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As Trinity is a First School, we cater for the last part of the Foundation Stage (Reception year group), Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2) and the first half of Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4).  Children are organised into 5 classes, one for each year group from Reception to Y4. The classes are each named after an English wild animal: Squirrels (YR), Rabbits (Y1), Hedgehogs (Y2),  Badgers (Y3) and Owls (Y4) Each class has a teacher and teaching assistants working with them. We also benefit from a music teacher who takes classes on a Wednesday, and from a team of Sports coaches who work with groups throughout the week and help to provide some of our after school clubs.


Teaching Staff


Mrs J M Green              Headteacher

Mrs C Stephenson        Reception (Squirrels) Teacher

Miss R Rule                    Year 1 (Rabbits) Teacher

Mrs K Doe                      Year 2 (Hedgehogs) Teacher

Miss D Carlson              Year 3 (Badgers) Teacher

Miss J Brown                 Year 3 (Badgers) Teacher

Mr A Webster               Year 4 (Owls) Teacher

Mrs C Calvert                Music


Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Mrs T Taylor


Teaching Assistants


Miss R Allsopp

Mrs G Calvert

Mrs L Hawkins

Mrs N Newnham

Mrs S Plant

Mrs M Roberts

Mrs A Tierney

Mrs C Webber


Administrative Staff


Mrs J Coombs    Administrative / Finance Officer


Breakfast Club Assistant


Mrs K Muspratt-Mapes


Midday Supervisory Assistants


Miss K Allsopp

Mrs K Carter

Mrs V Clark

Miss S Pitkin

Mrs S Plant

Mrs C Webber