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Our Class Blog 2017-2018

Friday 17th November 2017


We have been so busy this week and the Squirrels have amazed us with their fantastic writing, reading and counting.


In Literacy, the children have been busy choosing, drawing and labelling what they would pack in a picnic to take to the Moon, they certainly would not go hungry! We are continuing to develop our use of our phonics in our writing, using our 'Fred fingers' to sound out the word before we write it.

We are continuing to explore rhyme through various stories and poems, they are challenging themselves to spot the rhyming words.


We have gone number crazy this week in Maths. The Squirrels have been busy practising their counting to 10 and exploring the Numicon pegs to create Numicon shape patterns.


We have enjoyed using the 'Beebots' in class this week, imagining we are sending them to explore the Moon. This has involved careful programming of the Beebots to ensure they travel in the directions we require!


Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to more adventures next week.

Friday 10th November


This week we launched our new topic 'Starry, starry night.'


We have had a fantastic week of learning. The children enjoyed creating their own fireworks pictures in Art, providing a spectacular display in our classroom.


On Tuesday, we had a mystery parcel arrive in Squirrels, it was very exciting! We had lots of fun guessing what it might be and were delighted to find inside the box Baby Bear and his belongings, including a story for us to share; 'Whatever Next!' It has caused much curiosity and the children have used their questioning skills during a hot seating session when Baby Bear answered many of their questions.


In Maths we have been practising our counting skills during our daily Maths challenge and explored shape by creating rockets.


The Squirrels have been busy using a variety of construction materials to build rockets with many visiting the Moon!





Friday 3rd November 2017


Following on from our marble treat at the end of last term, we have been reading the  story of  'We're going on a Bear hunt.' This has helped us to learn some prepositions; 'over', 'under' and 'through.' We then used this language in our P.E. session, using the large apparatus to

re-enact going on a bear hunt.  


During Literacy, we created a story map using actions to retell the story, the children really enjoyed this.  They then created a new character for their version of the story, this has led to some fantastic writing from the children.

The new writing toolkits have been very popular with many of the children. Percy the Park keeper has had very long lists of jobs written for him!


In Maths we have explored the Numicon rods, we had lots of fun ordering them by size, creating shapes and patterns.


Now the children are fully settled into school life, if anyone is able to spare some time to help in class, please let me know as I am always grateful for an extra pair of hands!


Have a fantastic weekend. If you are watching any firework displays, enjoy, stay safe and I look forward to hearing about it next week when we will be creating our own displays in Art.






Friday 20th October 2017   'Whatever the weather week.' 


We have had an absolutely fantastic week. It  has been lovely to see the excitement in the children's faces as they approach the next adventure and we have certainly had a lot of those!


The children have thoroughly embraced outdoors learning and we have been outside literally whatever the weather. The experiences have ranged from the weird weather on Monday to a robin in the classroom and spotting deer on the school field during our leaf hunt!


The storm on Monday night caused chaos in our playground as I had forgotten to lock Percy's shed and the wind had blown everything around the playground. Thankfully, the Squirrels are brilliant at tidying and soon set about sorting the objects by their initial sounds and we had a lovely tidy playground again.  


The storm also caused problems for Percy's animals as they lost their homes. The Squirrels found the animals hiding around the field and designed, then built the animals new homes. 


The hot chocolate was very popular and today was extra special as we finished the week with our marble treat which included marshmallows on our hot chocolate. We were very lucky to have Mrs Macdonald help us to make our popcorn ready for our cinema morning, the children watched with fascination as the corn popped. Obviously, you cannot go to the cinema without a ticket, so the children made their own tickets and paid for their popcorn with Numicon. Everyone enjoyed the movie; 'We're going on a bear hunt' and related this to our own version on the story that we had created; 'We're going on a leaf hunt.'  


Hopefully the children have shared their daily adventures with you as I could be typing for a long time if I listed them all here! Off now though for a well deserved half term break for all. 


I am extremely proud of every one of my Squirrels, they have had a super half term and settled so well. 

Have an enjoyable week and I look forward to more adventures with them next half term. 













Friday 13th October 2017


This week, we have been busy using our increasing phonics knowledge to practise our letter formation. The children are engaging very well with this and are keen to show off their new skills. We then applied these skills by writing and drawing about some objects we found during our walk.


The biggest excitement of the week,  was converting a shed space into Percy the Park Keeper's shed. I provided the children with the resources and they worked together as a team to create a wonderful outdoor role-play area. They have  adopted various roles from leaf collecting to planting to making Percy's cup of tea! We will continue to build upon this next week as we embark on our 'whatever the weather' week.


Please remember to send your child into school on Monday with a waterproof coat and 'wellies'. The full details for next week can be found on  the class page under 'class letters and information.'










Friday 6th October 2017


We have taken advantage of the beautiful autumn weather this week by taking our learning outside.

We have been lucky to have two visitors this week. The first, was Percy the Park Keeper, who joined us for a story to introduce our new topic 'Amazing Autumn/Percy the Park Keeper.'

We also had the pleasure of the company of Nurse Lucy, who brought along Healthy Ted. Nurse Lucy explained that she will be returning after Christmas to see us but for now we helped her measure and weigh Healthy Ted and check his hearing. This led to many pop-up doctor's surgeries in Squirrels classroom during explorer time.

The children have been exploring Numicon in Maths and have shown some fantastic problem solving as we explored how many different ways we could represent a number using Numicon.

In Literacy,  we have shared some of Percy's stories and we had a lovely walk around the school grounds looking for and collecting signs of autumn. The children have learnt more new sounds in RWInc and have been practising writing these sounds. Hopefully, they will be sharing these at home with you.

Thank you for your support at the class meeting, it was lovely to see so many of you. The PowerPoint is on the class page for your reference.

Have a lovely weekend, I look forward to seeing everyone for more autumn adventures next week.



Friday 29th September 2017


We have had a 'souper' week in Squirrels.


This week, the Squirrels have been learning about harvest around the world. We have explored where our food comes from and how it travels to the shops for us to buy. They have enjoyed building a farm in the small world area and in the construction area the children have been busy building tracks to transport the food from the farm to the shops. 

In Maths, we have explored pattern by printing with fruits and vegetables and using the Numicon to help us count and sort the vegetables ready for our soup. We also have been very busy writing shopping lists and buying and selling our produce at the farmers market. Our focus this week has been the number 'one', the children used 'real' one penny coins at the farmers market.


They impressed me with their culinary skills and it would seem I have a class full of chefs!


Thank you for your vegetable contributions and for joining us for the harvest soup tasting, it was lovely to see so many of you.




Friday 22nd September


Wow! Another super week in Squirrels, as you will see from the photographs.


 This week, we  joined the rest of the school for our daily worship and the Harvest service this morning. We have fully changed for P.E. and the children have impressed me with their developing independence skills. They have obviously been practising at home. Thank you for your support with this.


We have been developing our fine motor skills through our daily 'funky fingers' activities, the children have enjoyed the challenge of using chopsticks or copying a pattern on the peg board.


The children were introduced to Kipper this week and we celebrated his birthday today as a special class reward. We made a fruit salad for our snack time and the Squirrels were very busy in the writing area weighing his presents and creating cards and invitations for him.


We have also talked about staying safe as part of our learning about 'I am special, I am me!' as the children explored the bikes and road safety in the Squirrels outdoor area.


I look forward to seeing everyone for more adventures next week.


Friday 15th September


We have had a fantastic start to our learning journey in Squirrels.  The children have settled very well into their new routines and it has been lovely to see them all looking so smart in their new uniform.

As you will see from the photographs, we have had a very busy week exploring our new environment and making new friends.

Hopefully, the children have shared some of their experiences with you at home but if not then these photographs are an ideal prompt to encourage them to do so.

Thank you for your support and please continue to encourage your children to dress and undress themselves as this is a great help when changing for P.E.

Have a lovely rest over the weekend Squirrels ready for more adventures next week!