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Foreign Language

At Trinity we believe that, considering the global world we live in, language learning is vitally important. We hope to encourage positive, tolerant attitudes to other cultures and beliefs as well as the joy and excitement of unlocking part of another culture through communication in another language.


In Reception, children are introduced to the idea of different countries, habits and languages through different stories and songs. Good use is also made of visitors who speak other languages.


In KS1 this positive, fun introduction to languages continues and the children enjoy learning songs and playing games in French.


In KS2, we use the ‘Catherine Cheater’ scheme of work. This focuses mainly on spoken French, finger rhymes, stories and songs. The children are encouraged to think more about the structure and spelling of key words, phrases and sentences they use. Teachers use a range of fun games, songs and stories to engage the children and begin to introduce to the children how to write simple phrases and sentences. 


Annually across the school, we hold a 'Trinity Travels' experience where the children in each class find out about a country which speak languages other than English. In the past, countries studied include South Korea, Poland, Italy and Spain. 

Trinity Travels Day