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Aims and Values

Aims and Values


Everything we do at Trinity is underpinned by our aims and values.  We believe that children who attend Trinity First School will have the opportunity to grow as individuals in a happy and secure environment.


Our Mission Statement is...


‘Growing together, learning together, praising together’


Our School Aims


We aim to create and enrich a positive learning environment for everyone, within school and within the wider community, where:-


  • there is clear Christian leadership to support prayer and learning about Jesus Christ
  • we value every individual as unique and special, created in the image of God
  • we work from a foundation of openness, honesty, trust and forgiveness in all our relationships and we encourage self-respect and respect for others
  • our children see possibilities rather than barriers
  • we support the provision of high quality resources and provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities
  • we give opportunities for children to make choices and take responsibility
  • diversity is valued and equality promoted

Our Values.

At Trinity our values are linked to five objects.




The Rock - The bible tells us that Jesus is the rock and that we should build on a solid foundation.  This represents our Christian foundation as a school.


The Glitter ball - This represents reflection. Firstly, we should be mirroring the example that Jesus set for us in the way that we live and treat others. Secondly, as learners we are constantly reflecting on what we have done well and how we can improve our learning.


The Lighthouse - 'I am the light of the world'. John 8:12.  Not only does the lighthouse represent Jesus shining His light into the world, but also our school shining our light into the community. Our children have so many special qualities and we want them to shine! 


The Slinky - At Trinity we are a team. Everyone, no matter what their title, is important and has a vital role to play. We need to ensure that we are playing our part to the best of our ability.


The Song - The words to this song encourage the children to take every opportunity that is placed in front of them as this will help them to grow as an individual and also to discover new talents.

Each class takes one of our values and explores what it means to them before sharing it with the rest of the school in worship.

What the children say about our school


A poem written by some of our children:


School Days


Games playing, worship praying,

Picture drawing, rain pouring,

Lego building, rounders fielding,

Computer working, birds chirping,

Milk drinking, maths thinking,

Firebell ringing, children singing,

Garden weeding, book reading,

French speaking, friends meeting,

Number summing, music drumming,

Lunch munching, healthy crunching,

Learning history, solving mysteries,

Cake baking, pancake racing,

Story writing, how exciting,

Model making, model painting,

Coach tripping, playground skipping,

Football scoring,





What the parents say about our school


“The school is very good at promoting respect and this shows in the high standard of behaviour in the school.”


“We all feel comfortable here”


“The Christian values in the school shine through”


“My children have benefitted enormously from the positive, caring ethos of the school and I am very happy with their personal development”


“The children have great enthusiasm to learn and are always willing to help”


“Thank you to all the staff and others who help to create and constantly improve such a wonderful environment for our children to learn”


“The headteacher is very encouraging and ready to say ‘yes’ to one’s ideas”


“This is a safe, well-managed, well-planned environment”


(quotations from a recent parent questionnaire)

Trinity Ethos


The image below is a poster which you will see displayed in every classroom at Trinity, linking with our aims and values.