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7.12.18 Look at our AMAZING Home Learning projects!

Well done to our crystal growing competition winners!

Well done to our crystal growing competition winners! 1
Well done to our crystal growing competition winners! 2
31.10.18 What an amazing afternoon! Today, fourteen children from Owls attended the Verwood Schools netball tournament and played brilliantly. They showed great teamwork and communication skills and competed very strongly in all of their matches. One of the teams even won a trophy! Well done to all of the children involved, everyone is very proud of you! 
19.10.18 The children performed their plays to Rabbits class today. The children looked great in their costumes and did so well during their performances. 


On Friday, Owls will be performing plays to Year 1. The children have written their scripts and are now thinking about props and costumes.

All children are allowed to bring a costume for their performance into school on Friday. They will wear it whilst performing and then get changed back into their school uniform.

Most of the props the children will need will most likely be available at school, and so they shouldn't need to bring anything else in. If the children have any particular requirements about things from home I will speak to each parent as needed.

I have also said to the children that they are able to keep the script with them whilst performing. Some children may like to learn to learn their lines off by heart but there is no need to do so. 


Thank you,

Mr Webster. 

12.10.18 Following on from their learning about the Ten Commandments, Owls thought in more detail about forgiveness in their RE lesson this week. They were asked to make a puppet show which showed forgiveness in some way. 
5.10.18 This week in maths, the children have been learning about 3d shapes. They first made the shapes out of different materials and then thought about their properties, such as the number of faces, edges and vertices.  
28.9.18 Owls are enjoying getting involved with their music sessions! Each child is learning either the trumpet, cornet or trombone. Don't forget to go to the Dorset Music Service YouTube page. On here you'll find short video clips showing you how to play different notes. Go to YouTube and search for 'Dorset Music Service Trombone".  
14.9.18 Owls have been busy learning their 6 times table this week. On Friday, the children worked in groups to make a simple game that could be played to help children learn the number facts. They thought of so many great games! 
Welcome to Owls! What a great first week we have had!
7.9.18 In our science lesson, we started learning about shadows. We investigated them using torches and paper and, even though it was a bit cloudy, went outside to see if we could spot some. We learnt that shadows are formed when an object blocks light from passing through it. 
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