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When children begin their journey at Trinity, they learn reading and writing through a combination of approaches. In phonics sessions (using the Read, Write, Inc. scheme) they learn to recognise and say sounds and to blend them in order to decode text. They also segment these sounds in order to attempt to write regular words. Children also learn to recognise key words which help their reading and writing to become more fluent.


In Literacy sessions, they get involved and inspired by stories and texts. They respond through drama and role play as well as learning to retell some stories in ‘story-making’ activities. They also begin to write in response to them. Teachers make the tasks relevant to children’s interests and needs through topic work.


During Key Stage 1, children develop these skills further and begin to look at grammar and spelling more overtly. There is still a strong emphasis on building relevant vocabulary orally and developing ideas through reading and talking before writing. They also develop their writing stamina and their independence as readers and writers.


By early Key Stage 2, children have established many of the basic grammar, spelling and punctuation patterns needed to achieve objectives in the National Curriculum. They now work to extend and enhance these skills. By this age they are establishing their own voice as writers and can take more ownership of their work. They will have the opportunities to read and write within the following genres, amongst others

  • Narrative
  • Playscript
  • Poetry
  • Recount
  • Report
  • Information
  • Explanation


As readers, many children are reading independently and developing a lifelong love of reading. Their ability to use inference and prediction is developed as part of Guided Reading.


Children that need more assistance to achieve their learning objectives within each year group are given in-class support from teachers and teaching assistants. They may also benefit from extra support in a group or individual setting outside class to achieve their potential.