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Our Class Blog 2017-2018

Tuesday 24th July


We made it to the end of term! We have had a fantastic year, lots of fantastic memories. We enjoyed our last marble treat on Friday with the squirrels which was lovely. The sun shone, the ice lollies went down a treat, the photo booth was very busy and the crazy daisy cooled us down just in time for PE. See the photos below for a glimpse at our Trinity beach day. Thank you for all the support this year and for the gifts and cards. I hope you all have an amazing summer holidays and come back full of beans ready for Hedgehogs.

Rabbits' self portraits from September, safe to say I think they may have changed abit...

Friday 13th July


Rabbits have had a brilliant week, Mrs Taylor said they were so well behaved and focused on their learning whilst The Owls and I were away at Hooke Court. They earnt lots of marbles and are 3 away from their marble treat day (hopefully next Friday!) They have been learning the spelling rules for words with suffixes and plurals. They have also been recapping time (o'clock and half past the hour). And to finish the week off they enjoyed a puppet show from church about Jonah and the Whale! Ask your child what was the best bit?

Friday 6th July


Rabbits have had a very busy and fun filled week! They have been learning a new class story 'Susie Snail' in Literacy and positional language and fractional turns in Maths. They enjoyed the Wacky Wigs and Hair Day at school and we all got a chance to go round the obstacle course a few times which was rather tiring! Finally they finished off the week finding out who their new class teacher will be (Mrs Doe)!

Friday 29th June


The weather has been hot but the Rabbits have been keeping cool this week. They have been busy with teacher challenges in Maths and Literacy. In addition to this the Rabbits have been very welcoming to the 'Trainee Rabbits' (Squirrels) who visited us during the stay and play sessions. The Rabbits also enjoyed the glorious weather looking for objects in the garden for their natural sculptures, take a look at a few below. They were also lucky to have Andie from church visit us 2 times this week for Godly play and our RE lesson, where they continued to find out more about Jonah and the Whale and how this links to life. The Rabbits have talked a lot about forgiveness (story link) and how God can forgive and how we can forgive others. Ask your child if they can remember the story of Jonah and the Whale and the lesson learnt from it....

Friday 15th June


This week the Rabbits have been fantastic scientists! They have been writing up the results of our science experiment and using their observations to answer questions about plants. They have also been discussing animals and have begun categorising them. Ask your child if they can remember the different groupings for the animal kingdom. In Maths, Rabbits have focused on division and halving shape and number. In Literacy, the Rabbits have written thank you letters to be sent to the New Forest Wildlife Park and have also written super recounts of their trip! Next week there will be a focus on poetry, so please practise with your child a small poem, nursery rhyme or song for them to share with their friends/class. Remember that the children have an extra day off on Monday as it is a staff training day. Have a lovely extended weekend.

Friday 8th June


Rabbits have had a brilliant week back at school. They have got stuck in with learning about multiplication and division in Maths. In Literacy they learnt all about Peter Rabbit's trip to Scotland, he even sent some postcards to us. I wonder if your child can remember what he did? Can they remember the words he used to describe his visit and the activities, they had special endings which are called suffixes (-ed, -ing, -er and -est). The Rabbits enjoyed their visit to church and got to see lots of different artefacts which we will talk about more in RE. And finally we all enjoyed our school trip to The New Forest Wildlife Park. Here are a few photos from the trip of the children and some of the animals they saw today. Thank you again to the helpers who volunteered. Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 25th May


What a super way to finish off this half term! The Rabbits have been working super hard this half term and really enjoyed their marble treat on Thursday. They have been wowing us with their fantastic time learning (o'clock and half past the hour). Not only could they tell the time they could also draw the time making sure they had a longer and shorter hand for the minutes and hours. In Literacy the Rabbits have innovated the story 'The Bad-tempered Ladybird'. And we have been finishing off this terms Topic about plants. I hope you have a fun and relaxing half term break!


Quick note:


  • We are still asking for donations for Verwood in bloom (shoes, boots and compost).
  • Rabbits need 3 adult helpers minimum for our church visit on Thursday 7th June, please inform a member of staff if you are able to help.
  • There is additional home learning- word reading to help with the up and coming phonics screening that will take place the week beginning the 11th June.

Friday 11th May


Rabbits have been continuing to explore their topic of plants this week, closely observing and labelling the parts of the plants. They have also been recounting the 'Creation Story' and putting it into their own words in R.E and Literacy. And in Maths, the Rabbits have been continuing with addition and subtraction focusing on finding the fact families and applying their knowledge to solve real life problems. We have continued to plant and repot some of the seeds that have been sown. Just to let you know that the sunflower your child has brought home his afternoon is for the Year 1 class competition! See the letter in our class letters section to find out more. I wonder if your child can remember the important things that plants need to grow?


Quick Note:

  • We have had some cases of head lice in our class and around the school. Please check your child's hair regularly to help prevent the spread of the tiny creatures.
  • Verwood in Bloom- we are asking for donations to help us with our entry for the competition (soil, plants, old shoes/boots). Please bring them in before half term so we can start planning and potting up. In addition to this, if there are any volunteers that would like to help with the entry please inform a member of staff.

Friday 4th May


Another busy week in Rabbits. We have been focusing on spelling and using the prefix 'un-' in Literacy in addition to writing instructions. In Maths we have been counting in  our steps of 2s, 5s and 10s, some of us are still struggling with this so any practise at home would really help. In Art we have started to practise weaving, again some found it trickier than others but it is brilliant for fine motor skills and I am sure we will get better with time. We have enjoyed having the pleasant weather and getting outdoors to do some planting, flower and tree spotting and just having fun exploring all the new and old resources we are lucky to have. Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!

Friday 27th April


Some amazing Maths learning has been happening this week. We have been learning to subtract 1 and 2 digit numbers between 0-20. We have also been applying this skill to find the difference between two numbers, something that can be tricky but hasn't fazed the brilliant Rabbits! In Literacy, we continued to look at the story 'The Tiny Seed' and have been creative with our own versions. Ask your child how their seeds got lost or eaten. We have started to look at the continents of the world (not oceans yet) and our home learning is to research more about a continent of our choice to help us in school. In PE we have been practising our ball control skills and in RE we are learning about the creation story. I wonder if the Rabbits can remember what God created on each day...



Quick note:

  • I am sorry that spelling sheets haven't gone home till today, the test will be on Monday. Please practise them as best as you can (can complete multiple columns per day).
  • I have been made aware that a few programmes require flash player. Unfortunately, I can not tailor all home learning to accommodate the various types of software. However, if the homework is asking to focus on sounds or a method in maths please feel free to search for other programmes, apps or the old fashioned style of pen and paper. Any extra learning done at home will benefit the children greatly and we are very thankful for your support.

Friday 20th April


The sun has been shining this week and the Rabbits have been enjoying lots of outdoor learning. In Literacy, we have been learning the story of 'The Tiny Seed'. We have been making predictions, asking questions and role playing the events of the story. In Maths, we have recapped our 2D shapes and 3D shapes looking at their properties. We also really enjoyed our DT day, where we designed and then created our own fairground ride with a friend. Finally we are finishing of this lovely week with our big dig! We are lucky enough to have an amazing garden and we have planted lots of new plants and sown more seeds. Time will tell how well we are at gardening but we definitely enjoyed getting our hands mucky! If there is anyone that would like to help out with our gardening we will be focusing on this mainly on Thursday and Friday afternoons, just let a member of staff know. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came in to help us with our gardening! It is looking brilliant!


Friday 29th March


What a fantastic end to our term! Rabbits did a brilliant Easter Service and to say well done and thank you the PTA gave each Rabbit a small cone of treats! Rabbits have well and truly earnt their holiday. Enjoy time with family and friends, try and rest if you can to be full of beans for Summer term! Have a lovely Easter.

Friday 23rd March


Another week has flown by, the Rabbits have been super busy preparing for our Easter Service and finishing off Topic work. In literacy, the Rabbits learnt a poem and recited it to class. They also created their own Easter acrostic poem and have been taking it in turns to share their own poems with their friends. In Maths, the Rabbits have been exploring money, this time focusing on the coins and their value. Please review money with your child checking they understand which coins are worth more/less. Rabbits have enjoyed Spirituality Day, where they learnt more about the different parts of the bible and how they link together. Throughout the day the Rabbits got to create natural sculptures, learnt a new song and were being creative through different mediums in art. Find out what your child enjoyed the most.



Note: We are still short on parent/carer helpers to walk to church on Thursday morning. Please let a member of staff know if you are able to  do this, otherwise we will be unable to join the rest of the school with the visit.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 16th March


What a super week the Rabbits have had! They have learnt all about Verwood and started making their own leaflets to fill with lots of facts. They have also been creative, writing an alien story for a video "The Way Back Home". In Maths they enjoyed using the water table and pasta to explore capacity and develop their use of mathematical vocabulary. They even got to make some banana ice cream using their capacity skills, which they cannot wait to taste on our next marble treat day. See if your child can use times words to sequence the order of events for making banana ice cream.



Parents/carers, help is required to walk to church on Thursday  29th March after the Rabbits' Easter service. If you are able to, please inform a member of staff!


We are also asking for help with readers and key words, any day any time.

Friday 9th March


Rabbits have enjoyed lot's of Topic related activities this week. We finished off our topic of Fairtrade and got to make some chocolate banana pops, chocolate oranges and chocolate covered strawberries, yum yum! Thank you for bringing in all the ingredients and thanks to those who helped create them.


We also started our topic all about Verwood, we got to visit the heritage centre and will be writing about the facts we learnt later on this term. See if your child can remember any facts they learnt about Verwood.  

Friday 23rd February


Rabbits' have enjoyed finding out about Fairtrade, we have focused on the journey of cocoa. We have looked at our Fairtrade packaging to see where in the world the products have come from and locating them on our world map. We have been using our computing skills to create posters about Fairtrade (saving, retrieving and printing them out!) In Maths, we have been recapping 2D shapes and measuring the weight of different objects. We even managed to go for a lovely walk around the school to spot sings of Spring. It was rather sunny and warm so we had circle time outside. We too the time to  enjoy looking and listening at the world around us and reflecting upon God's creation. See if you can find time to reflect and enjoy the world around you.

Friday 9th February


We have had a brilliant end to our topic this week. We have enjoyed dressing up with super hero accessories in Literacy to help with our super hero stories. We have been doing lots of big counting in Maths and finished the week with Superhero races where we timed ourselves and worked out who was the fastest group! We even had some special visitors (Firefighters) who told us more about fire safety, their jobs and showed us around the fire engine! There is no doubt that the Rabbits are ready for a big rest and time away from all our learning. I hope you have a lovely half term break and look forward to seeing yo all refreshed on Monday 19th February ready for 'Fairtrade Fortnight'!


Quick note: Continue to read with your child (reading challenges in book bags) and don't forget the key word tins. We try to hear the children read individually as often as possible and review their keywords. Although, this is not always possible each week, we do make a note of those we have to review. If we have not moved your child onto the next reading level or set of key words it is because they are not meeting our expectations when we hear them. However, if you feel they are fluent with their key words challenge them by putting them into sentences and even spelling them to aid their writing.

Friday 2nd February


Another brilliant week in the Rabbits' class! We have been learning a new class story 'To The Rescue', see if your child can remember the different problems and superheroes who save the day. In Maths we have been adding and subtracting using number lines and our numicon rod tracks. We will continue to work on our number facts to build fluency. In P.E. we have been experimenting with balls such as: moving with them, controlling, rolling, throwing and catching.


Next week we are continuing the superhero theme and will finish with a Superhero Day! The children can come into school dressed up as a superhero or real rescuer ready to solve puzzles and problems. Just remember sensible shoes (for superhero business) and coats as we will be going outside!



Friday 26th January


What a brilliant week we have had! We went on a school visit to Verwood Police Station on Monday and found out more facts about police officers and their jobs. Luckily we have such brilliant memories as we also had to sequence the events of our school trip using time connectives for Maths which then helped us to write a recount in Literacy. We are beginning to think of our own dance routines in P.E. get ready to rumble......



Friday 19th January



Rabbits have worked extremely hard this week, linking their learning across the curriculum and showing great enthusiasm! In Literacy we were practising spelling the days of the week and using suffixes (-ed and -ing). We used our suffix and spelling knowledge to describe our own superheroes. In Maths we have been focusing on time, ordering the days of the week and sequencing our timetables. We then went on to time ourselves during mini activities. The children have enjoyed using the different equipment to measure time. See if you can set your own challenges at home and how long they take!


Don't forget, school trip to Verwood Police Station on Monday. Please make sure children are prepared for any type of weather as we are walking. Thanks Miss Rule

Friday 12th January


Rabbits have been learning all about firefighters this week in Topic and Literacy. We can't wait to find out more facts about different rescuers! In Maths we have continued to look at money adding different coins to make totals and some even working out how much change they would be given. In Science we have been focusing on weather. This week we looked at thermometers and were experimenting with hot and cold items and observing the changes on the thermometers. The Rabbits have been asked to keep checking their rain gauge and to keep a record of the weather for next week too. To finish off our busy week the Rabbits chilled out with an afternoon teddy bear picnic which was great fun!



Friday 5th January


Welcome back and a Happy New Year!


Rabbits have been detectives this week solving the Rabbit Robber mystery. They used their detective skills to solve problems to gain clues that led them to where the teddies were hidden. Luckily we also found some CCTV so we were able to catch the Rabbit Robber (Mrs Newnham). After a busy day of police work we were all thrilled to have our teddies back and accepted Mrs Newnham's apology. This has led to some super discussion, problem solving and report writing. We have now started our new topic and are excited to learn more about the different types of rescuers!



Quick note:

Thank you for your generous presents and cards for Christmas, I hope you all had a lovely time with family and friends.



Friday 15th December


Rabbits have had an amazing last week of term! We have been busy 'elfing about' making hats, cards and letters! We all enjoyed party day and our visit from Father Christmas! I hope you all enjoy the Christmas period and try to relax. Please bring the children back safely at the start of term.

Friday 8th December


We have had a fun week learning how to make gingerbread people. We thoroughly enjoyed making them and have written some brilliant instructions to remind us how to make them for another time! In Maths we have been measuring length to save the princess from the tower and to find her quickest escape over the river! We have also been practising our song ready for the Christmas performances next week. Have a wonderful and rested weekend as next week Rabbits will be getting into the Christmas spirit with: arts and crafts, Party Day and the church visit!

Friday 1st December


The countdown has begun to Christmas! Rabbits got to open the first door of the class advent calendar today which was very exciting! 

In Science this week we were recording the weather for Australia and the UK. It was too far for us to go to Australia to find out the weather so instead we asked Siri on the iPad! In Maths we have been looking at number and place value and managed to make a loop of answers and questions for 1 more and 1 less. And in Literacy we got to use the Mighty Writer! We were making silly sentences and trying to remember to include capital letters, full stops and the days of the week. See if your child can explain what the might writer is and how it helps us with our sentence construction.  


Quick note:

  • Rabbits will be baking on Wednesday 6th December so if there are any queries please let myself or another TA know.
  • Rabbits would like helpers to walk to church on the morning of Friday 15th (please let a member of staff know if you can help)
  • Rabbits would like helpers to go through reading and any odd jobs, so if you have any spare time and are able to help us please speak to a member of staff
  • Reading books will be collected in on Monday, please send any spare books in so we can reband them. This will mean that children are unable to choose new books at the moment but continue to read with books at home or borrowed from the local library.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 24th November


Rabbits have been practising their pre-cursive writing in class and trying to remember it for all of their writing. They have written some amazing Australian animal stories after being inspired by the 'Kira the Koala' story. In Maths Rabbits have been creating subtraction stories and trying to apply their number knowledge to the part-part whole model. We have finished off our aboriginal art which will be on display in the school, see if you can spot it when you come for parent consultations.

Friday 17th November


Rabbits have been creative this week, making aboriginal dot pictures and colour mixing in art. They have also been using their drama skills to retell the story of "The Good Samaritan" in Literacy. During maths Rabbits have been challenging themselves to find all the different number combinations up to 20 using the part-part whole model. For example 7 can be broken into 1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4, 7 and 0. Ask your child if they can remember any of the number facts they learnt in Maths.


Rabbits would love to read to more adults, if there are any people that can spare some time to do this please let myself or another member of staff know. Thanks Miss Rule

Friday 10th November


We have had some unusual visitors in Rabbits class this week, crocodiles and robots! The crocodiles have helped us during Maths where we have been comparing two numbers and ordering numbers. We like to think that the crocodile likes to eat the bigger or 'greater' numbers.

The robots visited us during Literacy to help us with instructions. We had two jobs to do, the first was to give instructions to the robots in their language 'coding'. The second job was to change the robot language (code) to human language (sentences). Miss Rule was amazed at how brilliant the Rabbits were at using their computer and language skills for these tasks! See if your child can remember some of the rules about coding!



Friday 3rd November


Home and Away is our new topic and the Rabbits have begun sharing the facts they already know and learning new ones. We have been counting in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s in Maths which is tricky but the Numicon shapes have helped us. We enjoyed making our own firework pictures in Art and have began our ICT lessons. Our first job was to log on to the computers and develop our mouse skills using the whiteboard (paint) software! Remember to go onto Mathletics to earn points and develop those Maths and ICT skills!

Friday 20th October


What a fantastic end to our week! We enjoyed getting into our PJs to watch 'Finding Dory' for our marble treat. Earlier on in the week we wrote our own senses poems based on an autumn day. We continued to explore measurement in Maths, this time focusing on capacity and days of the week. And in Science we finished our last sense- taste and all Rabbits participated in a simple taste test. Unfortunately we didn't like all the tastes that were on offer. However, we did capture these moments on camera and enjoyed looking back and discussing ur likes and dislikes.


We are still asking for volunteers to come in during the week and help with readers and odd jobs. If you could spare some of your own time this would be greatly appreciated! Enjoy your half term and I look forward to seeing you all in a weeks time.

Friday 13th October


This week we have been measuring height, length and weight and comparing 2 or more objects using our mathematical vocabulary. We have been practicing reading our sight words and spotting rhyming words in poems. We even managed to rehearse and perform parts of The senses poem (see the videos below). We enjoyed our junk modelling afternoon and some of the bodies made spent the night at Trinity hospital to be fixed. See if your child can remember the names of the different shapes they used on their bodies.


If any parents/carers are able to help us in class during any part of the week that will greatly appreciated. Please let Miss Rule or another member of staff know.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 6th October


Rabbits have been busy exploring 3D shapes in class this week and hunting for examples of real life 3D shapes around the school. In Literacy Rabbits have adapted the story 'The Magic Porridge Pot' to make it their own and will be writing it next week for their Wow write! Ask your child what their magic pot will cook  and who their main character will be. We have been using the gym apparatus in PE and exploring the different ways in which we can travel on them. And we finished our week with our school council election, well done Natalie and Sebastian! We are looking forward to creating our junk modelling bodies this coming Thursday and welcome parents and carers in to join us at 2pm!


Quick note: we will be carrying out a taste test in school for science, if you have any concerns please come and speak to myself or a TA. I will try speak to the parents of children who have allergies just to check.

Friday 29th September


Another fun filled week in Rabbits class! We have been looking at 2D shapes in maths, finding shapes in our environment and sorting them into groups. We have continued to look at our senses in science focusing on our sense of hearing this week. And Trinity Hospital has opened for all our medical needs in the Rabbits' role play.

We have been listening to different styles of music in Art and drawing lines to match the rhythm and mood, see if you can work out which lines go with each style of song.

Olivia P "It makes me feel sleepy because it's a nice, gentle song."

Adam "This music is sleepy so I have done curly lines for snuggly time."

Sebastian "I want red, it's a boogie dance and makes me feel cool."

Evie "This music is soft so my line is straight."

Olivia B "This makes me feel of life so I have lots of different lines."


Quick message: There is choice on Mathletics to use the new/old style, I am updating the new style as this will eventually replace the older version. If you can try to use the new one. In addition to this, I am unable to print off certificates at school, please try to print them off at home. Any concerns just let me know. RR

Friday 22nd September


Rabbits have started their new topic Marvellous Me! We have been sharing facts about ourselves and writing them in our mini fact books. We have also started to look at our senses in Science, focusing on our sense of sight this week. In maths we have been developing our number skills and practising our recall of number bond facts to 10 and 20. In Art we have been finishing our self portraits using watercolours and learning how to mix colours carefully. See if your child can remember what colours can be made by mixing other colours.


Quick note regarding spellings- Unfortunately I can not give out test scores each week. However, your child may be able remember (write a note), if not you will be able to see their spellings in their books when we have an open afternoon/parents evening.

Friday 8th September


Welcome back! We have had a lovely start to the year despite the weather. The new Rabbits have settled in well, learning their new routines and taking on class jobs to keep us organised and tidy. We have enjoyed learning facts about rabbits during topic time and creating our own rabbits during art time. They even hopped over to Peter Rabbit's burrow in our role play! We have been writing up all our rabbit facts in English and practising counting in Maths. I wonder if your child could tell you any rabbit facts?


Just to let you know PE will be on Mondays and Tuesdays so please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school and that everything is clearly named. Also a reminder that the Year 1 class meeting will take place on Thursday 14th September at 2:30pm.