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Welcome to Badgers

Today was Spirituality Day! We loved learning about drama, dance, sculpture and creative writing, all linked to the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

This week we have continued learning about play scripts and have enjoyed writing some of our own. We thought carefully about how to present the play script in our books. In maths we have been learning to tell the time based on a clock that displays Roman numerals. Towards the end of the week we reminded ourselves of how many days there are in each month. Please keep reminding your child and say the rhyme 'Thirty days has September, April June and November....'  at home. Thanks

This week in Science we have been investigating the properties of magnets. We loved investigating and findng out what happens when we put 2 magnets together.

This week in Science we have been learning about forces. We have been investigating how objects move on different surfaces. Can you think of an experiment you could try at home?

On Thursday we visited St Michael and All Angels Church. We learnt about Christenings and asked lots of questions about the church. Our favourite part was ringing the bells.

On Tuesday some very special visitors came into school! The children loved the opportunity to handle the creatures and ask questions.

This week the children have been learning about equivalent fractions. Ask you child to explain an equivalent fraction for 1/2, 1/4 or 1/3. Try adding a further challenge by finding equivalent fractions for 3/4.

We loved watching the bike stunt show this morning.

We had a wonderful day at Salisbury Cathedral, creating textural art and making stained glass windows.

Welcome back!

The summer term has started well and today we had an amazing morning learning about solar energy. We also used our skills in Design and Technology to design a solar toy, label diagrams and test our ideas. The children anticipated and solved problems and one child was overheard saying 'Back to the workshop...!'


'I learnt electricity can come from solar energy and it is really important.' Poppy

'We solved problems because my windmill fell over so we added a weight.' Izzy

'We learnt solar power is clever and it is easy to make things with it.' Naomi

'I learnt how solar panels work and the sun can help make electricity.' Johnny

'You have to put the solar panel in the right place. It has to be at an angle. When we had a solar toy, if we covered it up using our shadow, it slowed down or stopped.' Izzy and Myles.

'I've learnt how to get solar panels to work. I have learnt to plug wires into the panel.' Steven.


A big thank you to Emily, an engineer from Belltown Power in Bristol and Tracy our friend from the solar farm for making the morning so special.




Thank you to the parents who walked to the church with us today. The children loved the puppet show and your help was much appreciated.

Miss Brown.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter

This week in maths the children have learnt about column addition and subtraction. Ask your child how they would solve questions such as

   1 1 6                   or            4 2 9

-    7 3                                 +  9 2


On Thursday we moved on to solving 152 -  ? = 83  or 532 - ? = 321


In literacy we have thought about how to write a diary, pretending we have just been evacuated. The children thought carefully about how to include their feelings in the diary.

This week we started to think about the Easter story. The children reminded themselves what happened on Palm Sunday and what happened at the Last Supper. We started to discuss why Easter is very significant for Christians.

On Friday 28th April (the first Friday after Easter) we are welcoming Tracy Linney into Badgers. She will be teaching us how to design and make a solar powered windmill. This is linked to our Design and Technology and Science curriculum. On this day, please can your child come into school with a collection of junk modelling materials, particularly cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes. Smaller food boxes such as those used for cereal bars, would also be gratefully received for this project. Thank you.

This week we have enjoyed sharing our favourite stories as part of 'World Book Day.' We have thought about our favourite types of book and well known characters in familiar stories. In maths we have reminded ourselves of the grid method to solve multiplication questions such as 16 x 8 =  . Ask your child to demonstrate this to you at home.

We are all ready for bed.

The war is over!!

There is an air raid going on!

We arrived safely at Hooke Court. After a drink and a biscuit, we had fun code breaking. We then had our lunch out in the sunshine before heading in to make scones, jam tarts and carrot cookies using war time rations. 

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to visit the church today. So we reinacted a Christening for ourselves instead. We christened baby Ella Jane MacArthur.

This week in maths we have been learning to use Numicon to multiply. Later in the week we used our knowledge of multiples to solve problems and link multiplication to division.

Art week - We have learnt how to create a tiger collage and linked our tiger paintings to dance. It was a thoroughly enjoyable week!

Our Roman musical instrument afternoon! Thank you to everyone who came into school for this enjoyable afternoon.

This week we have been using the information we have collected about the Romans to write a leaflet. We are learning how to use headings, subheadings and diagrams. In maths we have been using numicon to add 9, 90, or 900 to a number. Ask one of the Badgers to explain how they do it! 

Today we learnt how to make a mosaic using coloured paper. We looked at examples of Roman mosaics for inspiration.

On Thursday 2nd February parents, carers or grandparents are invited into school to get involved with making Roman musical instruments from junk modelling materials. Please can you arrive from 1.45pm and you are welcome to stay until the end of the day. See home learning instructions for what to bring in. Thank you.

Friday 20th January

This week we have continued learning about Roman legends. The children have learnt about Neptune and Minerva and written descriptively about the setting and characters in the legend. On Thursday and Friday the children wrote and planned their own legend and made up their own Roman Gods.


In maths we have been making good use of Numicon. The children have used the equipment to find fractions of a number. For example, the children are now able to find ¼ of 12 or ¾ of 8. To find quarters we shared a given number into 4 equal groups and then recorded the calculation in different ways, e.g. 3 = ¼ of 12, ¼ of 12 is 3 and 12 ÷ 4 = 3.

Today the children used clay to make pots similar to those used in Roman times. They smoothed the clay carefully to ensure they didn't have any lumps or cracks.

Happy New Year!

The children are loving learning about their new topic, the Romans. More information to follow....



Using Numicon and our Base ten resources to learn about the place value of a number.

This week we are starting to think about the Christmas Service, which we are leading. Please ask your child if they have words to say in the service. Not all children have words yet and some will be bringing home something to practise next weekend. Please reassure your child that they can have the text in front of them, particularly if they have a lot to say. Please help your child to read the words clearly so they are confident to read them during the service. The children are under no pressure to do this and I don't want it to be something they are worried about. Please see Miss Brown if any issues arise.  

This week we have been busy learning about Skara Brae, a stone age settlement in Scotland. We have written information leaflets and included headings, sub-headings and diagrams. In maths we have been learning how to multiply larger numbers using the grid method.


Can you explain the grid method to an adult at home?


We are very excited about the Christmas fayre tonight!

We loved learning about solar energy. Unfortunately we needed a bright torch as it is cloudy today!

We have loved writing stories about the Stone Age. We are learning to write in paragraphs and include plenty of description. Our next step is to develop the plot!

We enjoyed PE this afternoon. We learnt to move on the balls of our feet and use our arms efficiently.

This week we have been learning about column addition.

Thank you

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came into school to join in with our 'Record Breakers' afternoon. The children had a fantastic time and loved breaking all of their records. Here are some of the things they learnt...


'I always try my best.' Steven

'I will try my best and never give up'. Summer

'I must keep going.' Tia

'Even if I don't win, I will try my best.' Ethan

'I try my best and persevere.'  Jack

'I enjoyed myself too.' Alexa

We have been learning about capacity, measuring in litres and millilitres and solving problems.

This week we had an exciting PE lesson when Mrs Jackson came in to teach us some Zumba moves!

We have been learning how to use atlases, to identify the countries where the Olympics have been held.

This week in literacy we have been writing stories. We are getting very good at writing in paragraphs. In maths we have been learning how to measure accurately and solve problems. Try measuring things at home. How do we choose whether we measure in metres, centimetres or millimetres?
We have been using split pins to create a 'scissor style' mechanism. The children designed a character that jumped and many choose events from the Olympics. 

As part of our topic 'Record Breakers', in Design and Technology we have been designing our own medal and making a print using a polystyrene tile. We found it tricky to create a detailed image, but it was worth persevering. In addition, we have been thinking about how to make a paper man move using a scissor style mechanism. Next we will use split pins and card, to show how a paper cut out of a figure can do the high jump! Watch this space for more details. 

Our visit to the solar farm!

'I had so much fun, it was brilliant!' Tommy

'It was great idea to go today. I learnt the future is good!' Poppy

'I learnt that you can save the environment by getting solar panels. This helps us not use too much gas.' Ataya.

'It was amazing, I had so much fun. I liked how the lady showed us how to measure the electricity.' Steven

'We went to the solar farm and we saw a caterpillar.' Jack

Welcome to Badgers

We are enjoying our first topic learning about badgers. We have studied the shapes and colours of badgers to create these black and white chalk pastel pictures.