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Our Class Blog 2016-2017

Thursday 20th July


What a lovely last week we have had as Rabbits! We enjoyed the Owl's leavers service on Monday and the Squirrel's end of term service today. We have enjoyed playing games, Go Noodling, DVD time and our last marble treat (fancy dress disco).


I would like to say a huge thank you to all the Rabbits for being an amazing class and have a very lovely summer holiday! A big thank you to the parents and helpers for helping Rabbits throughout the year. And thank you for all the lovely card and presents! Stay safe and enjoy your summer holidays and don't forget the class competition (sunflower)!

Friday 14th July


Wow, what an exciting week we have had! Sports day to start with, lots of fun activities and the weather was lovely so we could enjoy our picnics. And we got to share our love for GoNoodle by performing one of our favourite songs 'Banana Banana Meatball' to all the parents and some even joined in. We checked our bug hotels to see if any crazy critters decided they wanted a room for the day. And finished our week with Spirituality Day where we got to learn more about 'The Prodigal Son' through Literacy, music, dance, drama and clay. Rabbits have enjoyed this week and will be on last push to get as many marbles as possible to enjoy their Marble treat (Disco- fancy dress/animals) on Wednesday afternoon.

Friday 7th June


We have enjoyed the sunshine this week, spending time in our rabbits garden learning a new class story and practising for sport's day! In Maths we have been partitioning numbers and setting our partner challenges. And today we were Hedgehogs and found out our class teacher is going to be Mrs Doe! We have had a really fun day thinking about our emotions, painting hedgehogs and getting to know our new class teacher.


Parents: Don't forget sports day on Monday, come in PE kit with your coloured t-shirt for your group, a hat and a water bottle.  

Friday 30th June


Rabbits have had a very creative week. They got to meet a real life author Ali Smith who shared some of her Captain O stories with us! We have also been thinking creatively by writing our own animal poems and stories in Literacy. In maths we have been working on our addition and subtraction facts and have used this knowledge in our mad maths moments! We thoroughly enjoyed our church visit and even got to ring the bell! I wonder what next week will bring...


Thank you to the parents who helped with walking to and from the church on Thursday!

Friday 23rd June


Rabbits have enjoyed looking at animal poetry and reciting a song to share with you at the Strawberry Fayre! They have also been recapping fractions and positional language which has helped us in PE to give more specific movements. We are building on our fractional turns (whole, half, quarter, three quarter turns). Rabbits have been looking at changes in PSHE so thank you for those who have brought in photos, this has led to some brilliant discussion and the children were very excited to see what they used to look like when they were younger! We finished off the week with a shark and island game to see if we could change our body language to help our friends get to safe spaces (see pictures below).



Note to parents: We still need 2 more adults to support us with our trip to the church on Thursday 29th June 1-3pm. Please let us know if you are able to help! 

Friday 16th June


Rabbits have been on the hunt for animals this week! We had to write descriptions for escaped animals in Literacy making sure to use 'and' in our sentences. We also went on an animal hunt around the school, using our maps to try and locate where they were so that we could return them safely back to their natural environment. We have been reading, writing and drawing time in Maths and those children who have been working hard and persevering with their learning have been able to wear pour class watches for the day. We have also been looking at money and working out the value of each coin/note. Challenge your child at home and see what coins and notes they recognise.

Friday 9th June


What an amazing week we have had in Rabbits! We saw so many different animals, big and small on our school trip. We got to play in the adventure playground at lunchtime and even got some special class watches to help us with telling the time! We have enjoyed writing about our trip and looking through the photos (see below).


Note to parents: we are visiting the church on Thursday 29th June, we will need adults to help us walk to and from the church for this visit to go ahead. Please let a member of staff know if you are able help. Many thanks Miss Rule.

Friday 26th May


What a sunny last week of half term we have had! We have been making the most of our garden by continuing to look at different plants and thinking about the jobs that the parts of plants have. We have also planted our sunflower seeds for our class competition (see letter in book bags). Rabbits have been using their knowledge of fractions to solve our ice cream and fruit problems. And we have finished our week thinking about emotions and using our facial expressions to show these! Enjoy your week off, fingers crossed the weather stays nice! And look forward to seeing you all again next half term!


Don't forget school trip Wednesday 7th June!

Friday 19th May


We have enjoyed learning our new class story 'The Bad-Tempered Ladybird' using actions to help retell it to the class. In maths we have been using our addition and subtraction facts to play shop keepers, the garden centre has been extremely busy! We are getting better at remembering the 7 continents and 5 oceans, see if your child can remember all of them and where they are in the world. (link for the song we use in class ).


Quick note: Please can we have all return slips back for the school trip after half term, and if there are any parents/carers that are able to join us on our trip please let a member of staff know. We will need 3 additional adults for this trip to go ahead!

Friday 12th May


What another fantastic week! The Rabbits have amazed the staff with their WOW writes; making sure to include capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks! They continued to focus on their topic of plants by following instructions and writing their own instructions for how to plant a seed. In maths, we have been focusing on time and are getting very good at telling it and sequencing events. We have been lucky with the weather and so have enjoyed spending time outside during P.E. lessons as well as weaving during Art lessons.


Just a quick note, I will be sending home some sounds to focus on with your child. Phonics play allows you to focus on particular sounds which is a great way to boost children's sight recognition, in addition to this your child may like to see if they can spot any words with the particular sound in whilst reading at home.

Friday 28th April


Wow, what a fun end to our week! We thoroughly enjoyed our big dig this afternoon. We all took it in turns to do planting, sow some seeds, make beaded chimes and front covers for our folders.


Imogen  " I really, really enjoyed putting the seeds in the soil!"

Caitlin "I'm looking forward to the flowers growing."

Ethan "I liked planting and sowing the seeds."


Thank you to the parents who have helped and to those who kindly donated some plants. Our garden is looking better already and we will continue to look after it and improve it so that the children can enjoy and use the space as the weather brightens up!


Friday 7Th April


What a lovely last day of Spring term we had. Rabbits did a brilliant job leading the Easter Service, well done! Lots of effort went into designing their Easter Bonnets (see pictures below). And we thoroughly enjoyed the puppet show at the church. Thank you for all the support and help you have given this term. Have a brilliant Easter holidays and enjoy the sun while it lasts! Miss Rule

Friday 31st March


Rabbits have been planning and creating their own information posters in Literacy. In maths we have been trying to solve word problems that involve adding or subtracting. We have been drawing pictures to help us with our addition and subtraction and have impressed the adults with their focus and perseverance. This week in PSHE we have been talking about road safety and the things to remember when crossing a road. We have some actions that can help us remember what to do (see pictures below).


We are looking forward to our Easter service and have started our rehearsals! Please look in your child's book bags on Monday as some children will be sent home lines to practise for the service. Rabbits Easter service will be at  the school in the morning. We will be walking up to church later on in the morning for the puppet show. If anyone is available to help with walking please inform myself, TA or the office by Wednesday. Many thanks. Miss Rule

Stop, Look, Listen, Wait, Walk.

Friday 24th March


We have had a fun end to the week! We had a surprise today, Neil came in to school and helped us practise our tennis skills. Our learning in Literacy and R.E.  has focused around the Easter story, remembering the story and writing our own acrostic poems based on the story. In Maths we have been practising our number bond and related subtraction facts whilst playing games and we have been learning about our odd and even numbers. See if your child can remember which numbers are odd and which are even and why.

Friday 17th March


Rabbits were putting their scientific skills to the test this week. They conducted 'The 3 little pigs experiment'. Exploring and describing the properties of the different materials and then building houses to try and pass 'the wolf test'. They made predictions and noted down their findings. Matthew said "it was so fun to see which ones would beat the wolf and which ones won't". Ella said "my predictions were right!" I wonder if you could carry out an experiment at home to test different materials?

Friday 10th March


Rabbits have continued to find out about Verwood and really enjoyed their trip to the Verwood Heathland and Heritage Centre! Thanks again to the parent helpers. Rabbits have also been telling the time to the hour (o'clock) and have wowed Miss Rule with how quick they can do this when challenging each other. We have finished the week with our marble treat. The children enjoyed wearing their costumes and having a boogie! Keep up the brilliant work Rabbits!


Quick note: I will be sending home new spellings every week that matches the new system in place for KS1 and KS2. This will be explained to the children in class. They are going to be asked to practice writing the spellings every day using the look, cover, spell, check system. There will be a spelling test every week during handwriting practice (Mondays). If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask.

Friday 3rd March


Another busy week in Rabbits. We have been looking at our new topic of 'Where we live' and had a visit from Pam Reeks and Linda Munn from the Verwood Heathland Heritage Centre. We have been writing about homes, making sure to include lots of adjectives. In maths we have been finding half of shapes and some have even found quarters! Remember to go onto Mathletics, new tasks have been set!


Rabbits have earned their next marble treat! They have chosen a fancy dress party, this will take place on Friday 10th March in the afternoon! If your child wants to dress up please name their outfit and bring it in a separate bag for them to get dressed in after lunch.

I have added a link to a phonics game that we play in class (see below). Click on a phase to find the different sounds and then choose a sound or revise a set of sounds to start the game. The children have to use their sounds to read the words and put them in the treasure chest (real) or the bin (nonsense). They enjoy playing this game and it develops their fluency in reading. I will be asking some children to focus on specific sounds a note will be written in their link log so keep an eye out for this. Any queries please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you, Miss Rule.

Friday 24th February


Rabbits have come back to school full of energy! We have used that energy to showcase our 'weather dances' in PE. We have been using the Numicon shapes and cubes to help us link our number bond facts to subtraction facts using the part-part-whole strategy. Rabbits really enjoyed programming the bee bots, writing instructions through coding and wording! See if your child can write more instructions for the bee bots at home using this link 


Unfortunately due to illness we were unable to visit the church on Wednesday. We will rearrange this visit and inform you of the dates and time as help will be needed!

Friday 10th February


We have enjoyed Arts week in Rabbits! We looked at Henri Rousseau's picture 'Tiger in a tropical storm' and created our own version using paint, collage and pencils. We also looked at the story Walking Through the Jungle by Julie Lacome and created our own version in song form. We enjoyed making our own animal masks and videoing our song! Take a look at the pictures and videos below! Have a lovely half term and see you in a week's time!


Quick note: We are still short of helpers for the church visit after half term (Wednesday 22nd February). Please get in touch if you can help, we need 2 more volunteers for the visit to go ahead! 

Walking through the jungle part one

Still image for this video

Walking through the jungle part two

Still image for this video

Waling through the jungle part three

Still image for this video

Friday 3rd February 


This week we have written our own superhero stories in Literacy and have been adding with money in Maths. We have also been little scientists and measured the rain and temperature for the week!

Rabbits enjoyed their visit to Verwood Police Station! We now know what a policeman carries in their vest/jackets and in their cars. We also got to look in a police cell, had our fingerprints taken and tried on all the different hats. Thank you to the parent helpers for joining us on our visit. 


After half term we will be visiting the church (Wednesday 22nd February, at 1:15-2:30) we will need 2 parent helpers for the adult:child ratio. If you are able to help us with the visit the please let myself, TA on the door or the office know by Wednesday 8th. Thank you. 

Friday 27th January


We have had a very fun week this week. Real rescuers visited Trinity and talked about their jobs and the different types of rescuing they do! Now Rabbits know a lot more facts about the RNLI and Firefighters! We are excited for our trip to the Police Station to find out more about the Police too! We have been looking at money in Maths this week and will continue to look at it next week. I have asked the children to find out how many different coins and notes there are!

Friday 20th January


Rabbits have done some super writing this week! We have recalled the events of Grace Darling's rescue which happened a long time ago. Some of us used our learning of verbs (doing words) and remembered to add -ed to the end of the word. We also used our new 'Mighty Writer' to help construct our sentences and it even helped us to remember important things like capital letters and full stops! We are going to be brilliant writers by the end of the year! 

Friday 13th January


This week we have found out lots of information about the police and firefighters. We have written our own information pages about the two different rescuers, there are few examples below! In maths we have been focusing on number sentences and using our numicon shapes and subtraction covers to create different number stories. We have been developing our jumping and landing skills as well as our balancing skills during our P.E. lessons. 


Quick note to parents/carers: I will be sending home (Tuesday 17th) some numicon based activities to secure your children's learning. Please cut out and keep your numicon shapes as they may be needed again for another activity. There are lots of different games to play with them, ask your child to show you!



Friday 6th January 


Welcome back Rabbits! We have started our new topic 'Rescuers'. We have looked at information books, are learning about Grace Darling and have set up our own rescue centre in the role play. In maths we have been comparing objects and numbers using symbols and words such as: bigger, smaller, more than, less than, most and least. 

Friday 16th December


We made it to the end of term! Rabbits have had a fun filled week: marble treat, arts and crafts, party day, church service and a visit from Father Christmas! The Rabbits enjoyed playing with their new gifts on party day (see pictures below).  


I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Thank you for all the cards and gifts! Miss Rule

Party day!

Friday 9th December


We have enjoyed following instructions to make jam sandwiches! Making the sandwiches helped us to remember the order and all of the bossy verbs. We have started to use our new Numicon workbooks to show our 'independent work' Miss Rule was so impressed with how focused the Rabbits were on their learning! We are excited for next week: marble treat, performance and party day! Please remember a cuddly toy for Monday (Marble treat) and if you haven't brought in a plain coloured top please do so. 

Jam Sandwich

Friday 2nd December


Rabbits have started to get into the Christmas spirit during dough disco and we decorated our role play today which was fun! We have been looking at instructions in Literacy and spotting the bossy verbs in the sentences. We have also been using bossy verbs when giving our partner or an adult an instruction. We will be following instructions to make a jam sandwich on Wednesday. If your child has any concerns/allergies please let me know. 

Friday 25th November


This week we have been comparing the height of different objects and creating our own measurement stories with toys to develop our mathematical vocabulary. We have planned and written our Australian animal stories, Miss Rule can't wait to read them! We have continued our topic of home and away by recognising and colouring in the Union Jack and keeping a weather diary for Dorset, UK and Sydney, Australia. 


I have put in each child's book bags a new keyword spelling booklet. Can you please practice the spellings at home with your child using the Look, Cover, Spell, Check process. We will try to add new spellings weekly to help build a bank of high frequency words that they can use within their writing. Please continue with practicing the sound of the week spellings too!


Finally there are still some children who have not got the appropriate PE kit in school, the children do go outside for PE and need jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt, trainers and SPARE socks (especially the girls who wear tights). 

Friday 18th November


This week we have been looking at and discussing the story 'The Good Samaritan'. See if your child can remember the story. We have been looking at patterns in maths and completing number sequences up to 100 using a number square to help. We have had a big discussion about our behaviour and use of kind hands, feet and words around the school and community. We have been looking at lots of aboriginal artwork and making our own versions. Next week we will be making didgeridoos, please bring in 2 loo roll tubes or a kitchen roll tube by Wednesday 23rd to help make our didgeridoos. Thank you.


Friday 11th November


We have enjoyed using the Numicon resources to develop our number sense in Maths, especially the games we can play with the shapes. We have also been thinking of things that we like to do in Verwood/England and wrote a letter to a child in Australia about Verwood and asked more questions about Australia. I would like to say that the Rabbits have been amazing this week and really focused on their learning! Keep up the superb work Rabbits!

Number and place value with Numicon

Friday 4th November


This week we have been using the new Numicon to help with our maths learning. We have been using it to make different numbers and tried to put the numbers in order. We have also been counting in steps of 1s, 2s and 5s. In Literacy we have been looking at the UK and Australia, thinking of questions we would like to find out over the next few weeks. We have also been researching and finding interesting facts about different Australian animals. And finally we all enjoyed our marble time, watching Finding Nemo in our PJs. 


Quick note, please can you ensure your child has a pair of socks in their P.E. bags. 


Friday 21st October


Rabbits have finished the last of their senses experiments this week. They used their sense of taste to work out the extra ingredient in each porridge bowl. Ask your child which was their favourite flavour and if there was one they didn't like. In Literacy we have been using all of our senses to write a senses poem about the Rabbit's garden. 


It would be brilliant if your child could keep a diary during their week off. Really focus on finger spaces and using their sounds by counting and checking please. Our new topic is Home (UK) and away (Australia) and in Science we will be looking at the weather. Ask your child to write about the weather in their diary so we can share when we come back to school. Keep up with Mathletics, I have set new challenges! And most of all enjoy your week off! Miss Rule. 

Tasting Experiment

Friday 14th October


We have had a fun week in maths learning our 3D shapes. We went on shape hunts, solved clues to guess the shape and made junk bodies. I wonder if your child can remember the different shapes they used? See the pictures below. 


I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to the parents who came in and helped with junk modelling. 


Quick note, next week we will carrying out a taste experiment in science (Thursday). If you have any concerns regarding allergies please come and see me or leave a message with the TA at the door. Thank you, Miss Rule. 

Junk modelling with 3D shapes

Friday 7th October


In literacy we have been using actions to help us remember the story 'The Magic Porridge Pot'. Here are a few videos of us retelling parts of the story. See if your child can remember the story and actions by practising at home. 

The Magic Porridge Pot


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 30th


This week in Maths Rabbits have been measuring length and capacity. We have been looking for objects that are taller and shorter than ourselves. We have also been comparing containers and finding out which ones hold the most and which ones hold the least. Ask your child at home which containers hold more or less. Can they prove their answer? 

We have had a fantastic start in Rabbits! We have enjoyed making rabbit models and masks, as well as learning lots of interesting facts about rabbits. This week we have started to learn our story 'The Magic Porridge Pot' and we have used our sounds to label the characters in the story. In maths we have been busy learning our number bonds and have been singing a song to help us remember our number bonds to 10. I wonder if your child could sing it to you?


Have fun using the following links!

  • Hop To It!Children can use this game to learn basic computer skills and develop their hand-eye coordination using the mouse.
  • Paint with Bing!Children can use this computer game to make a colourful picture and make decisions about the tools they use.