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Our Class Blog 2017-2018

Teddy Bear picnic

 Hedgehogs have come back to school ready for learning after the Christmas holidays!

They are enthusiastically asking questions and finding out about The Great Fire of London, our new topic. So far we have been finding out about Samuel Pepys and his diary.

In maths we have been looking at the properties of 3-D shapes, including counting the number of faces, vertices and edges. We then compared two different shapes. We have also been adding and subtracting two digit numbers with ten and multiples of ten. 

Hedgehogs have certainly achieved enough marbles for their class reward. The class has voted and have chosen to have a Teddy Bear's picnic. We will be having our reward on Friday 18th January. Children may bring in a named teddy or soft toy. We will be enjoying a snack and a drink of squash during our picnic, which will be indoors! If you have any questions about our reward, please ask. 

Hedgehogs have had a fantastic week. On Tuesday we had our Castle banquet day. We dressed up and had, kings, queens, princesses, knights and ladies. We made pottage that we ate, designed and made our own shields, solved some problems, had a jousting competition and had some birds come to visit us from Liberty's Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre.

In maths we have been learning about 2D shapes. Recognising their properties and knowing the names by looking at the number of sides it has. We learned that 2D shapes that have straight sides are called polygons.

We completed our science experiment to find out which material would make the best mattress for a princess to sleep on! Ask your child what they found out!

We are looking forward to next week, when we will be learning more about the Christmas story and performing in the Nativity. Please remember to bring in a plain coloured t-shirt and black trousers in a clearly named bag.


Vist to the Memorial

Vist to the Memorial 1
Vist to the Memorial 2

Friday 10th November

"I have enjoyed finding different ways of making the same amount of money." Nikita

"I liked doing our firework acrostic poems." Olivia

" I like doing PE on Monday and Fridays." Jasper

"I've enjoyed reading a book about a lion's paw in Read Write Inc." Ella


We have all enjoyed reading and writing our own firework poetry this week. We have learned about acrostic poems and onomatopoeia!

In maths we have been continuing to consolidate our understanding of place value of two digit numbers. We have learned to use <, > and = symbols confidently to make number sentences correct.

We have talked about Remembrance day and have written prayers onto poppies that we made. We will be walking to the memorial on Ferret Green on Tuesday morning, where we will lay some of the poppies. If you are able to help us walk there, please let the office know. We shall be leaving school at 10:10.

We will soon be having our banquet day, where the children can come into school dressed in medieval costumes. We will let you know the date of this very soon.

Friday 3rd November

We have been very busy in Hedgehogs this week!

In maths we have been learning about place value, thinking about the number of tens and ones (or units) in two-digit numbers. Today we were thinking of different ways of making the number using tens and ones. Some of us even worked systematically!

We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot and how they are related to Fireworks night. We have also been learning to spell some common exception words including... pretty, said, could, with and because.

We had a great day on Tuesday, designing and making our model castles. We practiced making a moving drawbridge, then planned how we were going to make our castles including a moving drawbridge! We were so lucky that lots of mums, dads, nanny and granddads could come in and help us make them in the afternoon. We have now evaluated our work.

"I enjoyed writing my information pages about castles". Emily M

"I enjoyed doing maths, working systematically to find all the additions and subtractions". Nikita


 Hedgehogs have continued to learn about non-fiction texts and have used the information they know about castles to write their own information pages using the features. We have been working on our spelling and have learned to spell some common homophones. Ask your child what homophones are!

 In maths we have been securing our addition and subtraction facts for numbers up to 20 and we have learned to work systematically, so that we have found all possible combinations.

 We have investigated the properties of some common materials in science. Look at the pictures below.

 Advanced warning! After half term we will be making castles. We will have designed our castles in school and invite parents/carers to come in to help us make them. For this your child will need to begin to collect some cardboard boxes, tubes and other useful 'junk' that they think they could use to build their castle. Our castle building day will be Tuesday 31st October from 1:15 - 2:45.

Friday 22nd September

"I learned the story  "The Enormous Turnip". Zoe

"I enjoyed the introduction to our new topic. Writing about what we already know and writing questions about what we want to learn". Jasper


What amazing Hedgehogs we have! Well done for leading the school Harvest service today. They spoke clearly, and confidently shared what Harvest is all about. The story telling of "The enormous Turnip was fantastic and they only started learning the words and actions on Monday! After the service the children innovated the story by changing small parts to create their own version of the story. We had... The enormous carrot, the enormous strawberry, the enormous banana to name just a few. Ask your child how they changed their story.

In maths we have been using addition number stories to revisit number bonds and subtraction facts with numbers up to 20.

We have been working with our partners to read a text and to develop greater fluency. We have also been answering questions about what we have read.

We started our new topic 'Castles' this week. We thought about the things we already know about castles and wrote questions about what we want to find out. We are looking forward to our trip to Corfe Castle in Tuesday and we pray that the weather will be kind. Please can I remind you that your child will need a back pack to carry their lunch, snack, drink and water proof coat in. They will have to carry it around with them all day! A plastic bag would also be useful for the children to sit on while they are having their lunch.

Don't forget to send your child's home learning, including spellings, into school on Monday.

Friday 8th September


"I liked Golden Time." Finley

"I liked drawing a picture of a hedgehog." Ethan

"I have liked doing maths everyday." Tyler



What a fantastic start to Hedgehogs!

This week we have become familiar with our new routines and thought of some important Hedgehog Rules for our class. We have been trying hard to show that we know what they are and to get our spine put on the Happy Hedgehog!

We have started our mini topic, 'Hedgehogs' and have already learned lots of interesting facts about them. Ask your child what they have found out about hedgehogs!

We have been working hard with number in maths and have been estimating, counting and putting numbers onto a number line. We have also been writing numbers as digits and words. Please  practice writing numbers as words at home, particularly some of the tricky ones that can't be sounded out.

Please can chidlren bring in thier home learning books from Rabbits on Monday as we will be continuing to use these before starting new ones. Home learning will be set and sent home on Tuesday.

Don't forget our class meeting on Tuesday, it would be lovely to see you.