afternoon! We are so proud of all the Hedgehogs for getting up on the stage, singing and speaking in front of you all. 

This week we have been reading and exploring the story of Beauty and the Beast. We have read the story several times, building word recognition, fluency and understanding of the story. Next week we will be developing this further and beginning to use story teller voices and expression in our reading. We have been continuing to work on our spellings, including spelling common homophones correctly. Well done to all those children that have been able to throw away some of the words from their tin this week. We have started to think about how we can join sentences together using conjunctions (linking words). We wrote sentences using and, but and or

In our maths we have been looking at adding and how we can add numbers together in any order and they still equal the same. We have also been solving some subtraction problems and using the resources to support us. We are developing ways to record what we have done with the resources by drawing Numicon shapes, denes and numbers lines to prove our answers. 

We are looking forward to starting our castle topic properly next week, we had lots of the dressing up out this afternoon in Golden Time! Lets hope for a lovely day on Thursday for our class trip to Corfe Castle. 

Friday 13th September

Hedgehogs have enjoyed reading the story Don’t Hog the Hedge this week as part of our guided reading sessions. They were able to build their fluency by reading the story several times! Ask the children to retell you the story! We have continued working on our handwriting and we have been thinking about homophones, words that sound the same but have different spelling and different meanings. We finished this week reciting poetry, (to the whole school), and writing our own poems about hedgehogs. 

In maths we have been looking at patterns, creating our own patterns and linking this to counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. 

We have begun preparations for our harvest festival which we are leading next Friday. Don’t forget to get your tickets from the office! We are collecting food such as tins and packets to donate to the Trussell Trust. Please bring in your donations on Friday. 

Please can I remind you that for snack time, children should be having a ‘healthy’ snack. Many thanks 


Friday 6th September

Welcome to Hedgehogs!

The children have settled well and are beginning to learn the routines and expectations of being a Hedgehog! We have enjoyed reading and learning about Hedgehogs. Today we wrote our own non-fiction texts about hedgehogs, demonstrating some of the interesting facts we have learned about them. We have been demonstrating some fantastic handwriting and are going to continue working on making sure letters are formed correctly and are the right size! 

In maths, the children are keen to do some ‘really, really, really hard maths’. This week we have been getting our brains ready through estimating, counting and representing numbers in different ways including writing numbers as digits and words. We have also been representing numbers by drawing Numicon shapes and placing numbers in number squares and on number lines. 

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday for our Hedgehog class meeting.