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Developing children’s understanding of computing and ICT is vitally important in enabling them to become citizens in the modern world. At Trinity, the children’s computing skills are developed through our wide range of ICT resources. All classes also have access to our ICT suite, with 15 computers, a mobile suite of Macbook computers, and a class set of iPads. The children also love participating in class by using the interactive whiteboards.


Computing is taught across all year groups at Trinity. As they join the school in Reception, children are beginning to experience technology, and they have many opportunities to use our wide range of ICT resources, both independently and with an adult.  Years 1 – 4 develop their skills in two ways. Firstly, their understanding of computing is developed through direct teaching of algorithms and programming, using our Probot and Beebot resources, as well as computer software. Secondly, the children broaden their understanding of ICT through cross-curricular lessons, whether they are using the internet for topic research or using the iPads to film and edit their drama performances.