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At Trinity, we believe that a high-quality geography education will help to give children a curiosity and fascination about the world around them. Teaching should equip our children with knowledge and understanding about diverse places, people and resources, as well as an understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.


Teachers at Trinity use the 2014 national curriculum programmes of study for geography as a basis to plan regular, engaging sequences of lessons. The EYFS curriculum is used for children in Reception. Many of the topics taught to the children during their time at Trinity have geography as a focus point, emphasising the importance of this subject.


Throughout all of these experiences, children are taught a range of geographical skills, including the collection and analysis of data and the use of maps, globes and photographs.  


Some of the main geography topics the children in each year group at Trinity experience include the following: 



  • Similarities and differences between places
  • Features of their own immediate environment.


Year 1:

  • India
  • Countries within the UK.
  • Compass points and weather. 


Year 2:

  • Location of countries within the British Empire.
  • Oceans and continents
  • Human and physical features of Bournemouth.  


Year 3:

  • How land use changed from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
  • South America and rainforests
  • Europe in World War 2.  


Year 4:

  • Identifying the position and significance of time zones, latitude, longitude and the Equator.
  • Geography of the UK, including counties, topographical features and landmarks.
  • Human and physical features of the local area (Verwood).