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Our Class Blog 2018 - 2019

Friday 5th July 2019


Badgers have had another busy week. Lots of different activities to end their topic 'The Only Way is Up.'


They have had the opportunity to present their chosen mini topic either through a powepoint or poster. Everyone did an amazing job and impressed the other Badger's in class. 


A big thank you to Mr Watts for coming in to tell the children about life as a pilot! They all found it very interesting and wowed Mr Watts with their questions.


Another thank you to all the parents who took the time to come to parents consultations. It was really nice to see you all and share some of the excellent progress the Badger's have made this year!


Have a great weekend, 


Mr Jones

Our Visit from Mr Watts the Pilot!

What's Under Your Feet? The children loved digging holes in different areas of the field to see what invertebrates they could find!

Badger's have had another amazing week. Planning and writing an alternative plot to the story 'Flat Stanley' in Literacy. Interpreting and presenting data in different ways was also an exciting area of learning for the students. We then finished the week with a recap on times tables and multiples of 4,8,50 and 100.

In Numeracy this week we explored the features of 2D and 3D shapes. Taking a 2D shape and making it 3D turned out to be trickier than first thought. However, as you can see from the pictures, Badger's created some fantastic learning!

The Only Way is Up! Badger's followed instructions on how to make a paper airplane. They then created their own design and tested which one flew the furthest. A lot of fun was had!!

Another amazing week for Badgers class. We have had a lot of fun and done some great learning too. Time to rest for a week and come back refreshed, ready to learn. 


In Numeracy we had our second week recapping time. After half term we will be looking at 3D shapes and naming 2D shapes. 

In Literacy we will be starting our new class book Flat Stanley and writing our own stories. 


The new class topic will be presented on our class page after half term with all the information relating to our other subjects.


A big thank you to everyone that sent donations for Monkey World, they were gratefully received and have allowed Monkey World to have plenty to treat all the monkeys.


Mr Jones

A huge thank you to Monkey World for coming to visit Trinity! We have all learned a lot about conservation and the great things the people at Monkey World do every day. The children had a lot of fun.

Thank you for collecting lots of junk modelling materials for making solar toys. The children had a wonderful afternoon making lots of different things. The children used a solar panel, propeller and crocodile clips and followed the designs they created last week. It was such a sunny afternoon, perfect for solar toys. Miss Brown

In Art, Badgers had the task of designing and creating a carnival headress. The different creations are amazing!

In Literacy the children have been learning about playscripts. They read from the book 'The Twits'. After reading they created their own playscripts and shared them with the class!

In Numeracy the children created their own challenges and timed the duration of their events. Everyone had a lot of fun!

Today we welcomed back Tracy from the solar farm. We explored a range of solar toys, discussed how they worked, drew and labelled them. Next week we will be making our own solar toy and will include a propeller and a solar panel. Please can the junk modelling materials you have collected come into school next Thursday 23rd May. This could include cereal boxes of different sizes, kitchen rolls, or the cardboard boxes that sachets of pet food come in. Thank you! Miss Brown

Badgers have persevered with some tricky learning this week. Learning all about the perimeter of shapes and figuring out the different ways of measuring them. 


In Literacy they have been learning about adverbs and prepositions. Badgers have been creating sentences to include both of these grammar features.


Home Learning for next week is to create a poem about the Rainforest and to review their weekly spellings.


NOTICE- Badgers will be creating their festival hair dress next week so please ask your children what extra resources they need and whether these things are available at home. e.g feathers, cereal boxes and string.


Many thanks, 


Mr Jones

I have heard from Tracy from the solar farm and she will be joining us next Thursday and the Thursday after to design and make solar toys. Please can you continue to collect cereal boxes and also kitchen rolls or Pringles rolls if you have them too! Thank you! Please can they come into school on Thursday 23rd May.

We had a fabulous time in Science today learning about the water cycle. Ask your child to tell you all about it.

Miss Brown

Advanced notice! Towards the end of the term we will be welcoming back Tracy from the Solar farm. She will be teaching the children how to design and make a solar powered toy. Each child will need an empty cereal box or cereal bar box please. If you could start collecting boxes like this, it would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Miss Brown.  

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter. As promised, here are the photos from when we made tuned musical instruments.

Miss Brown

Thank you for bringing in a range of junk modelling materials yesterday. The children were very excited to be making musical instruments and demonstrated how to make sounds with a high or low pitch. We also learnt about some of the scientific theory behind pitch and how the faster the frequency of vibration, the higher the sound will be. For most children, this meant designing and making a stringed instrument or panpipes and including a shorter length of string or tube. Well done Badgers. Photos to follow!

Thanks again

Miss Brown

Friday 29th March 2019


As we approach the final week of this term Badgers will be moving on to two step word problems in their Numeracy and a creative Wow write in their Literacy.


Reminder- Marble treat will take place on Wednesday (3.4.19) so please make sure to bring in any comfy clothes for the afternoon. Remembering of course to come to School in uniform. Badgers will be changed back into School uniform in time for home at 3pm.


Please make sure to say a big well done to all the students as they have worked very hard this term and made great progress.


Best wishes, 

Mr Jones

Numeracy today was outside in the fantastic weather. Using all our knowledge of multiplication, division, fractions, addition and subtraction to explore the numbers 24 and 18. Wow learning today!!

Badgers had an exciting afternoon creating their very own instruments. When completed they were tasked with creating a high and low sound from their instrument. Impressive creations from everyone! Well done.

Message from Miss Brown

Thank you to everyone who brought in a plastic bottle this week. For various reasons, we did not use the bottles this week and will be using them next Thursday, 28th March. On this day, it would be appreciated if each child could also come into school with some junk modelling materials they can use. This could be empty tissue or cereal boxes, kitchen rolls, plastic tubs. Anything that can be used to make tuned musical instruments! Thank you once again for your support.

Miss Brown

Friday 15th March 2019


Another busy week in Badgers class. We have been learning about fractions in Numeracy and learning all about the story of Romulus and Remus in Literacy.

Looking forward to next week we will be continuing fractions. Specifically finding fractions in a set and equivalent fractions.

In Literacy  we will be reading our new story linked to the topic of Romans, Neptune and Minerva.    


REMINDER- please do not forget your recorders on Monday as we will be doing some new learning in Music until the end of term.   

Well done to everyone in Badgers for the effort they made in their costumes for dress up as a word day! It was so much fun :)

In PE this term Badgers have been learning how to play touch Rugby. Everyone has given their maximum effort and it has resulted in a super team!

Science reminder and dates

This term the children in Badgers are continuing to learn about sound. Please can each child bring in an empty plastic bottle, any size on Thursday 21st March (a week later than previously mentioned). This could be a squash, water, coke bottle. All will be revealed!

In addition, on Thursday 4th April the children will be making tuned musical instruments. Please can you start collecting junk modelling materials such as cereal boxes, tissue boxes, kitchen rolls. (No toilet rolls please) Please can children bring their materials to school in a named bag on Thursday 4th April.

Many thanks for your help as always.

Miss Brown

In Numeracy this week we did partitioning of 3 digit numbers on the playground!

Fun in the sun! Indoor PE was outdoor this week.

Advanced notice – This term on Thursday afternoons the children are learning about sound as part of their Science lessons. On Thursday 14th March please can the children in Badgers each bring in an empty plastic bottle to school. This could be a squash or lemonade bottle or a smaller bottle. Any size is fine. The link to Science will be revealed on the blog!

Toward the end of the term we will making tuned musical instruments from junk modelling materials such as cereal boxes and kitchen rolls. If you could start to collect these items, it would be much appreciated. Thank you. Miss Brown

We have had a fantastic day! Night night every body, see you tomorrow. Lots of love xx

Hooke Court 


After a long journey, we arrived safely. After a drink and a biscuit we went off to learn how to ‘code break’. 


Friday 25th January


This week in Badgers.

In Literacy we planned a narrative for our Wow Write on Thursday. We then had a go at self correction and self editing. Giving comments on what we think went well for us and other comments for things we would like to work towards.

In Numeracy we were looking again at Place Value and different strategies to create our own 3 digit numbers. (Have a go at home!). We then created our own challenge cards with different types of word problems. These included using more than, less than and equal to. This then linked to our times tables as we tested ourselves on the different 2,4,5,8 and 10 times tables.

In topic we have continued to develop our knowledge of the Blitz and what life was like for a refugee. All in preparation for the residential to Hooke Court taking place in just over a weeks time (4.2.19-5.2.19). What a brilliant week in Badgers! See pictures below.


Have a great weekend,

Mr Jones

In PE, Badgers had their first day of Touch Rugby (a form of Rugby that is non-contact). The children learned all the different rules of the game. Everyone did there best and it was a lot of fun!

In Literacy we acted out our Story plans before we did our Wow Write.

In Badgers we had another visit from the Solar Farm!

Friday 18th December


This week in Badgers we have been continuing with our World War 2 topic. We have been doing topic related learning in both Guided Reading and in Literacy. In Guided Reading we have been looking at a short video clip in which for one day only the soldiers on the battle front came together and played football. The children came up with their own dialogue for the scene as well as writing a diary of the days events. 


In Literacy we have been preparing for our Wow write next week. We have learned some new grammar terms including expanded noun phrases. We have been thinking about character descriptions, scene setting and story plans. Everyone's outcomes from this  have been extremely impressive. I even think they Wowed Mrs Green when she popped in for a visit. 

In Numeracy we have been looking at different types of measurement which have included mass, volume and capacity. This has been a tricky week for Badgers but they have persevered and challenged themselves. I couldn't be more proud of them.


Looking forward to next week, we have many great things planned in all areas of our learning. Have a well rested weekend, stay safe and I will see you on Monday.

Mr Jones

Friday 11th January 2019


Our first week back after the Christmas break has been amazing. On Monday we had a spirituality afternoon were we learned about our School Values and their meanings. The children then had to create a table contract, agreeing to be the best student they can be. Badgers then presented their wonderful work in Tuesdays Worship to the rest of the school! Explaining the importance of the slinky and how each member of our team has important part to play.


We had our topic hook day on Wednesday for World War 2. The children experienced a couple of air raids on Trinity and had to hide under tables! It was a lot of fun. Ask your child about it!


In Numeracy we started learning about angles and the differences between perpendicular lines and non- perpendicular lines. Having a go on Geo- boards and using Geo-strips to show angles more than a right angle and less than a right angle. They then moved onto creating triangles with different sized angles. Very interesting. 

In Literacy we had a couple of grammar lessons looking at conjunctions and the use of a/an before a vowel or consonant. We then had a few writing tasks linked to our World War 2 topic. 

Today we had a special visitor who taught us how to be safe on the roads. Whether we are just walking on the pavement or on our bike we need to remember the 4 cheers. Stop, Look, Listen and Think! Badgers Wowed Mr Lovejoy with their knowledge of the Green Cross Code and gained a marble for their brilliant contributions. 


Well Done Badgers for a great first week back!!!

IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!! Merry Christmas from Badgers Class!

Friday 14th December

This week in Badgers, we have been very busy practising for our Carol Service next Friday. Everyone has worked very hard on their singing. We have also been practising for our Nativity play which begins on Monday. In Numeracy we have been looking at time and being able to read clocks in both analogue and digital format. In Literacy we have written a narrative and designed Christmas Cards. We will complete the cards on Monday with Miss Brown, ready to send home. We are all really looking forward to next week and all the fun we are going to have in the lead up to the Christmas holidays.

Well done for keeping up the fantastic learning during a busy week!

Thursday 6th December

This week in Literacy we have been learning about fronted adverbials! This is when words or phrases are placed at the beginning of a sentence to describe the action that follows. For example, 'As fast as he could, the rabbit hopped'. Or 'Before the sun came up, he ate his breakfast'. Ask your child to talk to you about how they have used fronted adverbials in their writing. In Numeracy we have been talking about money. Today we subtracted 50p from different amounts of money. Some children completed questions like £3.37 - 50p = mentally, whilst others made notes in their maths books or made use of mathematical resources or coins to help solve the questions. Well done Badgers! 



Today we welcomed Tracy from the solar farm. The children learnt about different energy sources and how solar energy is so useful. The Badgers learned a lot about solar panels and have even had a go at making one work!

This week the children made some Stone Age clay pots. They used methods from that time to create some amazing outcomes! Ask them what they know about how Stone Age people lived.

Have a look at some of the 3D shapes Badgers created. They planned their shape on their whiteboards in 2D and had to make it 3D using only straws and playdough. Very impressive.

This week in PE we worked on our balancing. Some exellent examples of the different ways we can balance!

NOTICE- We are wanting to add to our class library. If there are any parents/ carers that have some age appropriate books they would like to give then they would be gratefully received. In Badgers we are all keen readers so any help at all would be excellent. Thank you.

Our class topic is Stone Age. Naturally we had to give some spear throwing a go in PE! Ask your children how they did.

Our Bling your bike/ scooter day. Well done Josh for winning the prize for best bling!

Advanced notice:

In a few weeks, the children in Badgers will be using kitchen rolls for a practical science activity. Please can you start to collect kitchen rolls (not toilet rolls) and send them into school when you can. Many thanks, Miss Brown.

Badgers Record Breaking afternoon!

Record Breakers event

As you may have seen on the school calendar, parents, grandparents and carers of the Badgers children are invited to come into school on Thursday 18th October to join in with our Record Breakers event. Everyone is welcome, please arrive just before 2pm.

Many thanks, Miss Brown

This week Badgers were learning about measurement. One of our lessons involved measuring things around the classroom (including some students). Don't forget to take this new knowledge home and record it in our home learning!

Badgers voting for their School Councillors. Congratulations to the chosen boy and girl!

Badgers have had another great week here at Trinity. There has been a lot of opportunities to share to the rest of the class. We have also held our School Council speeches and have chosen four members of the class to move forward into elections on Tuesday. 

In numeracy we have been looking at more place value (Hundreds, Tens and Units) and counting in our 4s and 8s. In literacy we have been looking at different types of poems and writing our own. Badgers then had the very brave task of reading it aloud to the class. Everyone did very well and I am proud of all of you. We had our first spelling test this week and every student did a fantastic job. Keep up the great efforts Badgers.

A lovely sunny morning for our PE class this week. Everyone has worked very hard on their netball techniques.

Our class trip to the Solar Farm. Badgers had a lot of fun and learned about the environmental impact of a Solar Farm. We even had time for some bug hunting!

An exciting end to the week with a visiting pantomime and your parents coming to visit your new classroom. Well done Badgers for another great week. You have all worked very hard and I am looking forward to what next week has in store for you! 


Keep up the super effort.

Advanced notice! Please can you collect jam jars and their lids and give them to Miss Brown. The Badgers will be doing experiments and will need them later in their term! More detail to follow. Thank you. 

Miss Brown

Badgers also made their own skeletons in Science! Amazing job well done!

This week Badgers worked really hard on their Maths. Here is some pictures of the Badgers and their hard work!

Welcome Badgers! What an amazing first week we have had. Everyone has worked very hard indeed. Enjoy a good rest this weekend and feel refreshed for Monday.

This week we started our topic Badgers and had many fun lessons related to them. We have started our numeracy and even written our first story in Literacy!

Our topic continues next week and lots of exciting new learning to accompany it.