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Assessment and DfE School Performance Tables



Teachers keep on-going detailed notes and records about children’s attainment in school in order to be able to assess individual needs and plan for appropriate next-steps on an individual basis. Throughout the Foundation Stage, the class teacher maintains a Foundation Stage Profile for each child which forms a comprehensive outline of what they can do in each area of learning. All parents have the opportunity to meet with their child’s class teacher during teacher-parent consultation in Autumn and the Summer terms, and receive a detailed written report in the Spring term. Our teachers will always speak with you in the interim if any concerns arise, and our policy at Trinity is to have an ‘open-door’ so that parents may make an appointment to see the class teacher with any concerns arising from home. Good communication between parents and teachers is essential. At the start of your child’s time at Trinity, we will establish a home-school link diary in order to help daily communication.


At the end of KS1 and KS2 teacher assessments are reported to County.  Standardised tests are merely a part of the on-going assessment by the teacher. We keep these tests to a bare minimum, and never refer to them as ‘tests’ with the children. Each year, a parent workshop is held before hand. As the results of the SATs are collated nationally, it allows for annual comparisons between our school and other schools.




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