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I cannot thank you all enough (parents, carers and children). You have stayed strong and resilient throughout these unprecedented times. 14 weeks later and you have officially made it to summer! (I know 14 is hard to believe! I double checked….)  I have really enjoyed our weekly phone calls and hearing what you have been up to.   Badgers class you have been amazing and I am so proud to call myself your teacher for another year. It is now time for a well-deserved break. Have plenty of rest and the main thing, fun!! I am really looking forward to seeing you all in September in our new classroom 😊 I ask that you think of a great joke to bring with you for our first register as Year 4s.


Thank you again for all your support and kindness,

Be safe and take care,


Mr Jones

Finley speaking some amazing Turkish!

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Alice speaking French

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Fabrice speaking Mandarin

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Lilly speaking Spanish

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Harvey speaking Italian!

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Alice had a great week of learning!

Izzy's Tsunami experiment :)

Part 2

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Olivia Y's how to video on recreating a Tsunami.

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In Badgers we have been learning about Tsunamis. Siena followed the instructions on how to recreate her own!

Natalie took her design and created her own T-shirt!

Olivia Y's Stop Motion Video

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Fabrice's Stop Motion Video

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Alice's Stopmotion Video

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Monty's Stop Motion Video!

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Supporting our NHS heroes :) Well done!

A great idea from Adam. Using recycled bottles, he has created different environments for plants to grow!

Happy VE Day from Badgers class!

Excellent pointillism pieces from Badgers and honorary Badgers this week :D

Mr Jones to Badgers

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Oliver doing a brilliant job with his Maths learning this week!

Finley has taken his art learning outdoors and also created an assault course for getting his daily exercise in! Great job :)

Spencer had a lot of fun with his baking! Looks delicious :)

Sebastian showing off his culinary skills by choosing pancakes for his Maths task :)

Natalie and her sister enjoying the baking task set for Maths!

Fabrice and his brother doing some brilliant baking for his project in Maths!

Siena has been trying out new ball skills in her back garden! Looks like a lot of fun :D

Oliver had a busy Easter! Have a look and see what wonderful things he has been doing :)

Miles wanted to share some of the things he has been doing at home. Learning how to make pizza and growing his own plants :D

Finley has been keeping busy with a Joe Wicks workout every day along with his learning! Super effort :)

Freddie and his brother busy at work! Well done both of you :)

Monty's Kiwi bird made from mixed media that he found around the house! Super artwork Monty :)

Alice wanted to share her brilliant story! Well done :)

Siena and her brother have been busy this week with their MyMaths and dancing to a GoNoodle!

Imogen wanted to share some of the amazing things she has been doing this week. Take a look. Very creative indeed!

Olivia helped out her sister for PSHE. Looked like a lot of fun girls!!

Harry has been working hard on a story this week that he would like to share with the rest of Badger's class! Excellent writing Harry :)

Freddie enjoying some sunshine while reading his book!

Olivia wanted to share some of the wonderful rainbow themed things she and her family have made. A lovely, colourful way to make her neighbours smile.

Izzy's sharing! Day one complete, well done everyone :)

Friday 13th March 2020


This week in Badger's class, Science has been heating up.... learning about states of matter and how water can be a solid, liquid and gas. The different transitions between each state and what energy needs to be added or taken away. Stay tuned for the planned experiments next week. The children have been learning even more facts about our topic Rainy Rainforests and using this knowledge to make their writing amazing. Planning an alternative fiction write based of the class story The Great Kapok Tree. Using their new knowledge of expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials, Badgers have created complex sentences with lots of description. 

In Maths, the children have been focusing on fractions and learning words like numerator and denominator. Understanding their purpose in a fraction and being able to out their knowledge into practise. They completed a practise quiz on Thursday and learned the importance of reading the question as it may have more than one part to it.


In computing this week, everyone gathered data about favourite ice-cream flavours and created bargraphs/ pie charts to represent it. In indorr PE the children have been beginning to learn their dance routines. Learning one as a whole class and then  coming up with their own in small groups. Making sure to keep to the 8 steps in each phase. They were all fantastic!


Well done for another great week and we will see you all again on Monday,


Mr Jones 

World Book Day!

Costume Parade

Badger's Costumes from 'The Great Kapok Tree.' Everyones was fab!

Badger's acted out our class book, 'The Great Kapok Tree.' Very impressive acting!

Friday 14th February 2020


This week in Badgers we continued our WW2 topic. In our second week of diary writing the children had a choice of what they wanted to write about. Inspired by Anne Franks diary and some short video clips from the film Narnia, the children got a feel for life as a child in that time period. The writing produced was independent and fantastic! So a big well done.


In Maths we have been recapping time with a focus on the 24 hour clock. Towards the end of the week we had a lesson to compare the time taken to different tasks (see pictures). 

In History the children learned about 'Dig for Victory' and how the whole country pulled together to grow food. They then had the opportunity to create their own propaganda poster to convince people to 'grow their own.'

Computing this week was based on safe Internet day. They researched how to use the Internet in a safe and secure way. Ask the children at home how they might be able to take their knowledge and put it into practise! In Art the children drew portraits of their partner using shapes and bold colours. Very abstract...

In RE we continued to look at the Trinity and how Baptism could link to this. Using the idea of a Church window they created a metaphor to express their thoughts and symbolise them.  



Important Notice:

After school club will be tag rugby after half term. Beginning 26.2.20 from 3- 4.15pm.

Available to Year 2/3/4. 


Have a brilliant half term break. I look forward to seeing all again soon!


Mr Jones

In Maths this week we compared durations of events. Badger's had a series of timed tasks to complete. It is safe to say that they all took it very seriously! The tasks included, running around the hall 3 times, hopping a distance, building a lego tower, starjumps and writing their name as many times as they can.

Friday 7th February 2020


Well, what a week it has been for Badger's class. Hooke Court was amazing and we are all very proud of how they behaved and how well they slept! I am sure you have heard all about it. As well as being a great experience of staying away with friends, the children learned a lot too!


In class this week the children have been writing a diary about their two days. Learning about all the different features and putting them into practise. In Maths we have been recapping time and learning about the 24 hour clock. In Art they have been taught how to shade with different types of pencil and each person drew their hand in their sketch book. 

In History, the children had to imagine what they would bring with them in a suitcase if they were an evacuee. Some interesting items were chosen!


Enjoy your weekend and see you all next week,


Mr Jones



Hi all
We have had a fantastic day, code breaking, baking with war time rations, experiencing an Anderson shelter, picking up incendiary bombs and putting out fires (pretend ones) with a hand pump and hose! 
Tea was delicious! 
We have done a smells quiz this evening and are now tucked up in bed. See you tomorrow.
Lots of love xxx

Friday 31st January 2020


In English this week Badgers continued the genre 'Newspapers.' They focused on an event from their class novel Friend or Foe. The results were super and they were able to share their finish reports with Owls class (see pictures).

In Maths, the children have been learning more about formal column addition. The confidence of the Badgers when using this method has grown so much from Monday! I am so proud of their perseverance. 

In History, the children continued to learn more about WW2. On Tuesday, they were able to decode Morse code messages and on Thursday they coloured a map of Europe, to show Allied and Axis controlled areas.

In Science, the children have been learning about the structure of the ear. They also had a go at creating their own TV programme teaching other children about Sound!


Please do not forget that the Hooke Court visit is on Monday 3rd February. 


Have a fantastic, restful weekend.


See you all on Monday,


Mr Jones

Badgers and Owls shared their newspaper reports to each other today. It was a lot of fun!

Friday 24th January 2020


In Literacy this week, Badgers began to look at Newspapers and their features. They had the opportunity to read and summarise First News stories. They loved sharing all the different stories they had read!

Towards the end of the week, the children wrote their own news stories. Ask them what they wrote about! They were all amazing. 


In Maths, Badgers focused on problem solving using different manipulatives. They had to show all the different methods when working out the problem. Towards the end of the week, the children learned how to create their own sequences of numbers. They were encouraged to challenge themselves and try lots of different types of sequences.


Another busy week in Badgers!


Please read below for important information related to the Hooke Court visit- (this can also be found on the second letter you received)


Kit List


Where possible, apart from the lunch, please try to pack the following in one bag, and keep it as small as possible, as there is limited space on the coach and it helps the children in finding and carrying their belongings. We suggest that you name everything!!


  • one change of clothes to include trousers, t-shirt, jumper, change of underwear and socks
  • comfortable footwear e.g. trainers
  • waterproof warm coat
  • sleeping bag (no need for pillows, they will be supplied by Hooke Court)
  • nightwear
  • small towel (we encourage at least face-washing!)
  • comb/hairbrush
  • soap/shower gel
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • teddy (optional, and of a sensible size, preferably to fit in the bag)
  • torch
  • reading book/magazine and/or small activity or game for ‘free time’ (not an electronic game or anything requiring batteries please) e.g. Top trumps
  • a packed lunch for Day 1 (no nuts, chocolate, sweets or sugary/fizzy drinks please). This should be in a bag, which can be thrown away – no lunchboxes.  Lunch will be provided by Hooke Court on day 2.


In addition:


  • The children should wear their evacuee costume – nothing fancy, just dress or skirt and cardigan with pigtails for girls, or shorts with long socks, shirt, tank top and cap for the boys. Normal school shoes will be fine.  A label with name and details and a brown paper covered gas mask box help to make it look authentic. (No need to make a gas mask though!)


The following items are NOT permitted:


  • Food, including sweets (except for the packed lunch on Day 1)
  • Money (there will not be anything to buy)
  • Electrical items (e.g. gameboy, hairdryer)
  • Medication (including travel sickness tablets) of any kind must not be in children’s luggage.   Please give to Mrs Green – see below.


Important information


  • It is vital that all contact details are up to date with the School office, as these will be the details that we take for emergency contact.  If there are any further changes to the contact sheet you have recently checked before the trip takes place, please let the office know.


  • Please also complete the attached form and let us know if there are any specific issues with regular sleeping patterns (e.g.night terrors, sleepwalking, wetting), medical issues, or medical dietary issues that we might need to be aware of.


  • Please ensure that all regular medication (asthma inhalers, epipens) are up to date, clearly named, and handed into the office on the morning of the trip.  Please see attached form for medical information.



Have a lovely weekend, 


Mr Jones

Badgers began to paint their silhouette pictures of the Blitz in London!

Friday 17th January


This week in Badgers the children continued their topic Blackout. They learned about the Axis and Allied powers in WW2. How the war began and how it ended. We began our class novel Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo which is a historical fiction novel based on a group of evacuated children. Badgers have found it fascinating!

In Science, they continued to learn about sound and enjoyed a trip around the school grounds to find out different sources (see pictures below). The focus in English this week has been poetry and the children have enjoyed analysing and performing The Magic Box.  In Maths the children have been learning about measurement and different scales. Completing word problems independently and sharing their findings with the rest of the class. For computing, we have continued our focus on internet safety and the children created their very own fake website about a tree octopus!


Another exciting week of fun learning! Enjoy the weekend and see you all on Monday.


Mr Jones

In Science this week, Badgers explored both inside the school and outside to try and find different sources of sound!

Friday 10th January


This week in Badgers we began our new topic 'Blackout'. We are learning about WW2, specifically the evacuated children, and the Blitz. Our home learning this week is to do some research on the topic. The children should be focussing on evacuees and what life was like for children leaving home. 


In Literacy we have been recapping grammar and ended the week writing our own speeches. Inspired by Princess Elizabeth and Neville Chamberlain, the children announced to Great Britain the beginning of the war, evacuation and some rules on Blackout. They really enjoyed the task and created amazing speeches.

In Computing the children were learning how to use the internet safely and created a closed blog on PurpleMash to share their top tips with the rest of the class.

In Science we began our new subject of sound and completed experiments. The children came to some very clever conclusions as to how sound travels and its source!


What a brilliant first week back. Have a good rest and enjoy the weekend.


Mr Jones

In Maths this week, Badgers have been learning about time!

Friday 20th December


It's Christmas! 


Well done Badgers for a brilliant term. You have all worked very hard and accomplished so much already. The Carol Service today was amazing and that was totally down to your children's efforts. Lovely singing and reading to end 2019.  I would like to thank all Badgers Parents/ Carers for your support this year and wish you all a happy and healthy 2020. Take plenty of rest in the holidays and see you all again soon.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Mr Jones

Fantastic scooters and bikes! We had such fun doing our parade!!

Badgers had such a great time making snowmen for their snow globes!

Friday 13th December


This week in Badgers we have been continuing our class novel The Abominables. Inferring characters thoughts and emotions during different events in the story. In literacy there has been a focus on discrete grammar. Badgers have been learning how and when to use fronted adverbials in their writing.  To end the week we have been writing different styles of poems related to Christmas. 

In Maths we have been learning more about money and how to give the correct change. Why not give this a go at home or in the shop this weekend?

For Science we have continued learning about digestion and even created our own body to label and draw the different parts. In computing we have tried out more stages of coding and in PE we developed our dodgeball and gymnastic skills. 


REMINDER- Marble treat is taking place on Wednesday 18th December. The children can bring in their pyjamas and will need a clean used jar for their activity.


Another great week in Badgers Class.


Enjoy your weekend,


Mr Jones

Friday 6th December


What a busy week. Badgers have been focusing on grammar this week in Literacy. Learning about singular and plural possessive apostrophes and when to use them. They also learned when to use inverted commas for direct speech.

In maths Badgers have been looking at money. Adding and subtracting different amounts of change. They even created their own shop with customers!

In science we have been looking at the process of digestion and the journey our food takes within our body. The children can now confidently label different organs. In PE they have been progressing their skills in dodgeball and gymnastics.


Special mention: A big thank you to Mrs Turnbull and Mrs Potter for volunteering their time to help with sewing.


Have a fantastic weekend,


Mr Jones 

Badgers used a running stitch to sew their pictures onto different materials. They look fab!

Friday 15th November


This week Badgers were busy learning lots of new things. In Literacy they learned about word families and in Maths we learned about different types of lines and shapes. Horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines were tricky to learn at first but everyone became confident and able to draw them in their books.


In PE Badgers were learning some different balances in gymnastics. In history the children created a timeline of events during the Stone Age and in computing they continued coding!


A huge thank you to the adults who came to help on Monday. Much appreciated from everyone at Trinity!


Enjoy your weekend,


Mr Jones

Remembrance Day. Badgers used their fingers to create poppies. They look fantastic!

Friday 8th November


Badgers had their first week back after the half term holidays. It has been a week of fun learning in all subjects. Starting our new topic 'Early Britons', we have been cave painting and learning lots of new facts. We have been reading The Stone Age Boy and the children have created their own characters to write a story about. Writing in first person they have been getting into character and imaging life in the Stone Age.


In Numeracy we have been continuing to subtract 1,2 and 3 digit numbers. I have been so proud of Badgers perseverance. In computing we had our first lesson in coding. This was something very different and exciting for the children. In RE we read the story of Noah and the great flood. Re-enacting what it might have been like to receive instructions from God and have the faith to carry them out.


REMINDER- parent helpers for Monday morning. Walking to the cenotaph for remembrance. If you are available please enquire at the office.


Have a relaxing weekend, 


Mr Jones



Badgers had a go at cave painting this week using colours that they thought would be available to Stone Age people.

Friday 25th October


Firstly, a big thank you to all the parents/carers that attended the consultations this week. It was a great opportunity to meet you all!


In literacy we had a free write week with the badgers coming up with their own ideas and creating a story. They were focussing on character descriptions, setting and problems. The results were amazing.


In numeracy we began to look at bridging to 10. We looked at addition first and subtraction later in the week. We finished the week with the children exploring different methods and to find what worked best for them. There was lots of exploration and explanation to their peers.


In science this week Badgers learned about springs. They created their very own handy device that could use springs to work. In music we began recorders so if your child has yet to bring theirs to school can it be done after half term. 


Have a well deserved rest and I look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 5th November.


Mr Jones



Badger's Mini Project presentations. A big well done to all of them as they were all brilliant. They each showed confidence in their chosen topic and were able to answer questions from the audience.

Badgers took their sketch books outside to draw what they could see in nature!

Friday 18th October- Badgers had an amazing day. In the morning we followed instructions to bake cupcakes. Measuring in grams we used our scales to help us get the correct amount of each ingredient. When our buns were baked we added icing and designed our own cupcake. All of this was done just in time for our marble treat movie in the afternoon. Everyone enjoyed their cupcake with a cup of hot chocolate in their PJs. Well done Badgers for earning all your marbles this half term!

Design and Technology- Badgers designed and built their own magnet games!

Friday 11th October 


This week in Badgers, we have building up to our Wow write. We made our own story plans and even learned how to use inverted commas for direct speech. Today we wrote our stories and really impressed Mr Jones and Mrs Green. We worked hard on making sure we included a character description and scene setting at the start, a problem in the middle and a resolution at the end. 

In maths we were relating adding and subtracting through inverse operations and solving number problems. In music we were creating pieces with lots of different instruments. Again relating to the animal theme. 


We had two visitors to Badgers this week. Take a look at the pictures below to find out who. 



Tuesday 15th October- children are making their magnet games. They have been told to bring in any of their extra materials from home.

Friday 18th October- Badgers marble treat. Children can bring PJs in a bag as well as a teddy/pillow. We will be baking cupcakes in the                                                morning and having a movie in the afternoon. PE will take place as normal.


Have a lovely weekend,


Mr Jones

On Thursday, Tracey from the solar farm came to visit. This time she brought solar cell, wires, motors and bulbs. The children found out how to make a circuit and how different factors can effect a fair test. We had so much fun!!

The Air Ambulance visit. Jo is a paramedic on the Air Ambulance for Dorset and she came to deliver a presentation to the children. She then came to Badgers class to tell them all about the Helicopter and its function in saving lives. This was a great opportunity to learn the forces involved in a helicopter flying. Why not ask them at home?

Friday 4th October


In Badgers, 


Literacy- we created a character with personality. Used the senses to describe different types of settings, what we could see, hear, feel, smell and taste. Then imagined what our character (Amelia Earhart) would be experiencing in different settings all over the world. We had amazing descriptions. I almost felt like I was right there with her!

To finish the week we had our free write. Ask the children how to chose their character, place and situation. Very exciting.


Numeracy- Have a look at the pictures uploaded of all the different measuring the Badgers were doing this week. On the day the children were measuring the length of items in the classroom Mrs Webber and Mr Jones were not expecting to be one of the items... (see the pictures). Another fun week of Maths.


In design and technology the children have started to plan their magnet games. Deciding on materials to use and how best to fix them together. In music we looked at different tempos to animal related songs and tried to sing along at different paces. We decided what would fit best for the animal we were singing about. In computing we had an interview with the famous Neil Armstrong on his trip to space, typing up answers to the reporters questions. In Science we had a visit from Tracey. We all met Tracey when she kindly showed us round the solar farm and she has come back to tell us a bit more on the effects of energy usage and our carbon footprint.


What a busy week of learning, have a good rest and an enjoyable weekend, 


Mr Jones

MEASUREMENT- This week in Maths the Badgers learned about different types of measurement. We started with mass (g,kg). Then Volume (ml,l) and finally lengths (m,cm,mm).

Tracey from Verwood Solar Farm came to visit us this week. She let us work out how much energy we might be using in our household! How big do you think our carbon footprints were?

School Council Elections. Congratulations to our chosen councillors!

Our spelling non-negotiables in Badgers

Friday 27th September


This week in Badgers class we continued reading the biography of Amelia Earhart. We looked into the structure of the writing and created our own comprehension questions to answer on some of the pages.

In Literacy we created our own poems and read some poetry aloud. Focusing on our tone, volume and expression to make it more exciting for the audience. In numeracy we were reading and writing numbers up to 1000, creating different numbers from 3 digits and then ordering them smallest to biggest! Challenging but a lot of fun!!


In computing we have been looking at different simulations and what it actually means. We made our way through a space simulation, rescuing a group of people from a far away planet. The simulation made us choose between different items to help us for our quest. The children really enjoyed all the possible outcomes and then completed an evaluation of the simulation for their home learning. 


In music the children started using their recorders and created different beats and sounds related to various animals. An elephant was loud and regimented. A snake was quiet but built up to a faster beat before an abrupt loud noise as the attack. Badgers came up with some amazing ideas.


Another great week,


Mr Jones

In Science, Badgers were learning about forces and friction. How to make a fair test using different surfaces on a slope and keeping the car the same or changing it.

Solar Farm Visit. What a great day out. Learning about renewable energy, biodiversity and the uses of solar panels.

Up up and away! Our topic hook day of designing and flying paper airplanes. We had a competition for the furthest flying plane. The winner won a marble for the class!

Friday 20th September


This week in Badger's class, the children worked hard on creating an information leaflet about Badgers. They learned when to use headings, sub headings and other features of an informative text. To do this they studied some before hand and discussed their features. 

In numeracy we worked on estimation. When they looked at a group of bananas, an estimate was made on the total amount. Badgers then had to figure out the best way to figure out the true total. Towards the end of the week we looked at place value for two and three digit numbers and added/ subtracted 10/100. 

In Art we created collage pictures and in science we discovered some of the names for bones in our skeleton! Another busy week and lots of fun. 


Have a fantastic weekend, 


Mr Jones

In RE the children went out to the field to listen to natures sounds. This was a lovely start the story of Creation. We discussed what we heard and gathered some leaves, acorns and twigs to stick in our Woship Journal.

Badgers using their place value mat to make the biggest and smallest numbers using 3 digits!

Friday 13th September


Welcome back Badgers!


What a fantastic week. We have learned so much already!


In Literacy we have been learning all about prefix and suffixes, planning a story and then writing it independently.

In Maths we have been looking at number combinations. This is were we have a number like 8 and we find numbers that add together to equal it. e.g. 3+5=8,  2+6=8

We then looked at subtracting the numbers e.g. 8-5=3, 8-6=2


Badgers also started their topic 'Badgers.' In Geography they went on a trip around the school grounds. Using a map they were able to use what they had learned to find the best place for a badger to live. Very exciting. In Science they learned about food chains and the importance of 'transfer of energy' to survive.


Just a short snippet of all the wonderful things Badgers learned this week. Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Jones