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Art and Design

Art at Trinity is rich and varied, using a range of different media. The children are encouraged to express themselves artistically. As they progress throughout the school, the development of skills is apparent. From learning how to hold a brush in Squirrels right up to painting in the style of Rene Magritte in Owls. 


From Hedgehogs class and for the remainder of KS2, the children use sketch books to record observations and use them to review their pieces. As a school we have access to many resources to enrich every child's artistic journey. Some examples of our resources include, sketching pencils, a variety of papers, specific brushes for a particular paint and clay for modelling.


Throughout the school the classes focus on artists, architects and designers both current and historical. The artists and their style relate to the class topics and encourage the learning of a new skill. Originality is encouraged and each child is unique in Art.






The Hedgehogs used paper and natural materials to create a collage of our school and grounds.

The Squirrels have done well creating a collage of 'The Hungry Caterpillar.'

Owls used a variety of media to create Ancient Egyptian artifacts.

The Rabbits have investigated texture and colour.

Owls have been learning the skill of Origami.


Earlier this week, Badgers spent an afternoon making 'Grooved Ware' style Stone Age clay pots. They started by making a thumb pot and then rolled out some coils to add to the top of it. They used their fingers to smooth the edges and create a good finish. After that, they used tools to carefully add a geometric style pattern on to the pots.

Trinity Gallery

The Squirrels used chalks to create these fantastic firework pictures.

The Squirrels have mixed colours of paint to create a display of vegetables for Harvest.

In squirrels, the children completed painting from observations they made on their welly wednesday walk. They used poster paint and brushes.

The Rabbits experimented with chalk to create these human body pictures.

The Rabbits looked carefully at autumn leaves. They then drew the leaf using wax crayons.

In Badgers, the children created their own clay pots. They used their designs to help them!

Art Day 

This week we welcomed local artist Dee Cowell to our school. She showed the children how to draw woodland animals. The children studied the shape of the animals and then learnt how to mix the colours they needed to paint their animal, starting with just the primary colours, red, yellow and blue.


The woodland scene will be on display in our school. Thank you to Mrs Davies who came in to help for the day.



Some comments by the children....


'It was really good, we painted our own hedgehog.'


'It was good because I like painting.'


'I loved the different colours on the hedgehog spikes.'


'I learnt how to draw and paint an owl's feathers.'


'It was a good day. I learnt how to draw an owl and mix the right colours.'


For their topic 'The Blitz', Badger's class created a silhouette picture using a mixture of media. A painted background with black card creating a silhouette effect.