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Our Class Blog 2016-2017

Friday 14th July

What a busy week!

We started the week with our sports day, in which all the children completed the various activities to score points for their teams. The children did really well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We also performed dances around the maypole for the parents to watch.

We have continued with our learning and have been revisiting measures focusing on time and solved some problems involving money. In science we have continued to look at different micro habitats and thinking about the different animals and plants that we would find under and near a stone and in and around a pond.

We have finished this week with a 'Spirituality Day'. We have taken part in lots of activities led by the teachers in the school. All of the activities were based around the parable of the Prodigal Son. Ask your child about the different activities and what they know about the story. See some of the photographs below of our day.


CLASS REWARD: Our class reward will be on Tuesday 18th July. Children will need to come into school in their usual school uniform and bring their usual packed lunch with them, unless they are having a school lunch. The children may bring in one cuddly animal and if you have a picnic blanket we could borrow, please bring that in too, making sure it is clearly named. We will be making biscuits during the day and eating them during our picnic. We are planning on spending the afternoon outside, so please ensure that your child brings a hat and that you have applied sun cream in the morning. If it is raining, we will be having our picnic inside!

Friday 30th June

"I have enjoyed maths this week because it was all about shapes and I learned about the properties of 3-D shapes." Lilly

"I enjoyed guided reading because I liked practising my handwriting and reading in my group." Charlie


 In literacy, we have looked at the different types of words in our sentences. We have talked about past tense verbs and thought about what we did that morning, what we did for our last birthday and what we did as a baby. We were able to talk about regular and irregular verbs, ones that you just add ed and those that change. Today we started writing letters to our friends in New Eden school, Uganda telling them about our school. This week we enjoyed meeting Ali Smith, the author of 'Captain O' stories. She shared some of her stories, even one that hasn't been published yet! She also answered some of our questions. Ali has inspired lots of us in writing our own stories at home! 

 In maths we have revisited 2-D and 3-D shapes. Some of us had forgotten the names of these shapes. Please spend some time revising these at home! We also talked about position, direction and movement. We have learned clockwise, anticlockwise, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full turns. We also used the word rotation to describe turns. 

We have collected lots of marbles this term and have enough for our class reward. We have voted to have a picnic. More details to follow soon!

Friday 9th June

We had a fantastic day on our class visit to Marwell. Our trip was the start of our topic 'Our Wonderful World, animals'. The children had thought of some questions about animals that they would like to answer during our topic and used these questions to write a song about going to the zoo. We sang this song on the coach to Marwell! Some of the questions we want to find the answers to include; Do polar bears roar? Where do penguins live? Do tigers swim? While we were at Marwell we wanted to find out about the habitats that the animals live in and what they eat. We saw the penguins before going to the science and education centre where one of the Marwell staff met us and led a session about habitats. We got to feel a stick insect, if we wanted to. We then went into the tropical house and saw some interesting animals and plants. After we had lunch we saw tigers, meerkats and antelope on the way to the giraffe house. Unfortunately we ran out of time and had to get the coach back to school. The children had a great day and were given a voucher for a free visit so they can take their families to Marwell and show them and talk about the animals they saw.

What a busy week we have had! We have been learning about exclamation sentences and have practiced writing some fantastic ones, remembering to start our sentences with what or how. Get your child to share some of their great sentences with you. We have ended this week with writing poems and have used our learning about expanded noun phrases and alliteration to help write some amazing poetry.

In maths we have been practicing using multiplication and division to solve problems.

Hedgehogs were very excited to find out what had happened to our cress seeds. We had tried to grow them in different conditions. This helped us to know what plants need to grow and be healthy.

Today we enjoyed making and decorating cakes for the cake sale this afternoon. The cake sale was to raise money for Chloe's little sister Isobel. See some pictures below.


Cake sale

Easter Bonnets

Hedgehogs visit to safewise.

Friday 10th March

"I liked learning about teeth." Martin

"The best thing we did this week was literacy because I like writing. We were learning about instructions. We wrote instructions about how to clean your teeth." Alice


In maths this week we have been recalling multiples of 2, 3, 5 and 10 and writing them on an empty number line. We have been practising counting forwards and backwards using theses numbers too.

In literacy we were working on recognising and using verbs in the present and past tense. We then used bossy verbs to write instructions. In science we are learning about being healthy and we looked at how we can keep our teeth healthy and wrote clear instructions for how to brush your teeth.

Hedgehogs have achieved their class reward and we shall be having a 'cinema' afternoon. We shall be watching an age appropriate film which we shall decide as a class. Please send your child into school with a small bag or pot of popcorn if they would like some next Friday 17th March.

Friday 3rd March

Hedgehogs have as always worked very hard. In maths we have been working on partitioning 2-digit numbers  in different ways and are becoming experts at finding the inverse operation.

We have been using our new computers to find information about Queen Elizabeth II and put these facts together to write our own information pages.

In art we have printed pictures and patterns using different objects found in our classroom.

"I have really enjoyed going on the computers and finding information and watching videos about The Queen." Finnley.

"I have really enjoyed art, because I love printing." Charlotte.

The Great Fire of London

Friday 20th January

In maths this week, Hedgehogs have been comparing, ordering and measuring length. We have used lots of different equipment to measure, including cm squared paper, rods and rulers. We have also been completing charts and creating pictograms to show information.

In literacy we travelled back in time and imagined we were there when the Great Fire of London was happening. We then wrote a diary. Lots of us wrote diaries as if we were Thomas Farynor!

Next week we will be making our own pudding Lane and setting fire to it! Please can you send in any boxes you have at home that we can use. Thank you.

Friday 13th January

Hedgehogs have continued to enjoy learning about The Great Fire of London. This week we have started looking at the events written in Samuel Pepys's diary and have use the internet to find out facts about him. We have been writing our own diaries and included adjectives to describe the events we have written about. We have been practicing our handwriting, making sure all of our letters are the correct height and joining some letters using the horizontal join.

We welcomed some sports coaches from premier sports on Thursday, who are coming in to teach us goal ball. This is a sport played in the Paralympic games for blind and partially sighted athletes. We are looking forward to developing our skills and learning the rules next week.

Friday 6th January

 We have enjoyed hearing all about the exciting things Hedgehogs have been up to over the holidays.

Hedgehogs are very excited about our new topic 'Fire! Fire!' Where we will be learning about The Great Fire of London. We have already found out lots of interesting facts and have thought about questions we want to find out about.

Friday 9th December

Hedgehogs enjoyed making Christingles on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Sampson  from the Children's society and Mrs Macdonald came in to help us. We know the meaning of each part. Test us! See our photographs below.

Hedgehogs have chosen to have a talent show which we will have on Monday. Children may share their talents by demonstrating or talking about them. There is no pressure to take part! 

Don't forget to sent in an old sock so we can start making our sock puppets.

Friday 2nd December

"I've liked telling the story of The Princess and the pea with actions and writing my own story. I have also liked practicing my handwriting." Lola

"I have loved maths because we used Numicon and rods. It helps me understand what we are learning." Josh

This week we enjoyed our Castle Banquet day, where we peeled and chopped vegetables to make pottage that we ate with our lunch. We decorated our shields which we later used during our jousting tournament. Liberty's Owl and Raptor centre brought in some birds of prey. We even stroked the soft Tawney Owl that Mrs Doe held! We ended the day with some medieval dancing. Look at some of our costumes in the photos below.

In maths we have been learning to work systematically, finding all possible combinations to solve a problem. In literacy we have been writing different types of sentences and using them in our report of castle banquet day.

"I liked doing maths this week because we were making up number stories. My number story was... I was playing with four of my baby dolls and I got five more. How many altogether?" Olivia

"I enjoyed using the I pads and playing maths bingo." Oliver


In Literacy we have been talking about fairy tales. We looked at the characters, the plot and the endings of some of our favourites. We have been learning to retell the story of The Princess and the Pea.

In maths we have been learning about adding and subtracting using Numicon to help us. We wrote number stories for adding and have been thinking about how to prove and show that our answers are correct.



"I have enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes." Izzy

"I have enjoyed numeracy and counting in tens forwards and backwards." Leila


Hedgehogs have been learning about the gunpowder plot and Guy Fawkes. We have talked about different types of sentences including statements, questions, exclamations and commands.

We enjoyed our first PE lesson with Mr Sanisbury. We took part in lots of different activities which we all really enjoyed.

In PSHE we talked about compliments. We gave our partners and friends compliments and discussed how it made us feel to receive one! Hopefully you will hear them complimenting others too!

"I liked designing and making my own castle." (Finnley)

"I liked doing my best handwriting". (Honey)


Hedgehogs had a fantastic day on Tuesday when we designed and made our own castles. The children had a design brief that they had to follow. They had to include a moving drawbridge and at least one other feature of a castle which could have been battlements, turrets, arrow slits or even a dungeon! Thank you to all the mums, dads and even granddads that came in to help with the construction of the castles.

Over half term, please ask your child to write about one event in the holidays they have done. Remind them to use their very best joined handwriting and include commas in a list. If they can remember any of our spelling rules we have learnt this half term, use them too!

Next half term we will be having a castle banquet day on Tuesday 29th November. The children will be invited to dress in medieval costumes, princess, knight, jester or pheasant!

Also, our P.E days will change to Mondays and Thursdays. Please make sure P.E kits are named and children have shorts, t.shirt, jogging bottoms and a jumper for outside.

Have a great half term and see you on Tuesday 1st November. 

Friday 14th October

This week Hedgehogs have been demonstrating how well they can work with others in all areas of the curriculum!

In literacy we have been using commas in a list and lots if us have written lists at home, remembering to use commas. Well done!

In science we have been investigating which objects can and cannot change shape. We used stretching, bending, twisting and squashing to find out.

"I enjoyed making mirror and matching balances in PE." (Chloe)

"I enjoyed subtraction in maths." (Dylan)

Friday 30th September

This week in Hedgehogs we have been using Numicon to support our learning in maths. We now have a VERY good understanding of addition! 

We have continued to find out facts about castles and castle life. We have found out facts and decided which headings to put them with.

In science we have investigated objects and what they are made from. We are beginning to think about the properties of various materials and why objects are made from certain materials, e.g. why are windows made from glass? 


"I liked maths because we used the Numicon." (Hayden)

"I have enjoyed learning more facts about castles and writing about them". (Rory)

Friday 23rd September

This week Hedgehogs have prepared and led the Harvest service. We told the story of 'The Enormous Turnip, sang a song using instruments also about the Enormous turnip. We taught about the meaning of harvest and wrote harvest prayers. We asked the whole school for donations for The Trussel Trust. 

"I have enjoyed finding out about castles". (Oakley-James)

"I have enjoyed our spelling challenge!" (Olivia)

Friday 16th September

Welcome to Hedgehogs! We have had a super couple of weeks settling in and learning about Hedgehogs. 

This week we have learnt the story of "The Enormous Turnip" and today we wrote our own stories. Some children wrote about The Enormous Carrot, The Enormous Apple and The Huge Strawberry!

"I have enjoyed maths and using Numicon." (Izzy)

"I have enjoyed practising my handwriting and making sure that it is very neat". (Grace)