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Our Class Blog 2018 - 2019

Friday 19th July


A fantastic last week in Rabbits class! Well done to all the rabbits for their hard work and achievements in the last year. They deserve a lovely relaxing summer holidays before they come back as a hedgehog. 


Thank you to all the support and help you have provided over the past year. Thank you for your generosity and gifts too. Enjoy your summer holiday and see you in September! 

Friday 12th July


Wow! What a busy week we have had in Rabbits class. Sports day kick started our fun filled week, we all enjoyed our activities, picnics and entertainment. We then went on a trip to India, we learnt lots about the culture: food, dance, festivals, music and clothes. We enjoyed making samosas and raita and all of us had a go at tasting our end product, well done! On Wednesday we had Spirituality day, we went out of school to carry out a community litter pick which was a success. We really enjoyed our surprise treat (ice lollies) from The Hollow, they were yummy. We then split off around the school to carry out a variety of activities. Ask your child what they did and how it linked to our wonderful world. Finally Thursday and Friday we had a bit of normality, we got to write up our facts from Trinity Travels Day and finish off our Maths learning. Take a look at the photos below to see what we got up to.



Quick note:

  • Thank you for the support with Spirituality day- the children enjoyed learning about India and sharing their objects.
  • Thank you for the support with the litter pick- without the support from adults we wouldn't have been able to leave the premises.
  • Look out for a letter regarding Marble treat Day- Wednesday!
  • READING BOOKS- need to be returned to school next week for the Summer holidays please.

Friday 5th July


We have had another brilliant week in rabbits. This week we have been researching an animal and writing them up into facts files to share with the class. We have also designed and created our own bug hotels and made minibeasts out of modelling clay. We finished off our week with transfer day, our new Year 2 teacher will be Mrs Doe!


Quick Note:

  • Monday- sports day- PE kit, coloured top (same as last year) and picnic lunch on field.
  • Tuesday- Trinity Travels day, we are going to INDIA, letter to follow. Any help with cooking would be appreciated (raita and samosas). Please inform if concerned about allergies. If anyone has any sarees/material for this purpose that would be greatly appreciated.
  • Wednesday- Spirituality day, letter to follow, helpers needed to join the whole school in a litter pick. Please inform a member of staff. 

Friday 28th June


What a fab Friday we have had at school today! Some brilliant outfits and super cool dance moves. See the pictures below and keep an eye out on our video resource centre next week for the moves. Remember to collect your sponsorship money and bring into the office by next week, it is for a very good cause.

As well as burning off heaps of energy this week, we have also done lots of amazing Literacy during our free write week. This week we got to choose objects to inspire us and got creative with our writing skills to create our own animal texts. Miss Rule cannot wait to read them! We have also done lots of challenges this week in reading and Maths. We all deserve a lovely relaxing weekend in this glorious weather, enjoy!

Friday 21st June


It's Friday and Summer Fare day! The children have been very excited today and are looking forward to perform at the fayre, their time slot is 5pm!


We have been very lucky this week having a visit from the RSPB and learning more about our school grounds and which wildlife creatures are accustomed to visiting us. We have enjoyed looking back on our old pictures and sharing them with each other, we then discussed changes and visited the Hedgehogs class in preparation for September! We also sent an email around to all the classes and shared our retelling of a funny poem we have all learnt off by heart, take a look on the video resource centre when you get a chance.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday 14th June


This week we were lucky enough to have a few different teachers cover some lessons. We have been explorers, finding treasure (hidden rabbits) around the school using our maps. We have been storytellers, planning and designing our own Wild stories. We learnt a new way to plan our stories, circle planning, ask you child if they can explain how to circle plan. We have been coders, creating algorithms full of commands to lead the fish in the tank the right way. We also found time to measure and record how long it took us to complete some simple challenges in Maths. What a busy week we have had! We all deserve a nice restful weekend (and extra day for Inset).

Friday 7th June


Rabbits are going WILD! Our new class story 'Where the Wild Things Are', has inspired us to get creative, making masks, a boat and turning out role play into 'Where the Wild Things Are!' We are going to link our Literacy and Art together for the next couple of weeks to really bring the story to life! IN Maths, we have been using our multiplication and division skills to solve some simple problems and some of us have even gone onto some trickier 2-step problems linked with money. We are working on our potted sports and athletics in PE in the build up to sports day too. What a busy week we have had!


Quick note:

  • Please continue to work on reading, keywords and specific the sounds that were attached to your child's report at the end of last half term.
  • Sun hats- please bring in every day come rain or shine.
  • Donations- of any wild costumes would be greatly appreciated to help with our role play!

Long down Activity Farm


we had a lovely day out of school visiting the farm. We had the chance to be mini farmers and help farmer Bob with his daily jobs. We all learnt lots about the different farm animals and can’t wait to write all about it! Photos to follow. 


Thank you to the parent helpers, with out you we would be unable to do these trips. The children and staff are very grateful. 

Are you or do you know someone who enjoys woodwork?

Squirrels and Rabbits class would absolutely love one of these wooden teepees for their outdoor area but unfortunately we do not have the funds to pay for it. Therefore, we are asking if anyone is able to build us one of these please? We would be extremely grateful as we do love to explore outdoors. 

If you can help or know someone who can, maybe there are a few of you who could do this together, then please let Mrs Stephenson know. 

Thank you in advance, Squirrels and Rabbits. 

Friday 17th May


What a wonderful week Rabbits have had. We have enjoyed the lovely weather, taking some of our learning outside. In Maths, we have been recapping, number lines and the language or more than, less than and equal too. We have also been recapping our shapes and focused a bit more on our reasoning skills. In Literacy, we have been looking at the spelling rules for plurals and have innovated the story 'The Tiny Seed', the seeds in our stories have travelled to some weird and wonderful places. We enjoyed thinking about God and His creations, we went outside to reflect upon them and came up with lots of things to be thankful for. We have really enjoyed looking after our garden and the plants and will continue to do so in to next term. WE will be bringing home our sunflowers soon which have started to grow and peep out of the soil.


Quick note:

  • School trip Tuesday 21st we are visiting Longdown activity farm. We would advise your child wears long trousers/leggings due to long grass, straw, potential ticks etc. Please make sure your child is prepared for all conditions. 
  • Home learning- please enjoy reading with your child and take your minds on an adventure! Spellings: quick, quicker, quickest, fire, inspire, bonfire. Personalised home learning next week along with the half termly reports.



Friday 10th May


Rabbits have flown through this week like the Tiny Seed in the wind. We have been introduced to the new story 'The Tiny Seed, by Eric Carle' and have enjoyed exploring the story through role play and props. In Maths, we have been telling and drawing the time (o'clock and half past the hour), we have been very good at this and are using our skills to help with our timetable for the day. We have enjoyed continuing our weaving in Art and learning our Geography song in Music. We look forward to having another busy and exciting week next week!



Quick note:

  • Donations for Monkey World- we will have some people visit us at the end of this half term from monkey world, see school newsletter.
  • School trip- Please return slips and money to the office.

Friday 3rd May


Another brilliant week in the Rabbits class this week. We have been busy planting and tidying up our garden as well as observing, naming and sorting the different plants that we know in Science. In Maths, we have continued with our number facts within 20, using the part-part-whole method and other resources such as: number lines, numicon and cubes. In Literacy, we have been looking at the prefix un- and trying to use these words in our writing. We have also been looking at instructions for planting a sunflower (competition preparation has begun in class), making sure to use time words to sequence the steps. We have begun weaving in Art and naming the continents of the world in Geography. We have enjoyed using our outdoor space today to finish off the week.


Quick note:

  • Reading- please read each night with your child to help improve their decoding/blending and comprehension skills, some children need to build their confidence and fluency with the trickier set 3 sounds (refer to your child's planner for all sounds).
  • Volunteering- if there are any parents,  carers or grandparents that are green fingered the children would love to get more involved with the gardening and your time would be greatly appreciated. Please let myself or another member of staff know and we could sort out a time/day.
  • School tip- on Tuesday 21st May we will be visiting Longdown Activity Farm along with the reception class (all day). If you are able to help with this trip please inform a member of staff.

Friday 26th April


A fantastic start to our half term, new topic 'God's Creation: Plants' and our hook in 'The Big Dig' went well. Thank you for your kind donations and we hope to take care of our school grounds and the new plants so that they create wonderful habitats for lots of tiny creatures as well as brighten up our grounds. The Rabbits have settled in well, recapping sounds, spellings and making predictions in Literacy. In Maths, we have been continuing to consolidate our number knowledge through various activities and games. And in PE we have taken full advantage of our amazing new running track and are developing our athletic skills.

Friday 5th April


Wow! What a brilliant albeit wet day to finish off this term. Rabbits really enjoyed taking the lead with the Easter service and I think excelled themselves with learning their lines and remembering the words and dance moves to the songs. Well done Rabbits! We have enjoyed our last week of school practising our service and creating wonderful Easter cards for our families. I hope you all enjoy your Easter holidays with family and friends and look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 23rd April.


Quick Note:

  • Rabbits hook into their next topic- Thursday 25th April in the afternoon- letter to follow, parents welcome to join in with gardening! Unfortunately no siblings are able to come in for this (health and safety) as we will be getting mucky and using tools.
  • No more spelling challenges, we will send home spellings on the home learning label in the home learning books each week. Please continue to practise the weekly spellings with your child and look out for further information regarding this.

Friday 29th March


The sun is shining and the Rabbits have had a brilliant week. We have been looking at 1 more and 1 less, addition and subtraction facts in Maths. We have worked hard at using the number lines to support our learning. We have also been following algorithms in Computing in order to complete our piece of art. We then were lucky with the beautiful weather and our walk up to church to look for signs of Easter and what people do at church around Easter time. We have also been practising lots for our Easter service, look in your child's book bag for their lines. And finally we have enjoyed our disco for our marble treat and the production of Oliver today! I think a much needed rest before the last week of term is in order, enjoy the lovely weather!


Quick note:

  • Walking to church- Friday 5th April in the morning, we still need helpers.
  • Easter service- tickets available at the office.
  • Easter service- help your child to practise their lines and learn the class song please.
  • Easter bonnets- Friday 5th April

Tuesday 26th March


Please practise the song 'When I think about the cross' for our class service next week. Thanks Miss Rule

Friday 22nd March


Rabbits have enjoyed their learning this week. We have been retelling the Easter Story in RE and Literacy and then reread our own writing o practise editing, correcting errors using the purple pencils. In Maths, we have been looking at arrays and using the method of 'rows of' to help solve multiplication problems. We were lucky enough to have the NSPCC in for a worship this week and they shared top tips about how to stay safe. Ask your child what they can remember abut the NSPCC. Finally, we finished our week off with an extra PE session (tennis) see the letter in your child's book bag.



Quick note:

  • Marble treat- disco on Friday 29th March- Please if anyone has a disco ball/light or pop CD could we borrow for our disco.
  • Walk to church on Thursday 28th March (1pm) and Friday 5th April (10am)

Friday 15th March


Rabbits have been very creative this week continuing our art work based on Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' and adapting it to match the illustrations from our class story Beegu. We have also used our skills to think of happy and sad colours and used them when reflecting on 'The Easter Story' in R.E. In Literacy we have focused on our spellings. We have been practising spelling plurals and days of the week before putting them into our own writing. In Maths, Rabbits have been counting in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s. Counting in steps has helped when we started looking at multiplication. I wonder if your child could practise counting forwards and backwards in their steps...



Quick note:

  • Church visit on Thursday 28th March at 1pm, if you are able to help walk to and from please inform a member of staff.
  • Homework- sorry it is late but it has been personalised for each child. Please support your child in spotting the focus sounds in words, reading them and even spelling words containing them.


Friday 8th March


What an amazing creative week we have had. We were very lucky to have the book shop in school this week and enjoyed coming back for books at bedtime. We also had a blast coming in on World Book Day dressed up as a word, well done for such creative outfits! We even had a real author come and visit us and share his book 'Puddle and Mud start school'. I wonder if your child could remember the next adventures Puddle and Mud will be going on? We have enjoyed writing our own alien stories too. In addition to all the reading, we have been focusing on the method of counting on/back to solve 1 step problems in Maths. Some of us even solved the calculations in our heads (mental maths) when we were confident enough to not use a number line. In Art, we have looked at Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' and created our own starry night artwork with watercolours. We will add silhouettes to them next week to create our own backgrounds for Beegu! And finally, we have enjoyed our space role play and luckily had some empty boxes lying around so created a rocket! I wonder what other creations we will make with the other boxes....


Quick note:

  • Mymaths- home learning
  • Keywords- please keep practising, also practise spelling and using them in sentences.
  • Parent helpers- are you able to give up some of your precious time to hear readers or help with gardening (it's that time of year), please let us know.

Friday 1st March


We started the week with Fair trade day, where we looked at the story of chocolate. We first did some research and then wrote about the journey of chocolate from Cacao pod to chocolate bar. We then were scientists and conducted research to find out what was the favourite type of chocolate for the Rabbits class....milk chocolate, yum yum! We finished the day looking at our home learning and finding out where other Fair trade products came from and the journey they take to get to our supermarkets in the UK. We then crash landed into our new topic of 'Space Explorers!' We met a new character called Beegu who was lost on Earth after his space ship crash landed. We really got in to character and empathised with Beegu and in Literacy we wrote a letter home as if we were Beegu. In Maths, we looked at 3D shapes and tried to recognise and compare some based on their properties (Mymaths learning this week). And in Computing, we got to try out the new sphero robots we have in school. We learnt a bit about them and how to operate them and then we went on a space voyage to see what terrains the robots could move in. Ask you child about the new robots....

Friday 15th February


A super rescuer day has been had by all making it a brilliant end to our half term. We enjoyed dressing up, solving problems and enjoying the beautiful weather today. We even got to meet another real rescuer! We have been lucky to have two visits this week (Fire brigade and air paramedic) to further our knowledge of rescuers. I wonder if your child can remember any facts about either and what to do when you dial 999? This week we have even found time to share our dances in PE, innovate and write our own superhero stories and work on our problem solving skills in Maths. In PSHE, we looked at working and playing together; thinking of ways to solve problems and when we may need an adult to help us. Despite all the business in our class we even had the time to find peace and reflect on what peace means to us in R.E. Have a look at the photos below and the video resource centre to see what we have been up to and enjoy your half term holidays!


Quick note:

  • Home learning- reading (including key words), mymaths and purple mash.
  • We are continually updating our outdoor area. If you have any items that could support the children's outdoor experiences then donations would be greatly appreciated e.g. toys (trucks, cars), kitchenware (old trays, colanders, utensils) and gardening equipment/seeds.

Tuesday 12th February


I have uploaded our dance videos onto the video resource centre. Go there to see what we have been doing in PE this half term. . .

Friday 8th February


Sid to the Rescues! We have kick started our next story with amazing and dazzling super powers. Look on the information page for our next class story 'Sid to the Rescue' and story map. In Maths, we have continued with our fractions of halves and quarters and then went on to look at capacity...luckily we are now superheroes with super fast cleaning up skills as we got carried away with the sand! We have linked in our art and music with our topic, look out next week for the finished pieces.


Quick note:

  • Thank you for all the pringle pots we have got plenty now.
  • Rescuers day- to finish off our topic of superheroes we are going to have a fancy dress day in Rabbits. Children can come in as super heroes, real rescuers or people that help us e.g. police officer, fire fighter, nurse, vet.

Friday 2nd February 


A cold and snowy week but that hasn’t stopped us in Rabbits! We have been continuing our topic of rescuers, finding out more about Grace Darling and the RNLI. We have also been measuring the temperature in Science which helped today when we compared the temperature in various places throughout the school. In PSHE and in line with our value of this half term we are working on taking responsibility. We are encouraging children to not only take responsibility of jobs around the classroom but also with regards to their attitude to learning and behaving and telling the truth. Finally we have been lucky nough to enjoy the snow at school today, lots of photos and fun has been had! 



Quick notes:

  • please bring back any borrowed clothes from today (school or pe kit)
  • purple mash, some activities we work on in school are continued in school on another day I will try to state this in the description. Please do not complete at home with your child as we are looking at their computing skills and ability and any work at home may not be true to their ability. 
  • Pringle pots for next week, we are short by about 10. 

Friday 25th January


Another super week in Rabbits class. We Have enjoyed learning more facts about Grace Darling and are looking forward to writing it all up on the computers next week. We have also enjoyed listening to rescue facts books and story books in our reading sessions. In Literacy we have focused on spellings when using the suffixes -ed and -ing. We have also written up a recount of our trip. We really enjoyed our trip to the police station and were so lucky to see 2 real police dogs too! In Maths we have been busy weighing objects using non standard units of measure and some of us even used standard units of measure (g/kg). I wonder if your child could help with measuring at home this weekend?


Quick Note:

  • Thank you to the parents who helped with walking to and from the police station.
  • Please keep bringing in pringle pots (or similar) as we need a few more so each child can make a lighthouse.

Friday 18th January


A very busy week has been had by all. We have been using number lines, 10s frames and part-part whole methods to help find our number bonds to 10 and 20 as well as find other number facts within 20. In Literacy we have been researching about rescuers, focusing on firefighters and have written up fact files about them in our books. We Have been looking and listening to a wide range of texts during our reading time to help widen our vocabulary. In Art we have created our own Picasso style collages, we had to think of some thing beginning with the same first letter of our name e.g. Sienna- snake, Megan- mirror.  We have been developing our dance skills in PE by finding different ways to move along with the change in the music's tempo.


Quick Note:

  • Wednesday 23rd January- we will be visiting the police station, please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing for this (coat, hat, scarf and gloves as it is colder now).
  • Guided reading has changed to reading on our time table- this is to encourage a whole class style to reading and allows us to explore a variety of genres in different formats.
  • Please inform a member of staff if there is a message in your child's diary- we do not check daily and some messages are not being seen as we are unaware.

Friday 11th January


Happy New Year! Rabbits have started this term as detectives investigating a crime that took place in school (the Rabbits' mystery). They looked at CCTV footage, solved clues and even questioned a few staff to find out that Mrs Hawkins was the person who snuck into school and left us a gift for our new topic in our role play. We have followed up the investigation as journalists and have written our own newspaper reports to share with the school and families on purple mash. In Maths we have begun looking at number fact families within 20. We are using the part, part whole method to help find all of the number facts for each number!  We enjoyed our values day on Monday where we looked at the school song (This is me), we enjoyed discussing the song, singing and dancing to it. Please look on the video resource centre to see our version of the song. We were also very lucky to have a police officer come into school to discuss road safety. We now know the 4 things we must always do when crossing the road: Stop, look, listen and think! We also discussed why it is so important to hold an adults hand and walk on the inside of the pavement with the adult closest to the road. Ask your child what they can remember from todays chat.


Quick Note:

  • Trip to police station- Wednesday 23rd January- helpers to walk needed please
  • Collection- pringle pot tubes (or similar) to create lighthouses at the end of term
  • Thank you for the gifts for Christmas- very appreciated!

Friday 21st December


It's CHRISTMAAAAS!!! I hope you all have a lovely holiday with family and friends. Take a look at the pictures to see what we got up to this week and for our class and other class performances (videos) please go to 'video resource centre' under the 'children' section on our website. Well done to all the children for giving another year of fantastic performances and thank you to all the parents and carers who have helped with the build up to Christmas, be it helping with cooking, sticking in work or walking to church. We look forward to seeing you all in the new year on Monday 7th January.

Friday 14th December


Christmas preparations have continued this week in Rabbits class. We have been busy making our tree decorations and cards, hopefully your children have given you your card (a prompt may be needed). We have been really busy rehearsing for the Christmas performance and can't wait for show time on Tuesday! We also enjoyed a well earnt treat (marble treat) of popcorn, hot chocolate whilst watching Arthur Christmas! Have a relaxing weekend, ready for the final week of term!


Quick note:

  • parent helpers to walk to and from church next week on Friday morning
  • plain t-shirt and trousers/leggings for dress rehearsal on Monday
  • Party day on Thursday- non-uniform and no book bags needed

Friday 7th December


Christmas has begun in Rabbits class! We have recently decorated our role play and are continuing to do so throughout the next 2 weeks to get into the Christmas spirit. We have enjoyed making gingerbread men in class and decorating them but the best part was eating them! We used so many skills when we made the gingerbread men, measuring, following instructions, listening and finally our creative skills when decorating them. We then wrote up our instructions so we can remember how to make them if we decide to do it again. In Maths we have been focusing on time, ordering events and seeing how many times we can complete an activity in a minute. We have enjoyed giving ourselves challenges and seeing how quick we can do them in class. I wonder if you can time your family at home to see how long it takes them to do some challenges.


Quick note:

  • Friday 21st- we need parent helpers to walk to and from the church please!

Friday 30th November


We have been busy innovating our Australian stories this week. We have been learning with money this week (keep hold of your change parents), focusing on recognition of coins and notes and their value. It has been great fun playing shop keepers and challenging ourselves on purple mash too. In Computing, we have been programming the bee bots which is quite tricky.

Sienna B "The bee bot app, it's a bit tricky but good too!"

Harry and Finnley "It made a square!"

Emilia "I copied the pattern."

Take a look at the pictures and videos to see what we got up to.


Quick note:

  • We will be cooking on Wednesday 5th December (gingerbread men) thank you for the parents who offered to help and we look forward to seeing you then.
  • As Christmas is fast approaching we will be asking for helpers with cooking and crafts as well as walking to and from church on the last day of term.


Still image for this video

Friday 23rd November


We had a surprise parcel left in class this week, we had to play pass the parcel to find out what was the prize... it was our new class story! 'Kira the Koala'. We have been practising the new story using 'Talk for Writing' where we draw the story map and add actions to help with recall. We have also been noting down key words and phrases to help with story telling in our writing journals. Miss Rule has introduced a new incentive to encourage us to use our best writing, if we do we may get to use one of Miss Rule's fancy gel pens in our writing journals! In Maths we have been focusing on length and height, comparing different objects and measuring them using cubes and other objects. We have also completed our pointillism artwork and are amazed by how affective it is! We have also been learning a poem during guided reading and performed them for the rest of the class. Finally we have begun recording the weather for Verwood (UK) and Canberra (Australia) with a little help from Siri (iPads).

Susie Snails

Still image for this video

Kira the Koalas

Still image for this video

The Magic Porridge Pots

Still image for this video

The Tiny Seeds

Still image for this video

Friday 16th November


Crikey, the Rabbits have got stuck into their new topic 'Home and Away'. We have explored some of the Australian animals through video (Crikey! It's the Irwins) and also in Art with some aboriginal dot pictures 'Pointillism'. We have been looking at instructions in Literacy and Maths, using the language of time (first, then, next, after, finally) to sequence pictures, months of the year and days of the week. We even had enough time to follow some instructions and make a jam or butter sandwich, mmmm! We will continue our topic next week with a new class story as well as looking at maps in Geography.

Here are a few examples of our weather reports. We may need to do a bit more Geography to understand the maps and name the countries. However, the children are really enjoying the role play this half term and are using lots of interesting vocabulary. Who knows may be one day we may see these children on out TVs...

Harry's weather report

Still image for this video

Theo's weather report

Still image for this video

Joyce's weather report

Still image for this video

Mason's weather report

Still image for this video

Joesph's weather report

Still image for this video

Charlie's weather report

Still image for this video

Bling your bike or scooter parade!

Friday 9th November


A brilliant week in Rabbits class this week. We have been innovating 'Baby Bear and the Bee' and have written some fantastic stories. In Maths, we have been adding 1 more and 1 less to given numbers and have used concrete objects as well as pictures to support our learning. We have continued to explore the seasons in Science and Computing and have begun using the new purple mash software to help with this. In RE we have looked at Trinity's version of 'The Lord's Prayer' and discussed the meaning of the words. Take a look at the photos below to see what we have been doing.


Quick Note

  • Purple mash- every child has been given their own personal information to log in. A letter will go out with the newsletter for more information.
  • Please take the time to look over the new documents on our class information page.
  • I will be putting out an ingredient lists next week for cooking that we will do before and after Christmas. Please could you take one label to bring in ASAP so that we are stocked up. All donations are appreciated, thank you.

Friday 2nd November


Strange things have been happening this week in Rabbits class. We had some visitors who introduced out new story 'Baby Bear and the Bee'. We have been learning to recite the story with actions and created a story map to help us. Some of us even enjoyed dressing up as bears or bees (even the adults had a go). Please assist your child with remembering the story, I have put the story map and story on our class information page to help. In Maths, we have been busy working out subtraction number sentences with numicon and using these facts to solve some word problems. We even went 'Around the World', solving problems for each planet using our number facts (addition and subtraction). We have enjoyed making firework artwork in preparation for Bonfire night. If you are seeing a firework display enjoy and please be safe.


Quick note:

  • PE- change of day Monday and Friday- please ensure all kit is in your child's bag and it is clearly named. This includes a spare pare of socks, especially girls if they have tights.
  • Phonics workshop- thank you to the those who were able to attend. If you were unable to attend please take a look at the presentation on our class information page, follow links to Ruth Miskin's website for further reading and videos.
  • Reading texts- Looking for donations of texts for our class/school to use, these can be fiction, non-fiction, comics, magazines, fact files etc. Please remember we are church school, so we will be asking for no witches/wizards.
  • As from next week I will be introducing 'Rabbits recommend...' see letter on the class information page.


Friday 19th October


Rabbits have had a brilliant first term back at school. This week we have been writing up our poems, focusing on presentation and handwriting. We were also lucky enough to have the Owls visit us to perform their play scripts. In Maths we have been exploring more about place value and number, looking at the language used to compare number and amounts. E.g. less than, more than, greater than, fewer than and equals. In Art we drew some brilliant skeletons to finish off our Marvellous Me topic. And we have been thinking about prayers in R.E and writing our own, trying to link them to the parable 'The Prodigal Son'. We have also been working on our turn taking skills and working as a team in PSHE. We have begun to look at the History of Verwood and have made some fact file pages, this will be continued in next term's topic too. I wonder if your child can remember any of the interesting facts about Verwood?



Quick Note:

  • Please continue to read with your child during the holidays and keep practising their keywords. When you think your child knows all of their keywords please send in a note so an adult can review them.
  • Some parents have been asking for ideas of apps used in school, I will post a page on our class information page about the apps we will use this year in Rabbits to further their learning.
  • Finally, enjoy your half term holiday! The children have really worked hard and behaved wonderfully so relax, enjoy and recharge ready for next half term!

Friday 12th October


Another super week in Rabbits class. Lots of creative ideas flowing in Literacy for poetry. In Maths, we have been looking at 3D shapes and designed our plans for our junk modelling bodies. We had so much fun making our junk modelling bodies and cannot wait to bring them home next week. In Science we got to do a taste experiment to see if we could spot which porridge was sweet, salty, fruity or plain. Have a look at the pictures below, do you think we liked all of them?

Friday 5th October


We have had another super week in Rabbits class. This week we have been innovating the story 'The Magic Porridge Pot', we have had some creative ideas shared including: jelly pots, pasta pots, lego pots and dragon pots. We have been exploring 2D shapes, recalling their names and comparing and investigating them based on their features. We have finished our fabulous self-portraits in Art and carried out a smell investigation in Science. We have voted for our new class councillors, well done to Mason and Emilia for getting chosen and thank you to Finnley and Abigail for being tough competition. All candidates gave brilliant reasons as to why the class should choose them to be on the school council. We finished off our week with a disco (marble treat) where the children got to show everyone their amazing dance skills. We were able to take a break to have some extra snack or fruit salad before we enjoyed our Friday golden time.


Quick note

  • Please encourage children to discuss their reading books they are bringing home in addition to working on their fluency. I will repost the leaflet that was handed out in last year's reading workshop for further guidance.
  • Junk Modelling will take place on Thursday 11th, please keep collecting and brining in recycling for us to turn into amazing bodies. Parents/carers/grandparents are welcome to join from 2pm onwards, we look forward to seeing you then.

Friday 28th September


We have enjoyed learning a new story in Literacy this week 'The Magic Porridge Pot'. See the class letters and  information page for a copy of the story and the videos below for most parts of the story. I wonder if your child can remember the part that is missing? In Maths, we have been looking at teen numbers (11-19) and understanding more about place value, we have also started looking at subtraction. We have enjoyed learning more about our senses in Science. We have also been thinking more about our bodies in Art for self portraits and enjoyed playing percussion instruments in Music to accompany each part of our body in the song 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.'


Quick note:

  • Wow books- still missing a lot of wow books, please bring them in ASAP
  • Donations- We are need for donations for our role play this term which is a hospital. If you have any dressing up outfits, doctor toys or bandages that the children could use please let us know.
  • Food tasting next week in Science- please inform a member of staff if there are any allergies that we need to be made aware of.

The Magic Porridge Pot- 1

Still image for this video

The Magic Porridge Pot- 2

Still image for this video

The Magic Porridge Pot- 4

Still image for this video

The Magic Porridge Pot- 5

Still image for this video

Friday 21st September


Wow! What a busy week we have had in Rabbits! In Literacy, we have been writing facts about ourselves from when we were a baby to now. In Maths, we have been ordering objects by length or height and creating adding stories using objects and pictures. In PE, we have been practising our bunny hops and using our numicon shapes to help get in to groups. We had our first Music lesson which involved finding and recording different sounds around the school grounds. We really enjoyed exploring the outside music station! So much learning has been going on, I wonder what was your child's favourite lesson this week and why?


Quick note

  • We are still short of Wow writing books, I will try and get a message out to those that are missing. Please can you bring them back to school ASAP.  
  • Please start collecting junk and recycling for our junk bodies session on Thursday 11th October.

Friday 14th September


Another fantastic week in Rabbits. We have come to the end of our mini topic about rabbits. We enjoyed sharing our fact booklets and arts and crafts in worship today too. Now that we have settled in we have started some exciting lessons like science and history and will be venturing into our new topic of Marvellous Me! To finish off our week we had an amazing surprise, it was an Alice in Wonderland production!


Quick note:

  • Key word tins will be gong out next week, please bare with us as we go through the whole class re-assessing their key words. (sound tins will not be used in year 1, if a child is struggling with a particular sound(s) then they will be put in their learning pouch to go over at home).
  • WOW writing books, these are the blue books that were given back to each child (bar 5) at the end of last year. Please could you return back to school as it was a mistake, we would like to continue to use them and it is good to flick back to see how far each child has come from reception through the rest of the school.

Friday 7th September


Welcome back! We have had a lovely week settling into our new class and routines. We have started our mini topic of Rabbits, learning fun facts and doing lots of arts and crafts. Ask your child what they liked doing the most. Take a look at the photos to see what we have been up to.


Quick note:

  • PE will be on Mondays and Tuesdays this half term (Autumn 1), please see our class timetable on the rabbits document page.
  • Please make sure all uniform is labelled, we have already had children getting confused as to who's jumper is who's
  • We will be focusing a lot on handwriting this half term, there may be extra learning sent home in books bags so please keep an eye out
  • Class meeting is on Thursday afternoon, I look forward to meeting you then.