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Friday 7th December 2018


Christmas has arrived in Squirrels class! We have received lots of lovely gifts this week, including an Nativity advent calendar, a book advent calendar and a special delivery from The Jolly Christmas Postman! Our Christmas Post office opened for business on Tuesday morning and has been extremely popular and very busy!

We enjoyed a lovely walk to Verwood Post Office today where we bought stamps for some very special deliveries. The children enjoyed the experience of posting their letter and we are very grateful to Verwood Post Office for making us so welcome at this busy time of year. The children were very well behaved, remembering their listening ears and good manners. 


Monday 10th December; You are invited to join us for an afternoon of Christmas crafts and story time from 2pm. Please head to the school office and sign in then join us in class. 


Friday 30th November 2018


This week we have been very busy; expressing ourselves through music, art and dance, exploring shape, practising our counting skills, applying our phonics knowledge to phonics based games, wow writing, building with the large wooden construction, enjoying tea parties and making Christmas cakes. 


We will be visiting the village Post Office next week to send some very important mail. We will be walking there on Friday afternoon and returning in time for home time. This links well with our current learning and provides real-life context to what we will be reading and talking about in class. 



Friday 23rd November 2018

WOW! What a fantastic week. The children say that they have been fantastic at; practising their sounds, playing in the role-play, counting and playing Numicon bingo. They say they had fun dancing with the ribbons and scarves, playing the musical instruments and sharing stories. 

We have ended the week with everyone on the happy Squirrel, earning a class marble. I am very proud of their attitude towards their learning and showing kindness and respect towards others. 



Cooking; Thank you to those that have brought in the ingredients for our class cooking. We will begin this next week, but are short of a few ingredients. So, if you have not already done so,please can you bring in the ingredient specified on the sticker that you took. We will need these in class on Monday please. 


Superstar badge; just a little reminder that when your child is our class superstar they will be presented with the superstar pin badge on a Tuesday. They wear this for the week and we ask please that it is returned to school on the Following Monday ready for the next superstar. We only have one badge per class and it is disappointing for the next superstar if there is a delay in them receiving their badge. 

Exploring our learning environment

Trinity rockstars!

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Still image for this video

Thursday 22nd November 2018          Exploring music and movement. 

Today we have been exploring dance. We had lots of fun and moved to a range of styles of music. Some of us demonstrated our dance to the rest of the class. 


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Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Friday 16th November 2018


To launch the start of our new topic; 'Starry, starry night,' we received a very special parcel in class on Tuesday morning. We were very excited as we tried to guess what might be inside. We had suggestions of a dinosaur, a crocodile, a zebra, giraffe and many more large animals. Some children were even brave enough to put their hand inside the box to have a feel, although they quickly withdrew them when there was a suggestion that they felt sharp teeth! I am pleased to say that it was none of those animals and it was in fact Baby bear and his rocket with our new class text: 'Whatever Next!' This has led to some fantastic learning opportunities this week, please share the blog with your child and they can tell you all about our adventures. 


We have been exploring our school values this week and made ourselves into a human slinky to understand the importance of working together as part of a team and valuing each other. We will continue to explore each of our school values over the coming weeks and also begin to share the Christmas story. 


We have now learnt all of our set 1 sounds, the children are doing incredibly well applying these to their reading and beginning to sound and blend the words. Please do continue to practise these regularly at home as it really does make a difference. 

The sharing of text from home in our  'Squirrels recommends', has proved very popular and we have enjoyed some lovely new stories. I will certainly be adding some of them onto my Christmas wish list for Squirrels class. Please keep an eye out in your child's planner so you know when it is their turn. 





Friday 9th November 2018


We have been very busy this week exploring our creative sides. We shared our experiences of Fireworks and then used a variety of resources to create our own fireworks pictures. We have talked about the significance of Remembrance Day and why we many people choose to wear poppies. The children listed to a lovely story called 'Poppy's day' and then used various resources to print our own images of poppies. We created a display in class and the children took ownership of this, calling it; 'Poppy day 100.' 


The weather improved for us to enjoy 'Welly Wednesday', during which, many of the children chose to play football. It was very entertaining to watch!

In Literacy, we have continued to practise our sounds, the children are doing well learning these so please continue to practise. We have continued to explore our storytelling of 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt' and we hope to share this learning with you later this month. Keep an eye out for the invite....


Within our Maths learning, we are consolidating our recognition of numbers 1 to 5 and accuracy of counting objects to five and beyond. We have enjoyed visiting the class Greengrocers to apply our Maths skills to a real-life context.  


Thank you to those that have already brought in the cooking contributions. We do still have a few ingredients  we require, so if you have not already done so, please look out for the labels at drop off on Monday. 


The children have brought home lots of important bits and bobs in their book bags today so please do have a root through. They have also brought home a toothbrush pack. We incorporated the discussion surrounding these into our fit and fruity Friday. During which, we sang our teeth cleaning song, talked about healthy eating, did some exercise and made a fruit salad to refuel!


Have a lovely relaxing weekend, see you all Monday. 

Friday 2nd November 2018


We may have only had a four day week but we have packed in lots of learning fun! The children have settled back into school routines very well and shown lots of enthusiasm for their learning. 

In Literacy, we have continued reading; 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt,' learning to tell the story using a story map, adding actions to help us to remember. The children know it very well, maybe they can share this with you at home. They have also had a go at innovating the story by substituting the bear for an animal of their own choice. The tuff spot has been very popular with real grass, mud and water to retell the story and they have attempted to draw their own story maps, which they have done successfully. 

We enjoyed a visit to the school library and chose some books to take back to class to share. From Monday, we will be introducing a daily opportunity to share a text from home, please see the class information page for further details. 


The children are doing well with their sounds, please do keep practising these daily at home as they are vital to support their reading, writing and language development. This week we have learnt; 'j,v,y.' 


We have continued to explore the three-ness of three this week and the children had to think of different ways to represent this number. They came up with some fantastic ideas and showed good reasoning and problem-solving skills. 


We have also managed to explore our musical instruments, joined the rest of the school for the daily run, made models out of junk and enjoyed 'Welly Wednesday.' Wow! What an action-packed few days! 


I'm ready for a rest this weekend after all that fun as I'm sure the Squirrels are! Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday. 


Friday 19th October 2018


Whatever the weather week. 

We have had a super week of exploring the great outdoors. We have linked our learning to two stories; Percy the Park Keeper after the storm' and 'We're going on a bear hunt.' 

Having done a super job of tidying the outdoors play area on Monday, the Squirrels were very surprised to see their playground looking such a mess on Tuesday morning! It would appear that we didn't close the shed properly, so all the resources blew around the playground during the stormy night! The children quickly set to work tidying, but were challenged to sort the objects into groups based on the initial sound of the words, for example; pots were put with 'p' sound. 

We have had lots of fun, planning and building new homes for the animals that lost them during the storm. The rain didn't stop us this week and we enjoyed adapting the bear hunt story to our own version; 'We're going on a leaf hunt.' 

Our special treat of making our own popcorn and watching a film rounded off a fantastic, fun week of learning. 

Enjoy sharing the photos with your child, I am sure they have lots to tell! 


The children have settled extremely well this half term, we have been learning lots of new sounds, practising our writing, reading and counting. Please continue to practise sounds, keywords and sharing lots of stories over the half term holiday. 

Enjoy the week together and we look forward to hearing all about their half term adventures when we return to school on Tuesday 30th October. 

Friday 12th October 2018


WOW! Where has the week gone?! We have had a fantastic week of learning and enjoyed sharing our learning with many visitors. The school nurse and Healthy Ted popped in to talk to us about ways to keep healthy and inform us that she will visit later in the year to measure us and check our hearing. 

We have been focusing on the sounds we have learnt so far; 'm,a,s,d,t,i,n,p,g,o,c,k,u,b,f.' Please do continue to practise these at home. 

We have been chasing the autumn leaves and catching them to practise our counting skills and set up a Farmers market which has been very popular. Today, we have enjoyed making apple crumble, I do hope the crumbles made it home safely! 


Next week is 'Whatever the weather week.' Please check the class information page for further details. 




Tuesday 9th October 2018 Read Write Inc. workshop


Thank you to those of you who were able to join us this morning, it was fantastic to see so many of you. 

We do hope you found it useful and it gave you a ‘fly on the wall’ insight into how we teach and support phonics.

The activities were all designed to support their sound recognition, word building through sounding-out and blending words and to support their fine motor development. Development of their gross and fine motor control is essential to support their pencil control and these activities can be adapted for use at home. 

You may have also noticed this morning, the importance of talk. Pronunciation of the pure sounds will support your child’s reading development. For further support on this, please visit the Ruth Miskin website parents page:


If you have any questions or would like to further discuss how you can support your child at home, then please do feel free to catch me at the end of the day or email me via the School office. 

Many thanks

Mrs Stephenson




Friday 5th October


We have been busy this week exploring the Numicon shapes and recognising the numerals to match the shapes. We have also been exploring pattern; looking at repeating pattern through vegetable printing and creating our own patterns with coloured multilink. 

We were lucky enough to have a visitor this week; Percy the Park Keeper, who came to read us a story and introduce our new topic: 'Amazing Autumn/Percy the Park Keeper.' We have started to talk about the similarities and differences between the seasons and exploring vegetables as we also received a letter from Oliver (Oliver's Vegetables), asking for our help to write a shopping list. The children have been applying their newly acquired sounds knowledge to produce some fantastic learning.

Following our story about Oliver tasting lots of new vegetables, we tasted some golden beetroot, which many of the children enjoyed and described as; ' crunchy', 'like yellow pepper', 'yummy.' 



Year R Parent workshop RWI  8.45-9.30am

Please drop your child off as usual and go round to the hall for a chat before coming into the classroom. 





Friday 28th September 


Another super week of learning! We have had lots of fun and been very busy. We have learnt five new sounds (m,a,s,d,t) these have been sent home in the sounds tin for you to practise at home. We enjoyed preparing the vegetables for the harvest soup but there were mixed reactions when it came to the tasting of it!

The weather has been kind to us this week so we have been making the most of the sunshine, exploring the field, enjoying the balance bikes and playing with our shadows, we had lots of fun making various shapes! 


It was lovely to see so many of you at the class meeting, please find the PowerPoint on the class information page for your reference.

Thank you for supplying vegetables for the soup and to those who were able to join us for the tasting. 


They have been busy Squirrels this week and I did chuckle when I heard this quote from Evie; 

'We have been so busy this morning, we've packed so much in!' 





Friday 21st September 2018


We have had a super week in Squirrels class. The children are settling well into school routines and have joined whole school worship on a daily basis. The children were introduced to Kipper the dog today as we celebrated his birthday, we had lots of fun; playing games, dancing, singing and making and eating fruit salad.  I have included some snapshots of this week's adventures, ask your child to tell you what they have been exploring this week.


Reminder:  Squirrels class meeting 2.30pm Tuesday 25th September. 


Have a lovely weekend! 

Friday 14th September 2018


Wow! I cannot believe the Squirrels class have already completed their first week at school. They have all settled so well, we are very proud of them. Thank you for your continued support to ensure a smooth transition into school life at Trinity.


We have had a fun week of adventures; exploring our new classroom, making new friends, P.E. lessons, exploring the outdoor music area, singing, dancing and having lots of fun! Please share the blog photos with your child and hopefully they will be able to tell you all about their adventures. 


The children have been very independent with toileting and changing for P.E., please continue to support them to practise this at home. Please also support them to recognise their name when it is written down, for example; on their bookbag and jumpers as some of them are finding this a little tricky. 


A couple of reminders: 

- Please check all uniform, water bottles and bookbags are clearly named. 

- On a Monday and a Thursday your child will be participating in P.E. lessons. If they have long hair, please ensure it is tied back on these days.  Some children still require some items of clothing for their P.E. kit, please do check your child's bookbag as we may have sent a little note home about this. 


Have a lovely weekend, 


See you all next week for more adventures. 



Tuesday 11th September 2018


A fun morning exploring our new classroom and school! 

We had fun exploring this afternoon.

Monday 10th September 2018


We are having a wonderful time exploring our new classroom and school! 

Friday 7th September 2018


Welcome to Squirrels class blog!

It was lovely to meet you during the home visits this week and thank you for making us feel so welcome. 


Date for your diary: Class meeting Tuesday 25th September 2018 2.30-3.00pm 


Important dates are on the school calendar so please do check this often. 

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week, 


Mrs Stephenson