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Our Class Blog 2019 - 2020

Up up and away! Our topic hook day of designing and flying paper airplanes. We had a competition for the furthest flying plane. The winner won a marble for the class!

This week in Badger's class, the children worked hard on creating an information leaflet about Badgers. They learned when to use headings, sub headings and other features of an informative text. To do this they studied some before hand and discussed their features. 

In numeracy we worked on estimation. When they looked at a group of bananas, an estimate was made on the total amount. Badgers then had to figure out the best way to figure out the true total. Towards the end of the week we looked at place value for two and three digit numbers and added/ subtracted 10/100. 

In Art we created collage pictures and in science we discovered some of the names for bones in our skeleton! Another busy week and lots of fun. 


Have a fantastic weekend, 


Mr Jones

In RE the children went out to the field to listen to natures sounds. This was a lovely start the story of Creation. We discussed what we heard and gathered some leaves, acorns and twigs to stick in our Woship Journal.

Badgers using their place value mat to make the biggest and smallest numbers using 3 digits!

Welcome back Badgers!


What a fantastic week. We have learned so much already!


In Literacy we have been learning all about prefix and suffixes, planning a story and then writing it independently.

In Maths we have been looking at number combinations. This is were we have a number like 8 and we find numbers that add together to equal it. e.g. 3+5=8,  2+6=8

We then looked at subtracting the numbers e.g. 8-5=3, 8-6=2


Badgers also started their topic 'Badgers.' In Geography they went on a trip around the school grounds. Using a map they were able to use what they had learned to find the best place for a badger to live. Very exciting. In Science they learned about food chains and the importance of 'transfer of energy' to survive.


Just a short snippet of all the wonderful things Badgers learned this week. Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Jones