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Our Class Blog 2017-2018


What a busy week! Sports day, Spirituality day and today the Badgers have been working hard at their fractions. We have learnt about equivalent fractions and how to use Numicon shapes to prove and explain their answers to others. In literacy the children have been reminded about different types of poetry and they have been writing poems inspired by their year in Badgers. 

Equivalent fractions

This week the children have been learning about the Pentecost. We talked about the incredible importance of the Holy Spirit for Christians and the symbols associated with the Pentecost. This inspired the children to use a variety of materials to create a piece of artwork. Every picture was unique. Well done Badgers.

Pentecost art


During the last few weeks the children have been working hard at solving problems in maths. Have a go at a problem the Badgers worked on this week....

A toy shop stocks tricycles and go karts. Tricycles have 3 wheels and go karts have 5.

Tim counted the wheels and counted 37 altogether.

How many tricycles are there? How many go karts?

Can you think of different ways to do it?




28.6.18 Today we have been busy creating a tile print, inspired by our topic 'Up, up and away.' The children worked hard to create a simple design that could be printed using the thicker paint. Some of the Badgers experimented with different colour choices and some created repeating patterns. 

Our printing lesson

Well done to the children who won the competition to design a solar toy. They enjoyed their day at Ferndown Upper School and throughout the day utilised their problem solving skills to enable the buggy to go faster. The solar buggy they made came 2nd against 5 other teams. Well done to you both.


Today the children have finished their stained glass windows that they started at Salisbury Cathedral. They are so effective. The clay tiles we made are also dry and ready to go home. They are also amazing. 


In literacy this week we have been recounting our visit to Salisbury and writing in paragraphs. The children have used time connectives to organise their sentences and added interesting adjectives and verbs, along with a range of conjunctions. In maths the children have been consolidating their demonstrating how to use column addition and subtraction to solve number problems. Today we used coins and added up the value of two items up to £5 using column addition. Some children are working on column subtraction, please have a go at this at home with your children, they are doing so well and loving the challenges we give them. Many thanks. 

Stained glass windows

We had a wonderful day at Salisbury Cathedral. The children loved looking around and talking about the features in the cathedral. Ask your child to tell you about some of the things they learnt. The stained glass window and clay tile workshops were amazing. The children took inspiration from the cathedral and what they could see around them. Well done Badgers, a successful day!
Please can all children bring in their recorders on a Wednesday and Thursday for the next few weeks please. Thank you.
Welcome back. We have enjoyed finding out about our new topic 'Up, up and away!' In Literacy the children have been learning how to use subordinating conjunctions to make their sentences interesting and varied. In Numeracy we have been learning about positional language and using words such as 'anti clockwise turn' 'clockwise' 'right angled turn' and '90 degree turn' to navigate through a maze. On Thursday we welcomed back Tracy from the solar farm who taught us how to design, make and evaluate solar toys. 

Our afternoon designing and making solar toys. Now we just need the sun!

Best wishes for a happy and safe half term. 

Miss Brown and Miss Carlson

Advance warning - Please can all children bring in an small empty cereal box or cereal bar box. This is for a Design and Technology project. Please can boxes be brought in on the first Thursday after half term, Thursday 7th June. Thank you. 
24.5.18 This week the children in Badgers have been learning about play scripts. They have done a brilliant job at writing their own play scripts and they have started to act them out, thinking about how to project their voice and add expression. In maths the children have been problem solving and working out questions such as 325 - 9 =  and 428 - 70 = independently. 

17.5.18 This week the children have been learning about playscripts. They have identified the features of a playscript and are starting to write some of their own. In maths we have been continuing to learn about fractions. The children have added and subtracted fractions with the same denominator and are starting to solve problems. 


This afternoon the created rainforest animals using silky crayons. They looked carefully at the shapes and blended the colours carefully. 

Creating rainforest animals with silky crayons


What a busy week. This week the Badgers have been busy learning about money and giving change. We have particularly worked on adding two amounts and then giving change from 50, £1, £2, £5 or even £10! Please continue to make the most of every learning opportunity out of school to buy small items and find the change from different amounts. In literacy the children have enjoyed creative writing. The Badgers were given 3 rainforest pictures and asked to plan and write a creative story based on these pictures. The children learnt about more about paragraphs, adverbs, adjectives and how to start their sentences in different ways.


Trinity is preparing for Verwood in Bloom!! If you have any old shoes you no longer want, any left over compost or bedding plants we would really appreciate your donations please. Further information to follow.....

The Badgers have been learning about the language of computer programming, in readiness for creating algorithms!!

The Badgers have earnt their marble treat.  They have chosen to bring in their bikes or scooters for use on the afternoon of Friday 11th May 2018 (weather permitting).   Please ensure they also have the appropriate named safety equipment. Thank you. Please see Miss Brown if you have any queries.

4.5.18 This week the children in Badgers have been continuing to learn about time. Yesterday the children compared the length of time different events take and ordered the times from the shortest to the longest. The children have also enjoyed learning about perimeter. They have measured accurately using a ruler and made big shapes on the classroom floor using masking tape. Their challenge was to calculate the total perimeter of their shape.


In literacy we have been learning about grammar. Yesterday we learnt about the roots of words and the children had to add different endings, e.g. vent. They found words like 'invent', 'inventor', 'inventing.' Today the Badgers have been introduced to the present perfect tense. Ask your child to explain it to you!


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend, see you all next week.

26.4.18 This week the children have been learning about characters from the book 'The Great Kapok tree'. We have written persuasive letters to explain why the tree shouldn't be cut down. The children learnt how to use a rich language to fully explain their ideas. In maths we have been continuing to find out how to use the short multiplication method to multiply numbers such as 16 x 5 =  Please continue to work on times tables at home and make links to division facts.


In RE today we have been reflecting on the events of Easter. The children used drama to show some of the things that happened during Holy week and we talked about how Jesus and everyone close to him must have felt. The children were encouraged to show how emotion through facial expressions. The Badgers all asked excellent questions which enabled them to learn even more. 

Welcome back... We hope you have all had a lovely Easter holiday.


The children are enjoying learning about their new topic of 'The Rainforest and South America.' This week we have been reading 'The Great Kapok tree'. The children have retold the story using lots of powerful verbs. In Maths we are practising our times tables and making clear links to division. 


On Thursday it was Design and Technology day. The children designed and then made structures for a fairground. We thought carefully about how to join different materials together and the Badgers did plenty of problem solving as they went along.


Happy Easter to all the Badgers! 

from Miss Brown and Miss Carlson

Thursday 29th March

Roman day was a great success, thank you for all your support.  The children researched why the Roman Army were so successful and after learning a few Latin commands, the invasion commenced!  Some children were Romans rowing to the shore and getting into their formations, whilst the Celts spotted the boats and ran to their clan to fight the enemy!  The children also learnt how the Celts life improved as a result of the Roman invasion.  Finally, in the afternoon we learnt about the legacy the Romans left behind.......

We are walking to the church this Thursday 29th March. If any parents, carers or grandparents are available we would appreciate your help to walk with us please. Please see the TA on the door in the morning or Miss Carlson. Many thanks for your support.


The children in Badgers are learning so much about Romans! This week we have learnt about the Celts and what village life was like. 

More information to follow.....


As you know the children's home learning goes home on a Monday or a Tuesday. We are desperate for help to stick the poems and home learning into the books please. This should only take up 10 minutes. Ideally if there are one or two parents or grandparents who can spare a bit of time either first thing in the morning or at the end of the afternoon, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Miss Brown and Miss Carlson  

This week we have continued to learn about Roman legends. The children have learnt about the legend of Neptune and Minerva and today have written their own legend based on this story. In maths the children have been learning about time. Please can you continue reciting the poem 'Thirty days has September....' as it is very important the children know the number of days in each month and then number of days in both a year and a leap year. Thank you as always for your support. 

Learning about equivalent fractions....


This week we have continued our learning about fractions. Today the children loved finding equivalent fractions and used the Numicon shapes to find fractions that are the same as a half, a quarter and a third. In numeracy the children are enjoying learning about our new topic of the Romans. This week we have learnt about the legend of Romulus and Remus. The children have retold the story and described the setting in detail.


On Thursday 22nd March the Badgers will be walking to the church. If any parents or grandparents are available to walk with us, it would be much appreciated. We leave at 1.15pm and return to school ready for home time. Many thanks, Miss Brown.

Welcome back!

The children in Badgers are very excited about Fair trade fortnight! We have begun researching Fairtrade and finding out about the different Fairtrade products we can buy. Today the children wrote information leaflets and thought about headings, subheadings, questions and fact boxes. In maths we have been learning about column addition and subtraction and the children have loved working with larger numbers.


Thank you to everyone who has signed up to bring something in on Thursday 1st March when we make a Fairtrade banana cake. There are still a few gaps so I'd be grateful if you could check the list outside the Year 3 door. Many thanks.

Designing a Fairtrade symbol

Have a lovely half term! 

Date for your diary!

During the afternoon of Thursday 1st March the children in Badgers will be cooking a Fairtrade banana cake. We’d be grateful if you could sign up to bring in one of the ingredients please. The clipboard listing the ingredients will be by the door where the children are collected, from next week and after half term. If you are able to come in to help during the afternoon, you’d be very welcome and much appreciated! Please see Miss Brown. Thank you.


Still image for this video
See you soon xx
Had a great day. Night night x

Hooke Court.


We arrived safely and are enjoying our activities! 

Today we welcomed Andie, a youth worker from Verwood Methodist church into school to talk about baptisms and christenings. Thank you also to Mrs Poole who talked about her experiences of christenings and answered some of the children's questions. Ask your child what they learnt during this valuable afternoon.

On Thursday 1st February we are learning about christenings. A few children have talked a little about being christened or baptised. If you are happy for your child to bring any of their christening artefacts in on this day, they will have the opportunity to share them with the class. Similarly, if any parents, carers or grandparents are free on Thursday afternoon next week, they are most welcome to come in and share their experiences. Please see Miss Brown or email the school office. Many thanks.

This week in Science we have been learning about the water cycle. The children created posters to demonstrate their understanding.


Today we have written stories about World War Two. The children thought carefully about their 'exciting event', character and scene descriptions and how to use a range of conjunctions and sentence openers. They were excited to share their stories with their friends!


Thank you for supporting your child with their home learning last week when they were asked to learn their times tables. We have been checking these this week and the expectation is that in Year 3 the children should be familiar with their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times table. Please keep playing times table games and challenging your children to link the times table to the division facts.


We also welcomed back Tracy from the Solar Farm. The children loved making circuits with a light or a buzzer, powered by a little solar panel. We dodged the showers and experimented outside.


This week we have loved finding out a bit more about World War Two. We have started to imagine what it would be like to live during the war and written character and scene descriptions, in preparation for writing our story next week.


In maths we have been learning about length, mass and capacity. Have a go at today's challenge with your child...

Janine needs to fill a bucket with 2 litres of water. She has bottles which hold the following amounts;  200ml, 250ml, 500ml and 750ml.

Find different ways that Janine can fill her bucket. You can use each container more than once. Have fun!


Today we had a visitor, Tracy from the solar farm. She taught us about different sources of energy and we calculated the amount of energy we each use in our homes everyday. Tracy challenged us to try and reduce this energy by doing things like turning off lights when we aren't using them, or not leaving the television on standby.

Welcome back! Happy New Year!

The children are loving our new topic ‘World War Two’ and have started to learn about this fascinating time in history. On Thursday some of the Badgers were talking about their Great Grandparents who were in the war and all the children are eager to learn more. To launch this topic, this week the children created silhouettes of the London skyline, backlit by bright red, orange and yellow paint. We talked about the search lights, air raid sirens and blackout curtains and how the war impacted on so many people’s lives. The Badgers have lots of questions to explore this term!

Our Blitz pictures!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you in January!

Christmas Service

Year 3 will be leading the Christmas Service on Friday 15th December. If any parents are able to walk with us, I'd be very grateful. We are aiming to leave promptly at 8.45am, a little earlier than the rest of the school. Please can you ensure your child is in school by 8.40am on this day please. Please come and see Miss Brown if you are able to help. Many thanks.

The children loved making powerpoint presentations about the Stone Age.

Thursday 30th November.

This week we have begun thinking about our Christmas Service on Friday 15th December. Tomorrow your child may bring home some words to read at the service. Please can you listen to your child saying these words and encourage them to speak loudly and clearly.  Many thanks for your support.

Thursday 23rd November

Today we have been busy making clay pots and adding Neolithic patterns, similar to those found on excavated stone age pottery. The children learnt to smooth the clay and add a little water if their pot got too dry. The children were really proud of their pots!

In literacy we have enjoyed writing an information leaflet about the stone age and we thought about how to use headings and subheadings effectively. In numeracy we have learnt a lot about division. The challenge for the children today was to find out what to do if a calculation has a remainder. Ask your child to explain the 'Gingerbread man problem!'

Thursday 16th November

This week we have been busy learning about Skara Brae, a stone age settlement in Scotland. The children have completed lots of research as next week they will be writing information leaflets and learning how to use headings and subheadings. In maths we have concentrated on multiplication and the children have learnt a new way of multiplying larger numbers e.g. 17 x 3 = or 21 x 5 =   Ask your child to show you the grid method!


Well done to everyone who has recited a poem either to the whole class or just to Mrs Matungamire or myself. If anyone hasn't yet done this, please take some time to learn a poem. It doesn't have to be very long, just a poem you really like!


This week we have been busy learning about acute and obtuse angles and comparing a range of angles to right angles. The children have learnt about different types of lines and learnt a new word - 'perpendicular'. Ask your child to explain this to you at home.


In PE the children have enjoyed balancing on the large apparatus.... Well done Badgers!


In Design and Technology, the children loved making their 'jumping character' using card and split pins!

Welcome back from half term.


This week we have been busy learning about our new topic the Stone Age. The children know so many facts already. On Monday the children had a netball tournament with Mr Sainsbury, one of the PE coaches. The children played really well and loved learning about netball.

Today we had a lovely afternoon breaking lots of records! A huge thank you to the parents and grandparents that came into help. We broke lots of class records and some examples are below...

Who can build the tallest lego tower in one minute?

Who can jump the furthest?

How many Numicon shapes can you fit on a Numicon board in one minute?

How many times can you skip in 30 seconds?

How many star jumps can you do in 30 seconds?

How quickly can you complete a peg board picture?

Ask the children which was their favourite!

Our Record Breaker afternoon!

Welcome to Badgers

This week in Numeracy we have learnt how to use the inverse operation to solve problems. The children were given 3 numbers, e.g. 11  21  and 32 and asked how they can arrange them in different addition and subtraction number sentences. The children used numicon resources to help them. In Literacy we have been working towards writing a story based on our topic 'Record breakers.' The children have some amazing story ideas!

This week in Science we have been investigating the effects of sugar on our teeth!

A pinafore dress was lost last Friday afternoon. Please can parents have a check at home and double check PE bags when they come home next Friday. Many thanks.

Parents, grandparents or carers are invited into school from 2pm on Thursday 19th October to take part in our 'Record Breaker' afternoon.

Lots of challenges await you...! Miss Brown

This week the children loved their Zumba session in PE!!

The Badgers will be having their marble treat on Friday 6th October!

The children are welcome to bring in a change of clothes for Golden time in a named plastic bag please. Thank you.

Marble treat!

The Badgers have earned their marble treat. The children have decided their treat will be bringing in some clothes to wear in Golden time, for example football kit, dresses, pyjamas or an alternative of your child's choice. Please keep an eye on this page for the date of this event! Thank you.

The Badgers had a great time at the Solar Farm. We explored the farm and learnt how the electricity is produced. Then the children enjoyed a bug hunt at the farm.


"The solar panels are covered with glass." Olivia W

"The panels are tilted so they take in more solar energy." Oakley James

"There are 80 solar panels in each string. Copper is in the panel." Louis

"We also looked for bugs. We found eggs, that means there are insects living here." Alice

"Solar panels make electricity. They face south to get the most sun." Lilly

This week in PE we have been learning how to show symmetrical balances. Which is your favourite?


In Maths the children have been reminding themselves of the ways to make 20 and have used this knowledge to give change from £20. In Literacy the children have been learning how to write diaries. Ask your child to tell you the features of a diary.


Reminder - we are going to the Solar Farm on Thursday afternoon. Please wear long trousers or tights and bring wellies to school in a named plastic bag. Thank you.

Help in school

On Thursday 28th September the Badgers are visiting the Solar Farm near Verwood. If any parents or carers are able to help please see Miss Brown. We will be leaving at 12.40pm and returning at 3pm. Thank you.


Poems and home learning are stuck into books on a Monday morning. We would appreciate the help of a few parents who could come into school at 8.30am (ish) to help with this please. This usually takes about 15 minutes. Please see Mrs Matungamire. Thank you.

This week we have been making good use of Numicon resources to estimate and group numbers. We talked about what the word 'estimating' means and then thought about how we move the counters or pegs into groups so they could be counted easily.

Welcome to Badgers! We have loved meeting the children and making a start on our learning. This week we have been learning about the story 'Badgers Bath'. The children have started to think about new versions of the story and what adventures the characters could get up to.

In the afternoons we are starting to learn about badger facts. Ask your child what they know about badgers so far!

In maths we have learnt to count in 50s from 0 and started to learn the 4 times table by counting in 4s.


Very best wishes for a happy year in Badgers

Miss Brown and Mrs Matungamire