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Badgers (Year 3)

Welcome to Badgers!

What an amazing morning! Today the Badgers took part in Trinity's sponsored cycle and scooting event to raise money for beds and mattresses at New Eden, our link school in Uganda. The children had great fun cycling around the school grounds dressed in their pyjamas and put maximum effort in! After having a go with the cycling and scooting, some energetic children also started running around the course!
This week, Badgers have been learning about instructional writing and today they had a rather delicious lesson! In groups of 3, the children read instructions for how to make a luxury ham and salad sandwich. They then collected their ingredients and equipment, organised which roles they were going to take and then created their sandwiches. After some time, Mrs Roberts judged the children's efforts and decided who had followed the instructions best. Of course, the children were then allowed to eat their delicious sandwiches! Amazingly, most of the children still wanted their usual playtime snack after the lesson!  
This afternoon, Badgers went to Emmanuel Middle School to compete in the Year 3 Tri-golf competition. The children were split in to groups of 10 and had to compete against other teams from both Hillside First and Verwood First. There were lots of different games to try, including chipping the ball on to a target and putting the ball in order to try and hit different cones. The competition was fierce, but in the end one of our teams was announced as the winning team overall! The children in the winning team will now go on to the next stage of the competition which is to be held at Bryanston School later this month. Although just one team could win, all of the children behaved brilliantly and put maximum effort in to the afternoon. Well done Badgers!   


Today, Badgers went to St Michael's Church for a visit. The children spent time investigating the stained glass windows that are there and then chose one of the windows to draw then colour. As they were shown each window by Carol, the verger, they heard a song which accompanied the picture in the window. At the end of the visit, the children really enjoying the opportunity to ring the church bell!


Wow! What an amazing time we had at Hooke Court! After arriving safely on Monday, the children enjoyed lots of fun activities such as cooking, drama, code breaking and even a smells quiz! The children were very well behaved and enthusiastic during the whole visit and have come back to school tired but happy. Look at some of the photos below to see what the class got up to.


This week Badgers have been getting stuck in to their new 'Blackout' topic. On Tuesday afternoon, the children learnt about how people protected themselves during World War Two and were then asked to make their own Anderson Shelters! They used corrugated card as the shelter and then designed a scene to go with it. Some children even put mini vegetables on the outside of their shelters!

The Badgers are getting very excited about next week's trip to Hooke Court!


Badgers spent this morning making their Amazon animal inspired headdresses! The children worked hard measuring, cutting and sticking to create some really eye catching designs. It was great to see how the children looked at pictures of the real animals to make sure their designs were as close to the real thing as possible, and also how they supported each other to succeed. Take a look at the gallery below to see the finished pieces. How many animals can you name?


Today, Badgers were learning about multiplying numbers by ten. They demonstrated the effect of this by using large number cards, then they practised on their whiteboards and then they had a go in their maths books. At the end of the lesson, the children were challenged to try and explain what happens to numbers when they are multiplied by ten. The children learnt that the decimal point must always stay in the same place and never move. Have a look at their responses below! 


As part of our spelling sessions this week, Badgers have been using the strategy 'LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK' to help learn common words which have tricky spellings. As you can see, the children have been very focussed and are keen to improve! 


This week Badgers have been improving their addition skills and have been learning column addition methods. The children have amazed Mr Webster and Mrs Taylor with, not only their understanding, but also their improvement and determination to succeed. They have worked so hard to make sure that all of the questions are set out neatly and that each part is worked out correctly. Please see below for a selection of learning from across this week.

Merry Christmas!


Badgers have been busy improving their music skills! Watch the videos below to see their performances of Terrapin Tim. Maybe the children can amaze you all at home!   

Terrapin Tim 1

Still image for this video

Terrapin Tim 2

Still image for this video


Earlier this week, Badgers spent an afternoon making 'Grooved Ware' style Stone Age clay pots. They started by making a thumb pot and then rolled out some coils to add to the top of it. They used their fingers to smooth the edges and create a good finish. After that, they used tools to carefully add a geometric style pattern on to the pots.



Badgers spent part of today making and then decorating cupcakes in order to raise money for Children in Need! The children were very sensible as they had fun mixing the ingredients together before spooning it into cake cases. In the afternoon, they put their design skills to the test as they decorated the cakes with all sorts of delicious treats. 


This week Badgers have been working with money. They practised making different amounts with coins from our currency and then on Friday began adding some amounts together using a number line. Have a look at the pictures below to see how some of the children have been getting on!



WOW! What an amazing afternoon! Yesterday Badgers finished their topic by inviting their families in to try and become record breakers! The children worked in groups of three to invent a record and run the event during the afternoon. Each child had an important role to play: an explainer, an adjudicator or a record keeper.

The competition was tough, but in the end, we had some record breaking adults who happily received a gold medal for their efforts. Thank you to all of the parents and carers who came in to school to enjoy our outcome.  

Well done Badgers, and have a lovely half term!   


Today, Badgers visited Verwood Solar Farm. We left school at 9.00am and travelled to the farm by coach. When we got there we had a talk about how the solar farm works and played with some solar powered toys! After that, we made circuits using solar powered cells and investigated the wildlife that lives around the farm. Did you know that the farm covers five whole fields and that it creates enough power for 6000 local homes? Amazing!  


In RE this week, Badgers learnt the story of the Good Samaritan. They spent time acting the story out, hot-seating the main characters and then giving the characters some advice. 


This week, the children in Badgers had the chance to set two class records! On both occasions we had official adjudicators who were in charge of timing, measuring, recording the results and ensuring that the challenges were completed as fairly as possible. Here are our record breakers!


This week, Badgers have started their brand new topic 'Record Breakers'! In Literacy, the children watched a video of Usain Bolt breaking the 100 metre world record in a time of just 9.58 seconds! They then spent time thinking about what this might have felt like before writing diary entries from the viewpoint of Usain Bolt.

Here are two fantastic examples.


On Wednesday afternoon we welcomed countryside ranger Jamie into our class. He talked to us about where badgers can be found in the local area and told us lots of fascinating facts about these woodland animals. Jamie also brought in badger and fox pelts which we felt and compared.