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Hedgehogs (Year 2)

Our Moors Valley Trip

Today, Hedgehogs class went to Moors Valley Country Park to learn about different minibeast habitats.  We explored a woodland, a meadow and a pond habitat to discover the variety of creatures that live there.  In science this half term, we are learning...‚Äč

  • what living things (organisms) live in different habitats
  • what the habitat provides for the living things
  • how living things adapt or are suited to their environment/habitat
  • to identify and name minibeasts and plants
  • to sort minibeasts into groups depending on different criteria e.g. can fly/can't fly     is an insect/is not an insect

After our ranger-led activities (ask the children what they found!), we had lunch with a Gruffalo before having a short time in the play area.  We all had a great day.

Today we had a brilliant morning at the Synagogue. Well done Hedgehogs!

The children in Year Two have loved making their own hedgehogs out of clay. They learnt to ensure the ball of clay was very smooth and used various tools to create the spikes of the hedgehog. The class were very pleased with the finished result.

This week (18th April)


The children have started a science investigation to test what plants need in order to grow.  They have set up their FAIR TESTS today and will monitor their cress growing (or not!) over the next week or so.  We will post some pictures and Science work soon.

I'm sure that there will be lots of opportunities to talk to your children about the plants and flowers growing in the local area.

Unfortunately, Trinity is not entering the Verwood in Bloom competition as previously mentioned, but we will be planting flowers for our own Year 2 garden in the coming weeks.

Welcome back. We are looking forward to an exciting term learning new things.


This week we have learnt the story of 'The Gruffalo'. Today we acted out different parts of the story by pretending to be different characters. We played the 'I am... I wonder game...'  This gave us a deeper understanding of what is happening in the book. For example one of the children said, 'I am the butterfly, I wonder if the mouse will be able to trick the Gruffalo!!' 



Today we visited St Michael and All Angels Church. We learnt about the different areas of the church and we were able to ask lots of questions. One of our favourite parts of the afternoon was looking at the stained glass windows. 

Our visit to the church

The children in Hedgehogs had a wonderful afternoon making their healthy snack. They also continued to learn about different food groups and talked about healthy and unhealthy foods. Well done if you tried something new!! A big thank you to parents for bringing in the foods.

Making our healthy snack

Here are some clips of our Great Fire of London! It was amazing to watch the flames and see the speed at which the fire spread. We even had wind like there was in 1666.

Still image for this video

Watch the flames spread from the bakery!

Still image for this video

We watched very carefully!

Still image for this video

The fire officers told us about how to keep safe in the event of a fire- to get out and phone 999! They reminded us never to play with matches or candles and to check our smoke detectors regularly!

Still image for this video

The fire is put out!

This week we have created our very own 'Pudding Lane'. We really enjoyed painting the houses in the style they were in 1666.

Some snippets of our Fire of London dance.

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Still image for this video

We worked well together.

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Look at our drawings of the front of our school! We are learning to use a range of tonal pencils to create light and dark areas in the drawing.

This week we are learning about money. Today we learnt how to give change from either 20p or 50p and show our answer on a number line. 

Happy New Year to all the Hedgehogs.

Today we have been learning to create a self portrait using charcoal and chalks. The children studied the shape of their face very carefully and then used charcoal and chalk to create different tones and shades. 

Here is our results and letter reply...

A letter to Hedgehogs...

We received a letter from a special princess today. We were only too happy to help and set about investigating which material would be the best for her new curtains. Ask the hedgehogs what they discovered.
We had a lovely time making Christingles. It was amazing lighting them and reflecting on our world with the whole school.
We have been using equipment to compare and order length, mass and capacity. We used rulers, weighing scales and balances, jugs and bottles. We had great fun and learnt how to read the units carefully. Can you try some measuring at home? Have a look in the food cupboard and read some of the weight labels. You were all really good at this! Then order them from heaviest to lightest. 
Today the children in Hedgehogs learnt how to mix light and dark colours. The children added a little white or black to create lighter or darker tones and then painted their name. 


Castle Banquet Day.... Year 2 took a step back in time and spent the day in a Castle....

We enjoyed lots of medieval activities.

Look at us making pottage, designing and painting shields, jousting, dancing and learning about birds of prey!

We all sat down to a feast as guests of Lord Myles and Lady Ataya. 

We had a fantastic, fun-filled day, learning lots too! Thank you everyone for dressing up and acting your parts so well. 

This week the children have written acrostic poems about fireworks. Can you find a word which is an example of onomatopoeia?

In PE, we have been practising the importance of doing Gymnastics in silence so that we can concentrate completely. Now we are ready for the large apparatus. How exciting! smiley We focused on balance, jumping and moving around the floor in different ways. Some of us thought of a sequence of moves too. Mrs Aston was thrilled we could do it! 

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video
In English, we discovered there are 4 different types of sentence...can you remember what they are?

This week we have been so busy! In Maths we have been counting the total value of coins. We also went shopping for Granny and to buy some fireworks! We worked out the total cost. 

Have a look at home and see if you can find any change to add together. Also check out the web link to the shopping list game.

Just to let you know, the Hedgehogs' marble treat will be tomorrow afternoon. The children are welcome to bring in pyjamas or alternative clothes from home in a named plastic bag. They can also bring in a small cuddly toy. Many thanks, Miss Brown.
The Hedgehogs had a brilliant time today making a castle with a moving drawbridge. First they designed their castle and thought about the equipment they would need. Then during the practical session, they followed their plan and learnt how to make a lever to lower and close the drawbridge. Well done Hedgehogs and thank you to the parents and grandparents who came into school for the afternoon. 

Designing the moving drawbridge

Making our castles!!

Demonstrating the final product - a moving drawbridge!

Still image for this video
Please have a look at the Design and Technology section of the website for further photos and information. 

Sponsored Silence to raise money for our Project in Uganda

Still image for this video
Hedgehogs were amazing at keeping silent this afternoon.... Our aim was 15 minutes... we made 25! Mrs Aston was thrilled!

Hedgehogs had a busy morning investigating everyday objects. They discussed how the items were similar or different and sorted them into groups. In the end they grouped the objects and carefully labelled them by the materials they were made of. Can you find any interesting objects in your home made of the same materials?

The Hedgehogs are learning to sew. We have learnt to thread a needle and practised running stitch. Brilliant effort Hedgehogs, well done for persevering. 

We are enjoying our topic of 'Castles'. We have looked at examples of information texts to identify their features, e.g. titles, headings, sub-headings, diagrams and labels. As a result, we learnt even more about castles too!


In maths we are learning to draw our own number line to complete subtraction questions. 

In Literacy we have been using the MacBooks and iPads to research castles. We have also been learning to spell keywords and improving our handwriting.

We had a go at a new app in Maths called 'Math Bingo'. The Hedgehogs loved it!

Well done Hedgehogs for a brilliant Harvest Service.


Miss Brown

We are starting to learn about multiplication. This week we have found multiples of 2 and realised they are all even numbers. 
Some children used the remaining numbers to make a sequence of odd numbers.



In literacy we have been busy learning the story 'The Enormous Turnip.' We know the story making actions really well now!! Next week we are going to make small changes to the story and write a new version of our own.



We are learning to add ten to any number. We sometimes use the 100 square to help us. Today we have used our own number line to add up. We added the tens and then the units and put a circle around the number.

Learning to add tens and units using a number line. Well done Hedgehogs!!

The hedgehogs have had a busy start to the year! We have learnt lots of facts about hedgehogs and written poetry. We tried to include plenty of rhyming words and adverbs.

Our hedgehog facts are displayed in the classroom.


In maths we have been learning about place value.  We can answer questions such as…

‘How many tens are in 45?’  ‘How many units are in 36?’

Towards the end of the week we investigated the largest number we could make from 3 numbers. We rolled 3 dice and used the numbers shown. Our next job is to find the smallest number we can make.


Have a go at this one…


3      2      6